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God of Tricksters – Chapter 1346: Recognition Bahasa Indonesia

Felix was still panting as he had a hard time to maintain his consciousness because of the lack of Magic Power in his body. He had almost used up all his Magic Power and stamina.

Seeing Felix’s state, the Dark King sheathed his sword and said, “The training ends here. Go back and rest.”

“Wait a minute. One more time!” Felix raised his hand as if asking him to stop.

However, the Dark King knew Felix was beyond his limit, so it was better to stop here. “No. Better go back and rest because you’ll injure yourself right now!”

Listening to his answer made Felix disappointed in himself. He fell to the ground while punching the dirt, not convinced by this result.

‘If only I didn’t put down my sword for years! If only…’ Felix wanted to complain about everything, but he stopped when the topic was related to his daughter. Millie was the reason he could keep fighting, and Theo was the one who drove him forward.

If he was stuck in here, he couldn’t fulfill his promise.

‘No. I shouldn’t regret everything I’ve done so far. I need to keep pushing myself forward to ensure that I don’t make any more mistakes.

‘But my light is not strong enough to overwhelm my enemy, and my swordsmanship is still lacking compared to the true expert.

‘I don’t have anything that I can be proud of despite being a high-ranking Mythical Rank Expert. What should I do?

‘My light… has disappeared…’ Felix gritted his teeth as his consciousness became fuzzy. However, what he didn’t realize was the fact that the rain had stopped.

The cloud gradually dispersed, allowing the sunlight to pierce through and illuminate the area.

‘Huh? The sunlight?’ Felix’s consciousness returned a bit due to the change in the weather.

He could see one pillar of light after another because the cloud hadn’t disappeared yet. Each pillar of light looked like a guide for Felix.

‘The light pillars from the gap between clouds… The light is even brighter in that area, but they don’t completely illuminate the entire area. Those are…’

Felix didn’t know why but these pillars looked like all the comrades in Theo’s group. Theo, Millie, Isaac, Jeff, and everyone else.

At the same time, the darkness coming from the Dark King somehow made him forget that he was the light itself. That overwhelming darkness had made him think his light wasn’t strong enough even though it was already far stronger than most Mythical Rank Experts. What he lacked right now was the recognition of the light itself.

“Ah, the dark night gave me black eyes, but I use them to seek the light. The dark night won’t be beautiful without stars… But one star is not enough. I need more…”

Felix had been muttering for a while, confusing the Dark King.

“If he is not enough as the sole light, then I will use myself as the second light. Millie will become the third light. Jeff…” Felix called all the names in the group as the stars and Theo was the moon that shone above his head. Those lights also had their own subordinates like his five disciples, Jeff’s family and even Maya’s employees.

Before long, Felix could picture a whole bright sky.

“So, that’s how it is… I am alone because I have closed my eyes in that darkness, not knowing that I have been surrounded by lights this whole time.”

Felix suddenly rose once more as he pointed his sword at the Dark King, saying, “One more time, please!”

The Dark King widened his eyes as he could see that instead of his sword, Felix’s body was the one enveloped by the light. And that light soon spread to his limbs, head, and even his sword.

After that, the light around him became even brighter as if the sun was giving him the strength itself.

“Huh?” The Dark King raised his head and saw that the cloud had become thinner, and the entire area gradually became brighter. “The sun… No, the light itself?”

When the Dark King lowered his head, Felix was already gone.

“!!!” He suddenly felt an abrupt movement coming from his side. He instinctively drew his sword in that direction to cut that presence. But he soon realized that it was Felix. “Ah, sorry!”

However, the feeling of cutting something never entered his brain. Confused, he took a glance to the side and saw Felix’s figure turning into the light itself before disappearing once again.

He looked around and saw Felix moving so fast as if he became the light itself.

Even the Dark King gave his undivided attention to him so that he didn’t get overwhelmed by this speed.

He suddenly waved his sword to the right, to the left, below, and behind him. And every swing gave him a clicking sound that happened after two swords clashed.

“This is…” The Dark King widened his eyes as he kept clashing with Felix.

However, Felix seemed to be teleporting from one spot to another because he was moving too fast.

“Wait, this is…” The Dark King suddenly noticed something off in this movement. Even though Felix’s speed was a lot faster, this kind of movement reminded him of Felix’s unpredictable movement, where he kept spinning to release a continuous attack.

That movement was actually the thing that piqued the Dark King’s interest from the very start. He had been advising Felix to use that movement instead of getting fixated on gathering the light to his sword.

At the same time, every attack Felix dealt right now felt like he had gathered the same amount of light, giving heaviness to each attack.

‘What’s going on? It feels like he’s combining the light attack he came up with not long ago and the unpredictable movement. No, wait, he is—’ Before he finished his thought, the Dark King felt an extreme danger coming from behind. This might be the first time his instinct was screaming at him. If he didn’t do anything, he would die.

Without hesitation, the Dark King used all his power and turned around, slamming his sword to the back.

He heard the clicking sound again but followed with a loud ‘boom’ sound a bit far away from him this time.

When he tracked the sound, he saw Felix stuck in the cliff’s wall, unconscious.

“This guy…” The Dark King was impressed for the first time in his life, but it seemed he had underestimated Felix because his expression soon changed after what he witnessed next.

A bright light suddenly enveloped Felix as the light itself carried Felix out of the wall, baptizing him.

The light soon gathered in his chest, forming a pattern. As soon as the symbol was completed, the light disappeared, causing Felix to fall to the ground.

“Hoop!!” The Dark King managed to catch Felix before he fell to the ground. He looked at the unconscious man and smiled, “Haha, my friend, Theo… it seems you have an interesting man under you!”


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