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God of Tricksters – Chapter 1370: Reinforcement Bahasa Indonesia

While the rest had their own match up, Theo was still thinking something else. He glanced at his teammate and looked at the Poison King again.

His appearance was not natural as if he was here because he already knew that Joker was Theodore Griffith.

‘How did he know my identity? Even the Griffith Family couldn’t realize who I was…’ Theo narrowed his eyes. ‘Still, is he coming here because he has a grudge against me? There are many questions about his appearances… I can’t even understand why the Poison King would attack me here…

‘It’s true that I have shown myself as Joker, but he shouldn’t know that I’ve come to this place. The fact that he knows I’m coming here because of my purpose means he knows about my identity. Who has the information about my identity?’

Theo frowned, having so many questions in his head.

However, one thing was clear. The Poison King didn’t act alone because he wouldn’t dare to come here in a fight of this level.

“It seems that you have someone to help you here…” Theo took a deep breath, glaring at the Poison King.

“So what? In the end, I can meet you here. I’ve told you back then that I’ll pay back for what you’ve done there.” The Poison King snorted as he started releasing his poison again.

“Tsk.” Theo hurriedly contained that poison as he thought about something. ‘If he comes here with another person, where is that person? Is he just sending the Poison King to me? No, the fact that he can tame a madman like the Poison King means he has a strength stronger than the Poison King himself. Is there such a person? Is there another Authority that I’m not aware of?’

Theo questioned himself before realizing what was going on.

“So, that’s how it is…” Theo narrowed his eyes.

“You seem to be the one to chat a lot.” The Poison King smirked, trying to use his own spell against him.

However, Theo ignored him as he took out the Skylink in his pocket.

“You have the nerve to take out your Skylink while fighting me?” The Poison King started to get angry as he raised both hands. The poisonous gas now changed its shape to that of a rose. The most poisonous rose in history.

Theo also planned to challenge him, but he had no time for it right now. He clicked his tongue and tried to use his Attribute Removal to slow him down. Meanwhile, he called one of the people on his contact list.

And that was none other than his grandfather, Leonardo.

“Oi, oi. You’re contacting me in this kind of battle. Have you finished your battle?”

Theo ignored his grandfather’s teasing and immediately cut to the chase.

“Is there something weird there?”

“Something weird, huh…” Leonardo paused for a moment. “There’s certainly something weird… You are not sending your clone here, right?”


“Then, there’s another you here… We believe that he is an impostor, but this guy surely has so much information. Is he your stalker or something? Though, we can’t say that his face is not real as well, considering I don’t feel any face mask or illusion… So, do you have any ideas? This guy is strong… His power seems to be able to swallow everything.”

“!!!” Theo widened his eyes in shock.

‘Huh? There’s another me there? But my clone is fighting the Mind Elder, so I don’t think there’s another clone appearing on that battlefield. But he knows a lot of information about me…’

When he was in the middle of confusion, Leonardo dropped a bomb that completely shocked Theo.

“That’s right. He also told us that he’d come back from death. What the heck? Anyway, we should be able to maintain the status quo… Oh, shit… I can feel another Order coming from the west… As expected, this guy is not alone. I need to get serious, so bye.”

Leonardo abruptly hung up, but Theo was already too shocked after listening to what he said earlier.

‘Coming back from death… Don’t tell me… But this is not possible. After all…’ Theo fell silent as his mind was in a mess.

Still, one thing was sure. The plan didn’t work according to their plan. With him getting stalled here by the Poison King, the people over there might lose their ground and get annihilated.

At the same time, if he didn’t go there, there would be a chance that Mason would come to this place to kill or capture him. Hence, the best option would be to reinforce that side.

However, he couldn’t leave his place because the Poison King would rampage in this area. They were already outnumbered, so if the Poison King was free, the situation would become extremely dangerous.

“You should go.” Suddenly, two people’s voices reverberated in his ears. He could feel two people on his back.

They were Ruth and Felix.

Ruth glanced at Felix and said, “I’ll buy some time against the Poison King. Let’s just say that I admit that your killing speed is faster than mine, so you should kill them as quickly as possible and help me buy more time against the Poison King.”

“It’s time to stop the competition I guess.” Felix nodded with a serious expression.

“You two…” Theo never expected the two would volunteer like this.

But what startled him was the help of the third party.

“You should go, Theo.”

“!!!” Theo and the Poison King turned their heads around and saw six people standing next to the battlefield. The one who led them was none other than the current head of the War God Family, Lorenzo’s father, Marzio Guerrero.

“We’ll be helping here, so you can go there. Your old man doesn’t want me to help him, but he doesn’t tell me not to help you. Since you recognize my son as your brother, then it’s only right for me, your uncle, to help you. Alas, I could only bring five people with me because of what happened with the Griffith Family’s attack three years ago.” Marzio smiled, looking at them.

Theo was startled, but it seemed that everything had aligned. Although barely, these people should be enough to win against these people.

He hesitated for three seconds before bowing to Marzio. “Thank you.”

In the instant he thanked Marzio, he disappeared, trying to go to another battlefield. As for Ruth and Felix, Theo had considered them as families.

And Marzio obviously knew it as well as he said while seeing Theo leaving. “What thank you? There’s no need for thanks because we are a family.”


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