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God of Tricksters – Chapter 1273: lnstruction Bahasa Indonesia

“Hu…” Theo let out a long breath before closing his eyes.

“What has just happened? That was too fast…” Rea stared in horror. Looking at Theo’s back reminded her of her father. She thought, ‘Has he caught up to Father? No, he is still not that strong yet. But… the potential is there.’

She couldn’t help but remember her father’s advice.

“Theodore Griffith has the talent of learning. As long as he continues to learn from someone else, he will grow… endlessly. Sooner or later, he might be able to replace the Time God.”

When she thought about it, she missed one thing in Theo’s power.

If one took a closer look at his body, Theo’s clothes started to get shredded apart as his skin was covered with scales.

Suddenly, a fountain of blood also spurted out from his body.

Unlike Walker who was only injured on the chest, Theo was bleeding all over his body as if numerous swords cut him.

This was the consequence of using the full speed.

“Joker?!” Rea shouted while gasping.

Agata was the first to run to him, checking his condition. Meanwhile, Nella stood between him and Walker as she had yet to trust this person.

“What happened? You lost too much blood. Where are the swords that cut you?” Agata asked in panic. She never thought she would see Theo be covered by blood.

“As expected, even with my Supernatural Snake Body, it’s still not enough to handle the pressure from going beyond the speed of sound.” Theo let out a long sigh, disappointed. At the same time, he also used the last bit of his Order Energy to put everything into his VIT status to increase his metabolism. At least, he wouldn’t die from blood loss.

“It seems that you’re the winner of this battle, Walker.” Theo turned around while waving his hand, assuring Agata that he was fine.

“No. If you didn’t use this opportunity to teach them or hold back, I would be the one to die. Even though I had my confidence in being a high ranking mercenary, I couldn’t defeat you.” Walker shook his head as he walked to Theo staggeringly.

Nella stopped him because she was afraid Walker used this opportunity to kill Theo.

Walker ignored her and kneeled on the ground. He bowed his body and even put his forehead on the ground. “It’s just a family tradition in my mercenary group for full submission. I am Maisa Walker, an S Rank Mercenary, a former captain of Minst Keeper Mercenary Group, offer my body, soul, and future to my master. Please take care of me, My Master.”

“Okay. It’s nice to meet you, Walker.” Theo nodded with a serious expression. “But can you do something about My Master? I’m not that comfortable to be called that. Even the rest of the group calls me by my name.”

“I’m afraid that I can’t do that. The choice is between ‘Boss’ or ‘Master,’ I won’t call you with anything else.”

“Master is it? Fine, just don’t use “My” when you call me.”

“Yes, Master.”

Theo took a deep breath and said, “Alright. Now that we’ve come to an agreement, we can talk about the details later. Luckily, we’re a bit farther from the camp, so no one should come right now.”

Theo turned to the girls and said, “Wrap everything up and we’ll come back. I and Walker need medical attention.”

“Understood.” The girls nodded their heads as they grabbed everything they brought here.

Meanwhile, Theo asked Walker. “Can you walk?”

“Yes. I might be a little bit slow, but the wound itself is not that critical.”

“Alright. Follow me. Also, are you sure that the Skyward Mercenary is coming here?”

“The preparation has been completed. They’ll most likely arrive here tomorrow in the morning or afternoon.” Walker confirmed.

“I see. Well, I’m going to change my schedule a bit then. I’m sure that you don’t mind waiting a bit longer, right?”

“Yes. I see that your potential can reach that person, so I’m going to wait. As long as I can see him die, I don’t mind how long.”

“Don’t worry. It won’t take too long. Just wait for another year.” Theo nodded. “For now, you should make some preparations to move to another country and stay there.”

“I understand, I’m going to prepare for a green card.”

“No, no. I’m not going to stay in the US later.” Theo shook his head. Now that he had Walker and Agata, he knew what to do.

“Then, where?”

“Italy. In one year, I’ll go there and make a base somewhere in that country.”

“Why don’t you make a base in the US?”

“No. The Time God is there, so I’m not going to stay there. Making the country a bit too strong is also a problem after all. At first, I was thinking about staying in Asia, but it’s better to make a base in Italy. I have a few reasons that I can’t tell you, but all you need to know is that, I’m going to eliminate the Skyward Mercenary in Italy.”

“Are you serious?”

“Yeah. That’s why I want you to assign you a mission right away.”

“What is the mission?” Walker’s expression was serious, knowing he could get his revenge soon.

“I’m going to assign you to Agata. Obey her order because Skyward Mercenary is going to focus on her instead of me. I want you to protect her. And one year later and the stage has been set up, we’re going to eliminate the Skyward Mercenary.”

“Are you sure? Do you trust me that much?” Walker widened his eyes in shock.

Theo closed his eyes for a bit before saying, “I can see it, Walker.”

“See it? See what?”

Suddenly, Theo opened his eyes again. This time, his eyes were not black. Instead, they were blue. But what shocked him the most was the circle and four lines that connected the circle to the edge of the iris.

When Theo revealed these eyes, Walker shuddered as if he was being stripped by Theo.

Walker opened his mouth as if wanting to say something, but the words stuck on his throat.

“Well, I also want you to find suitable land to buy so that we can start making our base.” Theo closed his eyes, hiding his Reality Eyes again before smiling. “So, what do you think?”

“Please leave this task to me. I shall accomplish it without fail, Master.” Walker lowered his head, accepting the mission.


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