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God of Tricksters – Chapter 1453: Prime Bahasa Indonesia

Theo, who had been focusing on his training, heard the information about the Wind Emperor and immediately took the flight, heading to Russia without hesitation.

The Wind Emperor, a man who was once hailed as a hero, was on his deathbed. It would have a huge impact not only on the country but on the world itself.

As soon as Theo reached the airport, he immediately rushed to the Wind Emperor’s residence, noticing a familiar figure. She was Levina, the Wind Emperor’s granddaughter.

“Levina?” Theo furrowed his eyebrows.

Levina nodded. “I’m going to guide you there.”

They were talking about the national hero, so the military seemed to be on edge because his death would cause a huge disturbance to the stability of the country. So, going alone would be a problem too. Hence, he followed Levina to the car.

On the way, Theo asked, “Will we make it in time?”

“I don’t know.” Levina shook her head. Theo remembered her cheerful nature, but it seemed the news was too shocking to her. She was hiding it, but her body was shaking.

Even Theo’s heart beat rapidly this whole time. Theo considered the Wind Emperor as one of his elders after all.

In his eyes, the Wind Emperor had all the wisdom, boldness, and willpower to carry everything. Even he could only admire the Wind Emperor’s action.

So, Theo hoped that he could reach his mansion before it was too late.

“How is his situation?” Theo asked.

“I’m not sure, but it seems that he’s been losing consciousness intermittently.”

“Still, why are you here? Shouldn’t you be by his side?” Theo asked.

“Grandfather asked me to call you and bring you there when he was about…” Levina couldn’t finish her words.

Theo closed his eyes, understanding her. It was truly hard. Even he had a hard time suppressing the emotion in his heart.

“Still, have you had a good time with your grandfather?” Theo smiled, looking at Levina.

Levina let out tears. “Yes. I have misunderstood Grandfather this whole time. We were the ones who were scared of him. Even when Grandfather opened up to us, we were the ones who couldn’t accept him.

“If only I was stronger, if only I was more persistent…” Levina cried, regretting all her cowardice.

Theo smiled. “I can understand him. But I do think that your grandfather had the time of his life when he spent his remaining time with his grandchildren. That’s something I can say for sure.”

Levina kept crying, wishing for the chance to make it better, albeit everything was too late.

Meanwhile, in the Wind Emperor’s mansion, there were numerous people who were gathering around him. They wanted to send him off because they were grateful for his protection.

Still, only some close family members seemed to be able to accompany him in his last moments. The atmosphere was filled with tension and sadness. On the one hand, they were panicking about what would happen from now. On the other hand, they were sad that the Wind Emperor wasn’t here anymore.

Inside his bedroom, the Wind Emperor was lying down on his bed, surrounded by ten people. They were his children and grandchildren.

The Wind Emperor could hear the cry of the people that were carried by the wind. Unfortunately, he didn’t have the strength to open his eyes anymore. He could only hear them.

His consciousness had begun to fade away soon. He didn’t know why but he remembered the memories of the past.

Back then, the Wind Emperor was still in his prime as he laughed out loud, staring at the Time God.

“Hahahaha! You brat, let’s continue our fight!” The Wind Emperor smirked.

“It’s time for you to get down from your throne, old man.” The Time God smirked as he leaped toward the Wind Emperor.

Ascension Step.

The Wind Emperor stepped forth, releasing a torrential wind.

“!!!” The Time God raised his hand and formed a green circle on top of his palm. Suddenly, the torrential wind stopped as if its time had been paused.

“Not enough!” The Wind Emperor smirked as his wind suddenly started spinning again, disintegrating the time itself.

“Then…” The Time God flicked his finger, launching a powerful shock wave that had been accelerated by his time power.

The Wind Emperor raised his hand and grasped that shock wave with his hand as if it had a physical body. He then threw the shock wave back to the Time God and even applied his power to increase its force.

The shock wave flew at fast speed and chipped away the soil beneath it.

The Time God had to jump to the side to avoid it before seeing a huge hole appear in the hill behind him.

“Haha, this is great. Show me more, brat!” The Wind Emperor was having the time of his life. He could fight someone with all his strength.

The Time God smirked and said, “If that’s the case, I can’t really hold back anymore.”

“Indeed. Now, show me. You said you’re going to surpass me, then show it” The Wind Emperor smirked.

The Time God snapped his finger. “Chronosphere.”

Suddenly, the world stopped, including the Wind Emperor.

The Time God could only walk in this world. He was even struggling due to the huge burden of stopping the Wind Emperor.

However, he still had enough power and speed to reach the Wind Emperor and strike him. “This is the blow that will defeat you.”

Suddenly, the Wind Emperor’s mouth lifted up.


The world’s time began again as the Wind Emperor was blown far away, crashing into a tree.

Meanwhile, the Time God’s face became pale as he realized that the Wind Emperor could still escape from the constraint of time that had all his power. If the Wind Emperor had been faster, he would have died.

“Hehe, you bastard. It seems that I’ve lost.” The Wind Emperor smirked even though he was sitting on the ground with blood flowing out his mouth.

“No, I was simply lucky. If something went wrong earlier, I would be in your position.” The Time God suddenly spat a mouthful of blood and dropped to the ground. “Thank you for your advice, Sir Wind Emperor. It’s an honor to fight you.”

“I’d also like to thank you, brat. Thanks to you, I could have the time of my life.” The Wind Emperor smirked. “Keep going and reach the top. I’m the one who will vouch for you.”

“Thank you, Sir.” The Time God bowed to him, showing his utmost respect. They were enemies, but the Wind Emperor was truly an elder worthy of respect.


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