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God of Tricksters – Chapter 1277: The Origin Bahasa Indonesia

“Hahahahahahahaahha!” The God of Mischief laughed out loud inside Theo’s consciousness. He was so happy and excited that he almost fell to the ground. “I can’t hold it anymore. My choice was truly not wrong. Theodore Griffith might do something that I couldn’t in the past.

“O’ beings from the higher dimensions, whether you exist or not, be prepared! I might not be able to come to you, but he will come in my stead!” Loki looked up as if he was glaring at those beings from the higher dimension.

“It seems that you’re happy with the progress, Father.” A woman walked to him with a smile on her face.

“Haha!” Loki laughed for another minute before saying, “My conclusion was that the higher do exist. I dedicated my whole life to proving their existence. However, that guy is different. He assumes that they exist and starts playing with them.”

“Do they even exist? Even if it’s coming from you, I still can’t believe it.”

“Who knows? There is no exact proof. But that might create another paradox.” Loki grinned.

“A paradox?”

“I will use a movie as an example. If the writer makes his character visit him, the writer, in the plot, will that character be summoned to the higher dimension? If that’s the case, Theo, who has the power that can turn it into a reality, might be able to achieve it. This is a paradox that he needs to test in the future.”

“Still, there’s no proof to that paradox.”

“Of course, this is just my assumption. But don’t forget about his power.”

“Reality… Wait a minute.” Hel widened her eyes and took a step back. “Are you assuming that the higher being exists in a parallel universe?”

“That’s right. Just like a writer creating a world with their talent, that kind of world might exist in a different universe. For them, that normal writer is their creator. And there might be someone who is writing the story of that writer writing something.

“See? There’s an endless loop of a creator creating a creator who is creating another creator. In other words, the parallel universe might just be a creation of someone, and our current universe is created by someone from another universe.

“In a normal multiple universe paradox, let’s say your parents exist in another universe. What’s the chance of you being born from the same sperm and ovum?

“But I don’t think many people think it’s like this… What if another universe of you is created by someone from another universe? And that universe is created by another person and so on.” Loki smirked, excited to see the conclusion of this matter.

“But if we follow your theory, there should be a universe that is the creator of all universes.” Hel narrowed her eyes, confused.

“Yes. I shall call that one ‘The Origin.’ A place where everything is created.”

“The Origin…” Hel sucked a cold breath as this was too much even for her.

“And that’s what Theo is thinking. It’s impossible to reach the Origin of this theory, but he certainly can find the person who is creating our universe. And that’s what he believes as the higher being of my version. In other words, Theo is considering his perspective along with my theory so that both of us can win.”

“He is not assuming things randomly?”

“Yeah. That’s why I said that Theo might surpass me in the future. It seems that forcing the Reality Order on him was the correct choice. And thanks to that mermaid who introduced the paradox, Theo has begun to learn more about parallel universes.

“As expected, the ones that can help him the most are the Reality Eyes and his Reality Order.”

“Still, doesn’t this mean there’s a sudden change in Theo’s personality?” Hel asked. “He was NOT that interested before. Why did he suddenly mention it?”

“He is not interested? You’re joking.” The God of Mischief smirked. “He is, of course, interested. He has been thinking about it this whole time.”

“But we haven’t gotten anything about that.” Hel was confused. They should know about Theo’s thoughts because they resided in Theo’s consciousness.

However, Loki smirked playfully and said, “That’s why I told you that. He’s using his own theory to prove that. If we don’t know anything about it, that means the details are not included. He’s using that gap to play around and test his theory. But it is also weird because we should know about it. Thus, creating an imbalance in the system.”

“…” Hel sucked a cold breath. She seemed to understand something even more vicious than the theory itself.

“Don’t say that.” The God of Mischief shook his head. “Instead of the world, we might get erased by the creator of this universe due to us prying too much about the secret of the universe. As for him, he might also be erased for convenience. But it is surely more interesting this way. How much can we take advantage of it? It depends on him.”

The Goddess of Death fell silent and asked, “Do you think he can surpass you?”

“Who knows. He might die or be erased before that happens. Even if you can see the future, you can’t really know what will happen. However, one thing is clear. He needs to get stronger as fast as possible and reach Authority Level. Only after that can he start thinking about his perception and see whether it’s possible or not to get the truth.” The God of Mischief smirked.

“It seems that you’re planning something, Father.”

“Of course. If his theory is correct, then no one will know what I’m doing right now. Only the creator of the universe and myself will know about it. Isn’t it a good test to see whether the theory is correct or not?”

“But at the same time, you can’t prove whether that theory is correct or not?”

“I know. Even so, this is also another clue. I won’t be able to know the answer if I don’t try everything. There’s no way I’m going to give up this opportunity.” The God of Mischief added another thing. “Also, no one might know about our conversation. Or everyone might be aware of this conversation. Either way, we have no answer unless we test it. Which one is known and which one is hidden, I’m going to test it. Hahahaha.”


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