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God of Tricksters – Chapter 1229: Nostalgic Bahasa Indonesia

Two days later.

Theo and Felix stood in the airport. Theo now didn’t have a mask on because Joker, his clone, had gone back to avoid any controversy.

Meanwhile, Theo used his Reality Order to forge a new identity for himself. He had short brown hair and black eyes to make it not suspicious.

At the same time, Felix had long black hair and a gentle gaze. A Mythical Rank Expert was a huge matter in Thersland, so Theo had used his ability to make the Magic Power in their body disappear. This way, people would mistake them for a Hero Rank Expert.

To prove his loyalty, Akbar gave him their new ID Cards just to go to Thersland.

After that, he saw them off personally.

“I shouldn’t have introduced him to you,” Felix muttered in a low voice. He somehow started not liking Akbar’s personality because he was normally a chill guy that was easy to talk to. The current Akbar was too obsessed with Theo.

“It’s fine. At the end of the day, it’s my decision.” Theo shrugged. “I have my own plans anyway.”

“Well…” Felix ultimately dropped the matter and boarded the plane together.

It wasn’t a long flight before Theo and Felix arrived.

“Mr. Aaly and Mr. Azamat, is it? What’s the purpose of both of you coming to Thersland?”

“Sightseeing,” Felix answered with a calm expression.

“Okay. I’ve checked all your documents and…” The airport staff stamped their passports and handed them to Felix. “That’s done. Welcome to Thersland.”

“Thank you.” Felix grabbed the passport and left the airport with Theo.

This time, they didn’t have anyone to escort them this time because no one knew their identities.

“This is the first time we’re out without someone’s surveillance,” Felix muttered.

“Well, I’m not planning to use it that much because the more I use it, the higher the chance of it being discovered.”

“Fair enough.”

“As for where we stay… Oh boy, where are we going to stay now?”

“To be honest, I’m quite curious about your previous life in this place. I’ve read it somewhere… It seems to be pretty rough.”

“Haha. Looking back now, it feels a bit nostalgic. Back then, I needed to work hard just to get a few hundred Zils. And now… I still need to work hard to get a few hundred… billion Zils.”

“That’s the proof that you’ve become so successful. There’s nothing wrong with that.” Felix shrugged.

“Anyway, let’s get a hotel near my previous house then. I don’t mind showing you around today. I can finish my objective tomorrow.”


Theo then headed straight to the fanciest hotel in the region where he previously lived. He never experienced the life of the rich in this country, so there weren’t many memories he could recall in this country other than the dark period when his life was filled with bullies.

“Looking back, my hatred has completely gone now… The bullying made my life the worst, but somehow they became irrelevant to me.”

“The best revenge is just the fact that you’re living better than them.”

“True.” Theo nodded.

After checking into the hotel, Theo then guided Felix around his hometown. Felix first visited the small house where Theo previously resided. The house had been occupied by another tenant like him. It seemed the price had skyrocketed because they could claim, ‘This was where Theodore Griffith lived when he participated in the Grand Gaia Competition.’

However, he didn’t really care much about it because that wasn’t relevant to him anymore. On the other hand, Felix shook his head helplessly, saying, “I thought I had already lived a modest life, but it seemed that you were more miserable than I was…”

“Oh, you haven’t seen my apartment. That small apartment…”

“What apartment?”

“Haha… it’s a unique apartment.” Theo chuckled and led him to the small and dark alley where crime could happen. Even the hygiene was very bad.

“This is…”

“The room was only enough for one table, a kitchen, a bathroom, and a bed.” Theo smiled. “I don’t know what’s happened to this place though.”

Felix widened his eyes. Even when he was a kid, his life was better than this. Considering his parents were quite influential people, they should have left some money for the kid, but it seemed not to be the case.

With the addition of constant bullying, his life was truly much worse.

Suddenly, they heard a female’s voice ringing from behind.

“Are you two foreigners? Visiting this small museum where Theodore Griffith once lived? Do you want me to give you a tour?”

When Theo and Felix turned around, they saw a woman at the same age as Theo. She had a pale face and long gray hair. She even wore white lab coats and glasses like a scientist.

However, Theo recognized this woman with a single glance. She was one of the people Theo remembered in this country, the only person that praised him when achieving his goal to participate in the Grand Gaia Competition, Aisha Gata.

Theo looked at her with a nostalgic gaze, while Aisha was confused because he’d never seen these two men.

“Oh? Are you familiar with this place?” Theo asked.

“Of course. I often visited this place when I felt down, reminding myself that I could do better just like the famous Theodore Griffith.” Aisha shrugged.

“In that case, can you guide me a bit? I’m curious about the most popular person in Thersland,” said Theo with a smile.

“Sure.” Aisha agreed without hesitation.

Felix didn’t understand anything at all. In fact, he had been asking a question in his heart. ‘Why did the homeowner want someone to give a tour of his previous place?’

Theo didn’t say anything. He simply followed Aisha into the apartment.

After paying a small fee at the entrance, they arrived in this small place that had become tidy and clean. It might be because there wasn’t any other equipment that his room looked more spacious, but it was horrible when he lived here.

“This is the place where Theodore Griffith once lived. Even with this condition, he somehow reached the peak of the Grand Gaia Competition. Truly a role model.” Aisha smiled, presenting them with the room.


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