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God of Tricksters – Chapter 1185: Almost Ruined Bahasa Indonesia

“Alright. Let’s go.” Maya opened the gate with a serious expression. Of course, her action was soon found by Felix, who immediately stopped her in front of the mansion.

“Sorry. Can I help you?” Felix asked. After working for Theo, he obviously had learned some basic knowledge regarding his current affiliation, the Star Group. So, he recognized the woman before him.

“I am here to consult with Joker,” Maya answered with a slightly rushed tone because she immediately headed here after finishing her job.

“Mhm…” Felix thought for a moment while glancing at the garden. “Wait a minute. I’m going to let him know.”

Felix disappeared for fifteen seconds to let Theo know before he reappeared, stating, “Sure. Please come in. He’s waiting for you in the garden.”

“Thank you.” Maya followed Felix to the place Theo used to learn some knowledge today.

While walking, Maya looked at Felix’s back. She never expected that Theo had Felix, who seemed to be strong even compared to other Mythical Rank Experts. Even her sense was tingling, telling her how dangerous the man in front of her was.

But the moment she found Theo in the garden, she almost stumbled when she recognized one of the people that sat down next to Theo. It was none other than Nagasawa Rea, the Sword Saint’s daughter.

‘Huh? Why is she here? Isn’t she supposed to be staying in Japan? Has Theo met the Sword Saint and struck a deal? Is that the reason why he’s not helping us? Is it because the Sword Saint guarantees his safety if the Star Group falls?’

There were many questions and reasons in Maya’s head. But most of them actually made her awful.

Although it was just a business relationship, the Star Group had been helping him this whole time. From money to his identity, they had done so much for him.

Yet, she felt awful knowing Theo was ready to jump ship this easily. She felt betrayed and disappointed.

“Yo. I think I have told you that I won’t tell you anything regarding your next move… Just go to the president since he has more influence than me.” Theo reminded her again about his words earlier.

“You… Is it so hard for you to come up with something? I know that you’re smart enough to find a way, right?” Maya asked with a pained expression. Theo looked as if he didn’t care about the Star Group at all.

“I think you don’t understand this. I’m here as your agent, a fighter. You brought this upon yourself but still asked me to do everything to solve it.” Theo sighed, stating another fact.

It was true that the Star Group was the one to blame. If not for them joining hands with the president to stop them, they wouldn’t be targeted like this.

In fact, they would still be ignorant about their plans. Although it resulted in hundreds of millions of people dying, their companies would soar through the sky because of the situation.

That was why Theo had the right not to help them. If they told him about the Fist Saint being there, everything would turn differently.

“But there will be nothing left if the Star Group is destroyed.” Maya sighed. “Is it really that easy for you to jump ships? Because you have her, you want to abandon the Star Group?”

“Who do you think I am? I am a man with integrity. I’ll fulfill the contract.” Theo shrugged, not showing any interest in this conflict. “I’ll stay in the Star Group for as long as the contract wants me to.”

“But if the Star Group falls, you don’t need to fulfill your part of the contract anymore!” Maya gritted her teeth.

Theo shrugged. “Isn’t that the purpose of the Star Group when they’re gathering their experts? They want to appear strong in front of many people by having numerous Mythical Rank Experts and resources.

“I think this is the time where your Star Group and Starry Group will be truly tested. Can you stay afloat while facing this challenge? Show it to me… If you’re too easy to break, won’t it be a waste for me to stay here? Isn’t that right, Miss Maya?” Theo replied as if challenging Maya.

Maya gritted her teeth and said, “As you said, we didn’t have the right to demand many things from you. However, you still need to follow the Star Group arrangement, even if it means fighting against the enemies!”

“Of course.” Theo shrugged. “But I still need to remind you. Your Father has lost the bet. We’re in the same position.”

“I…” Maya gritted her teeth. Just like what he said, Maya also needed to follow his arrangement since she worked for Theo after her father lost that bet.

The moment the Star Group sent him to his death, Theo would do the same to her without hesitation.

This meant the Star Group had no control over Theo, even if it meant asking him to help. If they had some control over Theo, they could force Theo to participate in this, forcing him to turn around the situation.

However, it also meant they had to burn the bridge with Theo. In the future, Theo would come back and destroy them just like how they sent him to his death.

That was why Maya gritted her teeth and turned around. “Fine. I know that I can’t ask anything from you. But don’t forget that the Star Group… No, forget about everything I said earlier.”

Maya almost said something that she would regret her entire life. Theo had gone all the way to allow Bernard to announce that she and Theo would be friends for life. Yet, she almost used the ‘good guy’ card.

So, the moment she said those words, it was the same as breaking those words with her own. She didn’t want to destroy their current relationship.

Even Theo furrowed when she almost said it. It seemed that she still had some self-awareness despite the situation. It was true that facing a top expert in the world was more dangerous than facing a huge company or organization, so Theo could understand how desperate she had become since things would only get worse from now on.

“I will show you that it won’t be that easy to destroy the Star Group and the Starry Group. Just you wait.” Maya finally walked away, barely avoiding the destruction of their relationship.

Theo closed his eyes when she left as if he was thinking of something.


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