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God of Tricksters – Chapter 1278: Change Bahasa Indonesia

“It seems that it’s still too much for you.” Theo chuckled while staring at Ergene who was drinking a coke. After learning more about Theo’s goal, she was shocked that they ended up going to a fast food restaurant just to get some drink and calm themselves for a bit.

“Of course, it was too shocking for me. The concept itself is too complicated, and the implication it can bring is simply unimaginable.” Ergene let out a long sigh. “Following you is like following a bomb that can explode at any time.”

“Now regretting your choice?”

“Don’t underestimate the loyalty of a warrior of the plain.” Ergene snorted. “Although I’m scared, I’m also interested in that answer too.”

“Haha. If it’s just a normal person, I bet they’d have quitted right away.” Theo chuckled.

“Is that why you’ve been gathering weirdos?”

“At first, I just wanted someone unique, but I guess it now looks like a gathering of weirdos.” Theo chuckled, impressed by her bluntness. “Still, you’re the first one to know about it.”

“Since you’re testing that on me. Why do I feel like I have become your guinea pig? Just like that illusion power…” Ergene continued his words and sighed.

“Haha, it might be just your imagination.” Theo chuckled.

“I hope that’s the case. Or I’m going to cling to you if I die because of the test.” Ergene rolled her eyes, not believing Theo at all.

They continued their journey with light-hearted jokes to lessen the mood.

And Ergene drove slowly since she was a bit shaken. Unfortunately, Theo couldn’t really drive. He only drove a Cubicar once. It was when he hunted with Maya and Agata. And when he drove, it was already on the other side where they didn’t need to deal with traffic, so Theo couldn’t really replace her as the driver.

The trip that should only take one hour ended up becoming two hours.

Still, they returned safely. Though, they were greeted by something funny. It was Rea falling to the ground head first.

“Gya!” Rea screamed before stopping due to her face being buried.

“Are you alright?” Theo asked lightly.

Rea hurriedly rose from the ground and turned around as if she was embarrassed. “I’m fine. Thank you for your concern.”

“Don’t forget about the rule. I have multiple ways to check it.” Theo grinned.

“I know,” Rea shouted this time, letting out her frustration.

Since he got his answer, Theo went inside the mansion while Rea continued her training.

“Does he know how hard it is for me to stop the urge to continue swinging my sword?” Rea gritted her teeth, muttering with a volume that she was the only one who could hear it. She bore a bit of hatred and frustration on Theo right now.

Normally, she would swing more than a thousand times already. It had become her routine, so not doing it would make her feel uncomfortable.

That was why she had been agitated this whole time.

As soon as Theo entered the mansion, she closed her eyes again and imagined Theo standing in front of her.

‘I can swing my swords twenty more times. How should I defeat him in twenty swings? Argh, I want to beat him so much. This is the first time I’m so frustrated by someone.’ Rea thought while imagining Theo charging forward with his sword.

Rea then swung her sword from above to stop his movement. Theo then jumped to the side and attacked her waist, but she skillfully used her blade to parry it.

Meanwhile, in the mansion, Ergene asked, “I forgot about this because you changed the topic earlier, but why did you give her that kind of limit? Shouldn’t we train as much as we can to become stronger?”

“That’s true in your case because you already have a clear path in your head. But she doesn’t have it right now.” Theo waved at her, signaling her to follow him to the balcony where they could observe Rea’s training.

“She doesn’t have the path?”

“She has been chasing after her brother this whole time by imitating his training and doing it more than him. But without his brother, she was nothing but an empty shell.”

“Still, that doesn’t answer the question.”

“I know, but you should have heard of these two phrases, right? Work Harder and Work Smarter.”

“Yes. You should work smarter instead of work harder.”

“True. If you just want to accomplish your goal, work smarter is good, but you won’t be able to reach the top that way. If you want to aim at the peak, you should work harder and work smarter.

“If you work smarter without working hard enough, you will just achieve a small goal and get stuck for the rest of your life. If you work harder without knowing the path and goal, you will just train aimlessly.

“Now that my shadow has overshadowed her brother, it’s clear that her focus is on me right now. Due to that, she’s become an empty shell. So, my role here is to become her brain.”

“That’s why you gave her that rule.” Ergene narrowed her eyes.

“Exactly.” Theo pointed at her. “Look at that. She’s going to show you something good.”

Ergene watched Rea closely, wondering what Theo meant. However, she soon dropped her jaw and realized Theo’s intention.

In the garden, Rea fell to the ground once again.

“Kh. I can only swing two more times today! Should I end this imagination training here and do two swings to complete the training? But I have agreed that I’ll start my training with 900 swings before doing this imagination training until I complete the one thousand swings.

“If that’s the case, how do I even defeat him with only two swings? None of the animals can defeat him and my swing… If it’s my brother, what will he do? The super-swift sword draw? But that was useless in the last fight. Without anything powerful to defeat him, what should I do? No, I need to overcome this limitation… if I only have two swings, I need to put everything I have left in these two swings… something bigger, something more powerful, something… absolute…” Rea took a deep breath as she poured her Magic Power into the sword.

The Magic Power behaved like a raging flame that changed its form every second. She was trying to create the animal from her Magic Power but ended up scrapping the idea again and again. She wanted something even more powerful than the animal.

Theo was happy to see her progress. “I’ve done my job. It might take months or even years to complete it, but without change, she will stay as an empty shell forever. So, the rest is up to her. Watch her for me, will you?”

He patted shocked Ergene’s shoulder and went inside.


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