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God of Tricksters – Chapter 1464: Chaos Bahasa Indonesia


“Help me!”



In the middle of the city, explosions occurred everywhere; from a car explosion to an explosion from someone’s skill to the collapse of a building. It was chaotic now that the monsters had begun to fill this world.

They killed people on sight and even destroyed the building, especially those tall buildings.

The ordinary citizens were scrambling, trying to escape. Some of them were hit by uncontrollable cars, some were killed by monsters, some died getting crushed by buildings, and some managed to get into another shorter building to get some secure place for a while.

Meanwhile, some experts who could fight also picked up their weapons, fending off the monsters. Some succeeded, but some failed and ended up becoming the monsters’ prey.

In an instant, the world collapsed. The electricity cables were running underground, so they could still supply some electricity to intact buildings, but they wouldn’t last long. If the monsters destroyed the power station, the city would completely turn dark.

“We’re here to inform you that the—” The reporters, whether on the scene or inside their studio, tried to inform the situation. However, some of them were ambushed by monsters and died before they could finish. Some managed to survive, but in this situation, no one knew whether there was someone listening to them or not.

The government also began to move to all areas, but because all areas were attacked by monsters, they could only focus on one area at a time. The military, police, and all people that could fight tried to fend off the monsters, but the number of monsters was overwhelming.

Some places with Mythical Rank Experts could gain some advantages as long as they didn’t meet another Mythical Rank Monster, especially a General Class or above.

“Help me.” The people were crying on the street. Their faces were filled with despair, not believing this could happen.

However, the worst had yet to happen. Due to the sudden increase of Magic Power, the animals who barely got the exposure gradually turned into monsters.

People with cats, dogs, or any animals inside their houses were shocked when they saw the animals turn into monsters. They simply never got exposed to this amount of Magic Power, but that peaceful life had ended. Their pets, now monsters, devoured their owners.

Still, just like the humans, around half the monsters were teleported randomly while the rest were teleported together, causing a big change in the monsters they had seen on a daily basis.

The aggressive monsters immediately attacked the monsters they didn’t know and vice versa.

And with the collapse of the government, the humans had to continue to live on. Some of them showed their compassion, which the other party returned with their own kindness. But some weren’t that lucky. After getting their help, the other party attacked their helper and took everything.

Some even robbed people, whether it was food, equipment, or even money, which was already useless.

It was truly moral chaos.

Still, not everyone was like them. Those who had prepared for everything finally made their move.

In the sky, a middle-aged guy stood on top of them, staring at the monsters in his city.

“This shit truly happens. I’m lucky to know something like this will happen by allying with Theo. But from now on, this is gonna be a stressful moment.

“How many people have died just from this? I’m afraid that seventy percent of the world’s population will die in the next few weeks. This Earth has become the survival of the fittest. Still, I can see some people taking advantage of the situation to rob others… Fuck them. I can understand why Theo tells me that humanity is fucking piece of shit. Unlike monsters who only attack for their survival, people are doing it for their own satisfaction sometimes.

“And I bet there will be more people who kill people for petty reasons after this like to show their dominance. And people will want more blood like a psychopath. There are even people who might cheer for me for killing people who are innocent but have different ideologies.

“Truly… a shitty world.” The Sword Saint sighed and pulled out his sword. “Well, I’ve marked all of them now. It’s time…”

He raised his sword and closed his eyes, gathering his energy into his blade. “Divine Technique, Nagasawa Sword Style, Severing.”

Suddenly, all monsters in his sight and some humans he found to be robbing or doing some bad things not for their survival but for their own satisfaction got their heads chopped off.

It was shocking to the people that their cries filled the entire town.

But the Sword Saint infused his Magic Power into his voice and shouted as loud as possible. “If you don’t have anywhere to go, go to the Nagasawa Family. Prepare to follow the rules, and we’ll offer you a safe place. I, the Sword Saint, have killed all the monsters around, so make your way here!”


They experienced the same thing and the Heavenly Sovereign had decided to make his move as well.

A huge throne appeared in the sky, emitting golden light. The light was so strong that they thought the sun had descended.

However, the golden light that came out of the throne was actually a deadly light.

“I am the ruler of Heaven, the Heavenly Sovereign, Feng Hao. As a ruler, I shall pass down the punishment, perish.”

The golden light scattered in all directions, hitting the monsters and some humans and ultimately killing them.

The Heavenly Sovereign declared out loud. “Go north and climb my mountain. I, the Heavenly Sovereign, welcome all of you. Be at ease because I’ve killed the monsters in the area.”

Unlike those two, other areas weren’t so lucky. They met King Class Monsters or even World Class Monsters during the fight, but as expected, the worst thing they could face was none other than radiation.

A mutated monster actually appeared on Earth, and there were also some areas that got polluted by radiation like Chernobyl, Nuclear Testing Sites like in the Pacific Ocean or other countries. With the combination of high radiation and the dense Magic Power, the monsters started mutating into a form never existed before, bringing another kind of danger.


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