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God of Tricksters – Chapter 1340: Discussion Bahasa Indonesia

“I never pick a fight that I can’t win.”

This statement showed them that Theo prioritized both. This looked like a completely optimistic answer, but Theo had shown them this whole time. No matter how dire the situation was, he always proved that he could completely turn around the situation as if everything had been planned this whole time.

In other words, if Theo planned to go to fight, victory was already in his vision.

He dared to have such ambition because he believed he could reach it while protecting his group.

If someone said this, they would doubt him. But Theo was different. There wasn’t a single shred of doubt in Theo’s or even Chris’ heart.

Chris closed his eyes for a moment before politely nodding his head. “I’m looking forward to working with you.”

Theo nodded with a smile as he took off his mask, revealing his blue hair and eyes.

“Eh?” Chris and Coline widened their eyes in shock. Even though Coline didn’t care much about Theo’s identity, it was still shocking to her that the one she followed was supposed to have died.

“Theodore Griffith?”

Theo nodded with a calm expression.

“I see. So, that’s how it is… Well, ever since you showed that illusion after eating my food, I never thought about it since I didn’t care. But this makes me understand why your illusion is so good. You’re originally an Illusionist.” Coline looked at Theo with a serious expression.

“No wonder you’re desperately hiding your identity. Once it’s known to the world, the Griffith Family will hunt you down, right? Now that I know how bad that Griffith Family is… I only know that they’re strong.” Chris frowned.

“Yes. They’re extremely dangerous. But even so, I don’t plan on losing.” Theo nodded, confirming the danger.

“So, did you call us here just to inform us about your identity?” Coline asked.

“No. I want to ask you to follow me to the other side because I’m planning to reach the Mythical Rank. To be honest, becoming a Mythical Rank Expert will cause me a lot of trouble like getting chased by numerous monsters. So, I’m planning to be one step away from Mythical Rank before going back to the area where there are only Supreme Rank Monsters in the area, lowering the danger.” Theo explained.

“Danger? Chased by monsters?”

“Yes. Because of my power, there will be a disruption in power, causing the monsters to chase after me because the energy from my body is like super delicious food.”

“I see. I can understand the analogy.” Coline nodded in understanding. “In that case, you want us to be your bodyguards? Do you want us to handle the monsters for your leveling up too?”

“No. I have no problem defeating a Mythical Rank Monster now since my level is already close to their level. It’s just… the leveling speed will be a bit slow. I’ll be lucky to be able to get one level every day.”

“If you say that to everyone else, they’ll surely slap you. You’re the only one who dares to claim that you can level up once every two days. Do you know how hard it is to gain one level?” Chris’ eyebrows twitched, annoyed.

“You’re talking about a group with six people, right? And it’ll be even worse if you’re going with a larger group. But I’m different… I don’t need others.” Theo shook his head.

“So, you want us only to protect you during your breakthrough to the Mythical Rank? Well, together with escorting you to the safe place when you’re one step away from the Mythical Rank,” Coline asked.

“Exactly,” Theo confirmed without hesitation. “Though, I do need to say that I should spend more time with you guys. I can use my illusion to rate your food and try to learn about Chris’ soundworld. This way, won’t it be better to spend it with you guys?”

“Well, that’s true.” Coline agreed. “This might be the first time I show you my power to fight against monsters too. So, I guess I’ll show off my power a bit.”

“Haha, I’m looking forward to it.” Theo chuckled. This might also be the first time he witnessed a chef fight.

“Still, I don’t understand one thing. You’re supposed to wield a spear, right? Why are you so proficient in using a sword?” Chris asked.

“Chris. I think that you asked too much.” Coline stated, furrowing her eyebrows.

“Nah, it’s fine.” Theo stopped her. There was a need for an opposition that always questioned everything about him. It also allowed Theo to introspect himself. “To answer your question, I’m proficient with four types of weapons.”

Theo raised his hand, showing the bracelet that he used to store his weapon. The bracelet turned into a spear, a sword, a sniper rifle, and a shield in succession.

“This is… I can understand the spear and the sword, but a sniper rifle? A shield?” Chris widened his eyes.

“I rarely used the Sniper Rifle, but it can give me a lot of advantage, especially when I’m planning to support you guys from behind. As for the shield, it’s stronger than you expect… the shield can easily block your power, so it’s my last defense.” Theo smiled.

“Support us from behind? Your power alone is already far beyond what a Supreme Rank Expert can do… If you become a Mythical Rank Expert, your strength will be beyond anyone’s imagination… And you’re only planning to stay on the back?”

Coline shook her head. “No, in his case, he will probably use it for distraction or something else before he suddenly appears out of nowhere and kills an enemy, don’t you think?”

“That’s true.” Chris nodded in agreement.

“Well, that’s all about me. I’m going to the other side in two days for around two months. I hope that you can prepare yourself during that time.” Theo explained.

“I understand.” Chris and Coline nodded, receiving the instruction.

“Also, you need to know that there will be more problems after I become a Mythical Rank Expert because that’s when the world will take me seriously.” Theo smirked. “After all, I’ve truly become a thorn in their eyes.”


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