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God of Tricksters – Chapter 1516: Upgrading Skills Bahasa Indonesia

After causing that disturbance in the union, Theo had yet to go back to his place in Iran. There was a sole reason why he still stayed here. The fun had yet to end.

He was waiting for the fun on top of the building while he was looking at the suitcases filled with the Skill Cards. He had waited for it this long.

“As expected, gathering the Skill Cards from more than ten countries is good. Unfortunately, it’s pretty hard to find A Rank Skill Cards. Only a spendthrift like Flora can have those many A Rank Skill Cards. Even the Griffith Family didn’t bring that many.

“Either way, I have enough Skill Cards to upgrade three A Rank Skill to S Rank. At least for me. Sadly, I can’t really lie when I give the requirement, I can only make them misunderstand the chance. Of course, I still have some spare A Rank Skill Cards for two more upgrades from those skills, but I’m planning to save those for Felix and Walker, who are our main fighters.

“As for the upgrade for B Rank Skills or lower, I think I can upgrade all my people’s skills to A Rank. There are basically more than a thousand B Rank Skill Cards in my case and three thousand C Rank Skill Cards. Unfortunately, I can’t bring all of them in those two suitcases, but well…” Theo shrugged.

He was thinking about the three skills he planned to upgrade this time. He had two S Rank Skills right now, but these weren’t enough for the battle that would come in the near future.

“Let’s see. I have a good defense and avatar for S Rank Skills. With my current ability, what should I upgrade? Clone or Metamorphosis? These two are very useful for me. The World Re-Creation, on the other hand, can’t be upgraded except for me becoming a Saint.

“Then, should I upgrade both Clone and Metamorphosis Skills? If that’s the case, should I upgrade Blink, Telekinesis, or Energy Blast for the third skill?

Theo contemplated for a moment and decided to focus on his current ability, which focused on Reality. The Twisted Reality and World Re-Creation were the base of his current fighting style, so he could finally choose the third skill to upgrade.

“Alright. I’m going to upgrade these three.” Theo smirked.

Skill: Clone (S)

Effect: A skill that allows the user to create a clone of himself and give a completely new life.

Skill: Metamorphosis (S)

Effect: Super Transformation. The user can transform into another creature according to the detail in the user’s head. It would also imitate the organs and their usage. The user won’t be restricted by anything except the user’s own imagination. Limit: 25 forms.

Skill: Telekinesis (S)

Effect: Master Level of Telekinesis. Break the laws of gravity with Telekinesis.

“Nice.” Theo smirked when he saw these three skills. First of all, he had seen the Clone Skill’s description, so he wasn’t that surprised anymore.

The fact that he could give birth to a new life meant the clone would be real this time. In other words, if he somehow died and his clone was still somewhere in the world, his clone could still live like this and continue his life.

In the past, Theo wouldn’t realize that he was a clone because of his lack of understanding.

But Theo had gained a huge amount of knowledge about reality and even fought against his other self in other realities. Hence, he could instantly recognize his clone and his real body.

If he wanted to do it, he could simply live in his clone but still behave like the usual Theodore Griffith. After all, he could transfer his own reality to his clone, making that clone the real Theodore Griffith.

This was what Loki didn’t have in the past because of his Illusion Order. If he had the Reality Order, Loki would practically be invisible. Hence, Theo loved this opportunity.

The second skill, Metamorphosis, was also good. This time, the limit had increased by ten. It also gave him the perfect imitation of something in his head. And if he enveloped the Metamorphosis with his Reality Order, even those Gods wouldn’t be able to find him like how they found Loki. Though, he also understood why Loki said that he could become a female and give birth since the description told him that it would produce the organs and their usage. But Theo had sworn to never become a female, so he just skipped that part.

Last but not least, the Telekinesis Skill. He was surprised because Telekinesis could finally break the law of gravity.

In the past, he would have to lift a giant tower against gravity. He still felt the weight of the tower. But if he could ignore the gravity, he could do much more, not only the weight but also the application of that weight. He couldn’t help but feel excited about how he could use his Telekinesis.

“And with this, I have five S Rank Skills. I can upgrade two more Skills, but I’ll leave that for the people back home.” Theo smiled. “Alright. I have done all my jobs in this place. The Czar will be safe from now on, and the Empress Palace will also get some advantages, I guess. I think this is the best thing I can do for Alea, and this is probably the last time. Knowing the pope, I know that he’s not like others who are thirsty for power.

“Thanks to the Royal British Family, I can do all this, but I guess that’s fine since I give them some backing. Think of it as a payment for using you. Last but not least is the Lexon Group, which seems to be the one spreading the video of my original self.

“The Griffith Family and the Lexon Group, I’ll make sure to watch what you’re going to do next. Hahaha.

“And last but not least, Flora Wegener. You’re throwing me that easily even though you’re still using my plan when you’re in power. Don’t worry… You’re still useful to me, so you can get whatever you want during that time. But I’ll surely make you pay what you owe me along with interest.” Theo smirked as he stood up, looking at the town.

“Now, now… The fun is about to begin.”


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