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God of Tricksters – Chapter 1526: All Out Bahasa Indonesia

“Gah!” The Frost Saint gritted his teeth and released an extreme cold from his body, freezing the frozen time itself. Soon, the air around him began to turn into ice as the Frost Saint gradually moved his body.

After that, he turned around and hit the claw that hit his head earlier.

He didn’t realize that Theo just replicated the space element too. He simply used an illusion to create a gate and made the Frost Saint believe his fist went through it. However, the reality was different. Theo simply punched forward and stood still because nothing happened.

As for the fist that hit Frost Saint’s head, it was also an illusion. Due to Theo’s Reality Power, Theo managed to make it look like the real dragon’s fist.

Theo took a deep breath, feeling overwhelmed by his own power. It was true that this power was amazing, but Theo’s energy had been depleting like crazy.

But in the midst of this battle, Theo couldn’t help but recall the battle between him and Loki. World Re-creation, he wouldn’t ever forget this skill because Loki managed to recreate everything in that illusion.

He realized that there was a reason why Theo had Hel’s Death Avatar and Loki’s World Re-creation.

The Death Avatar allowed Theo to simulate all kinds of attacks. It was indeed torture for him, but if Theo could understand the effect of each element or attack that harmed his body, he could replicate that feeling through his illusion.

Then, he could apply his illusion to create elements, causing them to believe the attacks they created were their attacks.

“This is insane. The more I fight you, the more I learn.” Theo smirked.

“Isn’t that great?” The Frost Saint smiled before he noticed something. He had lost his control over the snowflake. Soon, Theo regrouped with his clone to fight against the Frost Saint. “Interesting. What are you going to show me next?”

Theo took a deep breath as the clone turned back to human form.

Both of them seemed to have the same mind as they clapped their hands at the same time. “Try this, Frost Saint.”

“Mhm?” The Frost Saint raised his head and saw another boulder falling on top of him.

Since this was the most effective so far, Theo must want to use this opportunity to injure him.

The Frost Saint smirked and covered his club with ice. “I have seen this attack once, so it won’t work anymore.”

The moment the Frost Saint hit the boulder, the ice around his club spread to the boulder, coating it with his power.

However, the ice soon turned into a fire as the boulder continued on its path.

“!!!” The Frost Saint was surprised that Theo managed to fight against his ice. Even though this wasn’t his full strength, his power was still equal to a newly promoted Saint. Meanwhile, Theo was only a king. Even though there were two Theos, it wasn’t still comparable to a single saint.

This was what stunned him the most. It seemed that two Theos were enough to rival that of a newly promoted Saint.

Even so, he didn’t give up as the veins began to bulge all over his body. The Frost Saint roared while swinging his club as hard as he could. “Haaaaa!”

Both Theos gritted their teeth while maintaining their power.

The Frost Saint maintained his strength, but he also heard a cracking noise on his club as if the boulder was tearing his club apart.

“No, you’re still not that strong!” The Frost Saint roared as he made a complete swing, launching the boulder to Theos.

Both Theo and his clone used the Blink Skill to avoid it before they regrouped in the previous position and continued their attacks.

At that moment, the trees began to grow from the ground as Theo controlled the plants now with the help of the knowledge that Jeff gave him when he was creating his home.

Even the Frost Saint felt the pointed tips of the trees, causing him to startle. Without hesitation, he covered everything with his ice again.

However, the ice began to break this time. It seemed that Theo had changed his law. Instead of fire, Theo turned the ice into wind, a chilling wind that could freeze one’s bones if it brushed their skin.

The Frost Saint also noticed this. Since his feet were hurting, he raised the cold wind upward with a single swing of his bat, causing the shock wave that knocked the cold wind up.


The rock and the soil had been turned into metal, so the club cracked again. Even so, the cold wind was now trying to kill Theo and his clone.

Not wanting to end the fight this soon, Theo and Clone Theo returned the ice to its original shape. Now that the ice had become solid again, they utilized their Reality Removal to create small holes in the ice, allowing them to pass through the ice.

“Hoh?” The Frost Saint smiled, impressed by Theo’s power. This was the first time he felt overwhelmed against a single King. Even the Dark King never gave this much excitement in a single fight. “Interesting. In that case, let’s taste your strength a bit further.”

The Frost Saint summoned the snowflake again. But this time, he also planned to attack together with the snowflakes so that Theo couldn’t destroy them so easily.

Seeing his movement, Clone Theo actually jumped up and applied his Telekinesis on the snowflake.

“!!!” The Frost Saint felt that his snowflake was fighting against something. It tried to freeze this power but to no avail.

“As long as I can stop the snowflake from falling down, it’s enough.” Theo smiled and flew forward.

Theo gathered his energy into his foot with Energy Blast and Enhanced Concentration Capacity. After that, Theo used his Alter Ego to increase his strength to kick the Frost Saint.

The Frost Saint felt the overwhelming strength from Theo, so he instantly raised the club with both hands, stopping the kick with his weapon.


A powerful shock wave shook the area upon impact as Theo roared, desperately trying to destroy the club. “Haaaa!”

The Goddess of Victory seemed to be blessing Theo with her presence as the first sign of victory appeared in the form of noise.



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