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God of Tricksters – Chapter 1180: Drawing Bahasa Indonesia

“Did he tell you that?” The Sword Saint asked, staring at Rea’s face.

As soon as they returned to the mansion and retired for the day, Rea spared no effort to contact her father and tell him everything regarding Theo’s plan.

“Yes. I know it’s hard to believe it, but he certainly said that.” Rea nodded with a serious expression.

“I have no choice but to come?” The Sword Saint narrowed his eyes, thinking for a while. Suddenly, his eyes went to Rea again, realizing how Theo could force him to come. “I see. He’s using you.”


“Yeah. The only reason for me to come there is you being in danger that you can’t help but ask me to come.” The Sword Saint explained.

“Now that I think about it…” Rea paused for a moment. “Honorable Father forced him to agree, so his intention was clear. He wanted me to leave for my own or Honorable Father to call me back to Japan. With this, there wouldn’t be any more cooperation.”

“Exactly. That man is scary. Just after returning to the US, he was forcing me to make a decision.” The Sword Saint sighed.

“Then… Should I go back?” Rea asked in confusion.

“Did he tell you about the date?”

“No. He only said that as long as the Death Reaper came, she would be dead. And it seems the painter that he brought with him was the key to creating an ultimate weapon that could kill the Death Reaper.”

“So much bullshit. Is he ignorant? There is a reason why we can be one of the top ten experts in the world… We’re different from your average Mythical Rank Expert because we have absolute power.” The Sword Saint gritted his teeth, starting to get annoyed. He felt like Theo was ignorant to think he could kill her.

“Honorable Father. What is this absolute power?” Rea asked.

“Ehm… I can’t really tell you about it to be honest. It will simply put you in danger. However, I can tell you something about this… Look at your birthmark.”

“My birthmark?” Rea tilted her head in confusion.

“Yeah. Just lift up your shirt a bit so that you can see your birthmark.”

Rea hesitated for a moment but still followed her father’s words. She slightly raised her t-shirt and showed a birthmark that looked like a sword tattoo. When they were born, it was said that the birthmark was their talent.

People praised them for being the prodigy simply because the birthmark chose them. And the Sword Saint also had it on his chest. So, this was clearly the sword choosing them.

However, those who had an Order would think otherwise. Even the Sword Saint had no choice other than to reveal it.

“That’s not a birthmark.”

“It’s not?” Rea was confused since she got this birthmark from birth.

“Yeah. You can ask your mother, and she can confirm that it wasn’t there right after you were born.” The Sword Saint snapped his fingers.

Suddenly, the sword mark on her lower abdomen shone, confirming what he said. After all, there was no way a birthmark could shine.

“This is…”

“I can’t tell you anything about it, but that’s my way to protect you.” The Sword Saint sighed. Even though he couldn’t tell the truth, his statement wasn’t a lie. The Sword Saint used this Friend Seal to make sure she was fine the whole time.

“…” Rea fell silent for a moment.

After that, the Sword Saint lifted up his clothes and showed his chest. It was a clean chest with no tattoo whatsoever, but soon the same sword mark appeared on his chest.

“See this?” The Sword Saint sighed. “This is the true mark for those who have been chosen by the swords. Unfortunately, I can’t tell you anything about it because of the rules.”

“The rules…” Rea looked down. “Then, if that mark is the symbol of absolute power… does that mean Joker is a fool for thinking he can kill the Death Reaper?”

“That’s what I thought too.” The Sword Saint nodded. “It seems that he is overconfident with his strength. After all, the Death Reaper can kill a hundred Mythical Rank Experts by herself.”

“I see. In that case, should I go back right now before getting entangled too far?”

“Hmm…” The Sword Saint hesitated, contemplating his choices. “What do you think about him?”

“What do you mean?”

Before the Sword Saint explained further, there was a sudden knock on the door.

“!!!” Rea turned around and asked, “Who is it?”

“I am Millie, Felix’s daughter.”

“Oh? Wait a bit. I’m changing my clothes.”

“It’s fine. I know that you’re not. Joker said that you must be contacting your father right now. So, he wants to show Jeff’s drawing to your father.” Millie explained.

“Drawing?” The Sword Saint narrowed his eyes. “Sure. Why not? He had predicted that you would be contacting me anyway. Get the drawing and show it to me.”

Rea nodded and said, “Thank you, Millie. Let me show the drawing to my father.”

“But… But…” Millie suddenly spoke before Rea opened the door. “Only your father can see the drawing, he said.”

“!!!” The Sword Saint widened his eyes in shock before his expression turned grim. “Okay. Bring her in.”

Rea acknowledged the order and opened the door, allowing Millie to enter.

“Hello. It’s our first meeting.” Rea smiled, politely greeting Millie.

Millie nodded weakly before glancing at the Skylink that showed a guy’s face.

Finding Millie’s gaze toward her father, Rea awkwardly said, “Yes. He’s my father.”

“Can I go to him right now?” Millie asked.

“Of course.”

Millie then walked toward the Skylink after nodding to Rea as a greeting. When she saw the Sword Saint’s face, she was stunned for a second because it was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to meet this honorable person.

“So, your name is Millie, right?”

“Yes. I’m Millie Holt. It’s my honor to meet you, Sir Sword Saint.”

The Sword Saint nodded and asked gently. “You have something to show me?”

“Yes. Joker told me no one other than you could take a peek.” Millie nodded and took a step back. After that, she carefully opened the paper and pointed it to the Sword Saint so that only he could see it. Millie even closed her eyes to ensure that she followed the instruction even though she was curious about the drawing.

The moment the Sword Saint saw the picture, he gasped as if he had found something unbelievable.

“Hahahahaha!” He laughed uncontrollably for a minute before facepalming while saying with a tired voice. “Ah, I start regretting my decision to send you there.”


What’s the drawing Millie shows to him?

A) A Sword

B) A Middle Finger

C) A Busty Maid

D) NSFW Picture

E) Add your answer here…


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