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God of Tricksters – Chapter 1192: Surprise Bahasa Indonesia

The beggars helped them in all processes until they could leave the base on the other side. They even blocked the information about Theo and Ergene so that no one knew about them leaving the country.

The Fist Saint used a similar method to disappear from the US president’s view, causing all that ruckus. So, Theo did the same thing to disappear, not caring about other opinions. After all, they would be more focused on the Star Group and the Starry Group instead of him.

It took them two days before Theo and Ergene reached their desired location.

The location was at the south of the base. It was one day away from the nearest Star Group hotel, which was perfect for Theo if he wanted to use the hotel to rest for a while.

After searching for an hour, they finally found a Mythical Rank Expert. Because of their strength, even a normal Mythical Rank Expert was hard to find. They indeed gave a huge amount of EXP, but they were also extremely dangerous.

Even fighting one would be arduous. That was why a Mythical Rank Expert would have a hard time leveling up.

“Well, this is truly something else.” Theo furrowed his eyebrows, looking at the monster from afar.

The monster was standing on two feet. It was covered by yellow fur that looked like spikes. Its height reached 10 feet, and its body was equal to five Theos getting combined.

“Those sharp claws and spikes…” Theo muttered in a low voice. “Its skin should be hard too. The tail might not be long, but it can protect both its sides. It’s going to be a dangerous fight.”

“This is your last chance to back down. I’ll remain here until I deem that you’re either qualified or unqualified to do it,” Ergene said, reminding him about the agreement.

“Don’t worry. I’m not backing down.” Theo smiled. “Well, just watch from here. I’m going to show you something special… that you should know if you want to follow me.”

Ergene looked at Theo mysteriously. Even though she doubted Theo could defeat a Mythical Rank Monster, she still said, “May fortune bless you with its presence.”

“Thanks.” Theo smiled and leaped toward the monster. He checked the monster’s status with his Skylink.

Name: Entema

Level: ???

According to Ergene, most Mythical Rank Monsters were like this. They had a name since the people who found them usually named them. However, their strength was unknown because it was hard to grasp their strength.

Still, as long as the Mythical Rank Monster was a Normal Class, he was ready to fight them.

As if sensing Theo’s movement, Entema turned around while raising its right hand. The claws started glowing as it located Theo.

“Here is the first—!!!” Theo suddenly ducked down before finishing his words.


The trees around him abruptly flew into the air as a green light passed them, cutting every single trunk in the area.

Only Theo managed to survive there.

“Seriously… It’s too fast.” Theo made a weird smile as he immediately circulated his Magic Power.

Muscle Enhancement.

“Well, I can’t really match its speed, but I should be able to follow his movement with my Prediction Eyes and react fast enough with Muscle Enhancement,” Theo said as he continued rushing toward the entema.

The entema was surprised to find someone far weaker than him dared to fight him. However, he didn’t have enough intelligence to think about it.

The only thing he knew was to kill Theo.

Before Theo reached him, the entema raised both hands, covering its claws with Magic Power.

As soon as Theo was only fifteen feet away from him, the entema waved both hands, creating a cross’s claw shape. Each diagonal line crossed each other, making it impossible for Theo to duck down again.

Hence, Theo raised his blue sword and turned it into a shield.

Receiving the attack head-on was his objective since it would prove he had enough strength to fight a Mythical Rank Monster.

Without hesitation, he stomped the ground with his left foot and pushed his body forward, taking the attack head-on.

The clash between the claw energy and Theo’s shield was intense as Theo was pushed back several feet due to the raw force alone.

He knew Muscle Enhancement wasn’t enough to rival a Mythical Rank Expert, but this attack should have launched him away without it. So, he was relieved to have this skill now.

After that, Theo raised his left hand, summoning his Irregular Guardian in its sword form.

The sword immediately flew toward the entema as the latter struck it with its claws.

Suddenly, the sword split into two, turning into long elastic sticks that looped around the claw to hit the head behind it.

However, a Mythical Rank Monster was scarier than Theo thought as it had enough speed to suddenly grab the two sticks and snap them into two.

“Shaaa!” The entema let out a cry. Before the sticks could transform, Entema threw them away and rushed to Theo, realizing what he wanted.

“In that case, how about this?” Theo waved his hand again, summoning three balls of Magic Power that weren’t visible to naked eyes. This was Theo’s Heisk or Invisible Vortex.

Unfortunately for him, the entema was fast enough to cut all the balls with its claws before they could explode.

“Seriously?” Theo leaped back to gain some distance.

However, the entema caught up to him in a second and slammed both hands, trying to squash Theo to death.

“It’s time to show the special stuff, I guess.” Theo glanced at Ergene and received the attack.


Both hands slammed Theo to the ground. It packed so much power that it created a hole in the ground.

However, the entema suddenly turned around as if feeling something. It even waved its claws to scare it away, albeit it was too late.

“Aiii!” The entema let out a scream as blood splattered to the ground.

The one behind him was none other than Theo. And the only way for Theo to reach that position was Blink Skill.

“Still, it’s too dangerous.” Theo ducked down again, avoiding the claws after injuring the monster.

Unfortunately for him, his luck ran out as the entema turned out to be more stubborn than he thought.

‘Oh no…’ Theo raised his left arm and protected his head while using his Supernatural Snake Body as well as his equipment to protect himself from the impact.


The entema kicked Theo from the side, blowing him a hundred feet away from his position until Theo crashed into a huge tree.

“That hurts… Luckily, the equipment and Supernatural Snake Body were enough, or I would have been injured by that attack. I can understand why the Mythical Rank Expert has a hard time fighting against a Mythical Rank Monster.” Theo smiled and immediately rose from the ground, preparing to face the entema again.

But this time, Theo had a surprise for both the entema and Ergene.

“Well, let’s step up our game, shall we?” Theo smiled as another Theo suddenly appeared next to him. Their appearance was exactly the same, except for the weapon.

That was right. Theo finally used his clone.

“That’s…” Ergene, who saw Theo’s clone, gasped as if she had found something hard to believe.


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