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God of Tricksters – Chapter 1413: Alliance Bahasa Indonesia

Just like Zhao Jia predicted, there was one person related to the Heavenly Sovereign. He was called He Jun, the Heavenly Sovereign right-hand man.

He was organizing the meeting with Theo. As soon as he received the instruction to go to Italy to meet Theo from the Heavenly Sovereign himself, he immediately set off. Those two hours were enough to slip past all the guards. And with the current position, no one could order the plane to turn around anymore.

That was why he managed to reach Italy without any problems and head straight to Theo’s mansion.

Of course, he didn’t know about Theo’s current residence, so he ended up going to the War God Family so that he could meet Theodore Griffith.

They ended up meeting Theo in his previous mansion since his current residence hadn’t finished yet.

Theo and He Jun were sitting in front of each other with serious expressions.

“I have come here to bring the words of my master.” He Jun started the conversation by opening the Skylink and directly reading the message as proof that he hadn’t seen the message at all. It was clear that no one knew about this message.

Theo listened to him attentively, making sure to understand the intention of the Heavenly Sovereign.

As he said to the Sword Saint, he wanted to set up a bait. The Sword Saint thought the bait was to the country itself, but Theo’s bait had the sole purpose of catching the Heavenly Sovereign himself.

What he needed right now wasn’t the strength of a country but the strength of an Authority Level Figure. After all, with one more figure at this level, no one would be able to kill him until he became strong enough.

That was why he asked Maya to declare that he had left the Star Group after paying some penalties. Of course, the penalty was nothing since Maya wouldn’t accept anything. Their relationship was still the same anyway, so this big move was simply to catch a big fish who could make a decisive decision.

There was no way a country could make such a decision at such speed, so it was clear that only the Heavenly Sovereign would take the bait.

Seeing He Jun here, he knew the Heavenly Sovereign had taken the bait. He only needed to listen to what he had to say before continuing his plan.

He Jun hesitated for a moment before declaring. “My will is not the country’s decision. I am nothing but a willow tree. But the future doesn’t have the soil that lets even a willow tree live.

“Henceforth, I am seeking for a vessel that can store that soil and preserve it for the future so that the world will see its greenery again.”

“…” Theo closed his eyes for a moment. He never expected that the Heavenly Sovereign would use such phrases to declare his intention.

This was the reason for He Jun’s hesitation. So, he ended up explaining, “Willow tree is a tree frequently used for habitat restoration and erosion control because they’re able to filter toxins, grow quickly and establish strong root systems.”

After listening to the explanation, he could somehow understand the meaning of these words.

The Heavenly Sovereign seemed to have found out about the future possibilities. The Queen of Destiny once said that there would be a huge ordeal in his life, so that ordeal might be related to these words.

He indirectly implied that the future ordeal might be too great for anyone to handle. It was clear that the Heavenly Sovereign was mentioning the great reset. In the past, Loki caused the Ragnarok simply because he didn’t like the Great Reset, so he was the one bringing such a thing.

In this era, there was a possibility of another great reset where humans would no longer exist. So, the reason why the Heavenly Sovereign wanted to form an alliance with him was so that they could protect humanity from extinction.

Still, he never expected that the Heavenly Sovereign had such high expectations of him. No one knew whether he could do anything about what was going to happen, so it was quite absurd to place that expectation on someone who had yet to reach the Authority Level.

“This is what my master wanted to tell you without even me knowing.” He Jun gave the Skylink to Theo, showing one file that contained the words of the Heavenly Sovereign.

Theo received it and opened the message while making sure that He Jun couldn’t see it.

“There is no need for two tigers in one mountain. I believe this idiom because there’s no need for two rulers of the world. However, I do believe one more thing. A tiger is the ruler of the land. Then, who is the ruler of the sea? Who is the ruler of the sky?

“One ruler is not enough. Two rulers have more chances. But three rulers are what we should worry about.”

Theo closed his eyes for a moment, understanding his words. He had contradicted himself here. If he claimed to be the ruler of the land, the tiger. It meant Theo could be one of the rulers, either the sea or the sky.

But who would be the ruler of the sky? Theo first thought about the Time God and this alliance was them fighting against the Time God.

However, Theo had a different perspective. For him, the greatest enemy was not the Griffith Family but the higher being that wanted to reset the world. Even the Heavenly Sovereign mentioned them a few times, signifying their importance.

And when he thought about the being from another dimension, he would look up as if they were from outside of this world.

In other words, the Heavenly Sovereign considered himself the ruler of the land, and Theo was the ruler of the sea, with the one above them being the ruler of the sky.

If they didn’t join hands, the sky would split open. If he put it in the context of science, the atmosphere would disappear, causing the entire population to go extinct. In other words, the Heavenly Sovereign wanted to create an alliance to resist not the Time God but the higher being.

“Hahahahaha!” Theo laughed uncontrollably as he finally understood what the Heavenly Sovereign wanted. Although he expressed his will in such a way, the Heavenly Sovereign expressed his desire to fight, unlike the Time God, who chose to be an observer.

Theo smirked and slammed the table, looking at He Jun excitedly. “Fine by me! I, Theodore Griffith, accept this alliance!”


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