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God of Tricksters – Chapter 1385: Cook Everything Bahasa Indonesia

“You… monster!”

Coline replied with a calm tone. “No, they’re monsters, not pets. As long as they’re monsters and not domestic pets, I consider them as my ingredients.”

With a smirk on his face, Coline suddenly leaped away.


She looped around the summoner and approached the remaining monsters. “Come here, my cute ingredients. I’ll make you delicious.”

The monsters had seen the cruelty of Coline as fear started to grow in their hearts as well. She was truly brutal against a monster.

“No!” The summoner tried to chase after her, trying to stop her. At the same time, he couldn’t retract his summon since they were the only hope left to win this battle. If they didn’t attack Coline, they had no chance of winning. If he died, they would disappear as well.

That was why the summoner was in a big dilemma. On the one hand, he had his job to defeat Coline. On the other hand, he couldn’t stand Coline’s brutality.

Unfortunately for him, there was a huge difference in power between him and Coline now that the two Mythical Rank Monsters had died.

The Supreme Rank Monsters attacked her desperately because they didn’t want to end up like the ape and the turtle.

Unfortunately for them, Coline simply raised her tuna sword and channeled her Magic Power into it. “Enhanced Butcher.”

She cut down everything. Even the water that had no form somehow got shaped into a flower. The rocks that rained her down cracked like a peanut. The lightning was minced.

She truly considered everything as an ingredient.

Coline might not be the best chef in the world, but she was truly the strongest chef in the world. After all, she was the chef that could actually cook everything, whether they were real ingredients or even the Magic Power itself.

When all those attacks were neutralized, Coline finally reached the monsters.

“Hey, hey!” The smile on her face became bigger. With the Phoenix Fire in her left hand and a butcher knife in her right hand, Coline began her cooking.

“No!” The summoner roared as he frantically chased after her, but she could escape every time and continued to chase after the monsters that frantically ran away.

Some of them were well-done, some were medium-rare, and some only got butchered as she had no time to cook all of them.

“You… You don’t deserve to live!” The summoner shouted as the tears flowed out of his eyes, never expecting that Coline would treat them so brutally. She killed them not as a fighter but as an ingredient. It was truly a brutal death.

Because there was no monster left, Coline became disappointed and looked at the summoner, who seemed to have gone insane.

“If you have more monsters, hurry up and call them.” Coline snorted, looking down on him.

“You have killed all of them. Even if I have more, I won’t summon them because of your brutality!”

“Tsk. You are already boring then.” Coline clicked her tongue and swung her sword at him, killing the summoner who couldn’t match her prowess by himself.

“That’s the end, I guess… If only he is like Theo, who can make a real fish or something with his illusion, I can keep practicing my butchering skill with them.” Coline let out a long sigh. “Now that I think about it, I think my flame goes somewhere… Did I hit someone?”

She turned around to see where her flame went.

In the middle of the battlefield, Akbar was facing an assassin of the Skyward Mercenary.

Akbar was only a scout, whose job was to go ahead to explore the land. This job wasn’t that good in terms of combat power and a scout rarely became a Mythical Rank Expert because they lacked in killing power like a healer.

That was why a job like Healer or Scout usually came in the form of a secondary job. But Akbar was different.

Despite the scout being his sole job, he managed to reach the Mythical Rank. Among the people in Theo’s group, Akbar might be the hardest to be understood.

“It seems that they want you to only buy some time.” The expert from the Skyward Mercenary smirked, looking down on Akbar.

Akbar maintained his poker face while glancing at his book.

“Edgard Melvist, an assassin, who has some bad records in his mission. You seem to have failed the bodyguard mission three times, the highest among your peers. Your killing power isn’t that great either.” Akbar let out a long sigh, disappointed in his enemy.

Edgard didn’t know why Akbar seemed to know so much.

Without hesitation, Edgard took out his weapon and leaped to Akbar to kill him.

Akbar maintained his poker face. He didn’t have any weapon since he only had that book. Even Edgard thought he could destroy the book easily with a single slash.

Akbar frowned and started running away as if he didn’t want to fight him. “If I were you, I would just stay in your position and stop chasing me.”

“You’re telling me you’re weak without telling me you are weak.” Edgard smirked as he sped up, catching up to Akbar while swinging his dagger.

Akbar waved his hand and released a huge amount of Magic Power to deflect this dagger.


Edgard felt the tremendous pressure from Akbar’s hand and furrowed his eyebrows. What Akbar was doing was releasing his raw Magic Power excessively just to stop his swing.

“Not only are you a scout, but you don’t have any weapons to protect yourself? I wonder how you even live to this day. Well, I don’t care since I’m going to kill you.” Edgard smirked and swung his dagger again.

Akbar furrowed his eyebrows and kept pushing the dagger away. It seemed he didn’t care about using so much Magic Power just to deflect his blade.

Akbar was indirectly telling him that he didn’t mind spending all his power just to keep him at bay. Since he was in the middle of the battlefield, others would be able to reach him in an instant after finishing their battle. In other words, he was sacrificing himself until they finished their battle.

Their clash was very different from anyone else because Edgard was swinging his daggers effortlessly, trying to tire Akbar out. He didn’t even bother to use his Magic Power because of his confidence.

Their clash continued for ten minutes before Akbar suddenly stopped running.

“Hmm?” Edgard was confused for a moment, but it seemed Akbar had run out of gas already.

However, there was a smile on Akbar’s face. “Well, it’s time, I guess.”


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