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God of Tricksters – Chapter 1132: A Coincidence Bahasa Indonesia

‘Welcome to Mongolia.’

“We’ve finally arrived.” Jeff stretched his hands, feeling a bit tired after the trip.

“Are you sure you don’t want any of the rewards?” Theo asked with a smile.

“Of course. I have told you that I have enough to live my life lavishly. So, there’s no need to share the reward with me. I’m here just to witness your power, that’s all.” Jeff smirked.

Christopher also shared the same opinion. It seemed their job as a pianist and a painter had brought them enough riches. Only Felix received the reward because Theo insisted on it. After all, Felix had used most of his money to take care of his daughter.

At the very least, Theo wanted him to get some money so that he could fulfill his daughter’s needs.

“Alright. You two should go to the hotel and check-in first. Felix and I will meet this informant.” Theo split the jobs immediately, even though they hadn’t even left the airport yet.

“Sure. Leave it to me.” Jeff nodded with a smile.

“Let’s go, Felix.” Theo thanked him with a waving hand before splitting.

Felix followed him while Jeff looked at Theo’s back with a longing face.

“Sadly, it seems that his trust in Felix is bigger than anyone else in the group. Such a shame… to think I would be the second person he recruited.” Jeff sighed.

“I don’t understand why you look at that brat so highly. He’s just a brat who uses tricks.” Chris snorted while rolling his eyes.

“You don’t understand a thing, Chris. Let’s make a bet… before the time limit is up, you will follow him from the bottom of your heart. That’s the kind of guy he is…” Jeff waved his hand while pushing the cart carrying their luggage.

“Hmph. You have jinxed it. Because you’ve said it, I won’t do it.” Chris shrugged.

Jeff only shook his head helplessly, remembering the golden Magic Power Theo had shown to him. That Magic Power was Theo’s qualification to be one of the best. Although he didn’t know what kind of power Theo possessed, it was enough for him to submit. He thought, ‘If Felix becomes his right hand, I will do my best to be his left hand.’

While they carried the luggage to their hotel, Theo and Felix used a taxi to bring them to the meeting place with the informant.

Since the informant himself wasn’t a local, they had agreed to meet in a restaurant.

Theo had booked a private room so that no one could listen to them.

Since he was coming first, they ended up ordering some food to eat.

While eating, Felix asked, “Who is this informant? If he’s not a local, he shouldn’t be able to track them better than a local…”

“Well, I’m not very sure. According to Sir Bernard, it seems that the one handling the information network of the Star Group suggested we should get their help. The company has a good information network, so hiring another company means this one has that ability.” Theo shook his head helplessly. Even he didn’t know much about the informant.

“That’s kinda true. I mean, the information broker that I’ve told you about is someone like that. He can easily get information in Kyrgyzstan and the neighboring countries.” Felix nodded in agreement.

“Well, we can only trust the company with this.” Theo shrugged nonchalantly. “By the way, are you not feeling repugnant with the fact that I need to work for the Star Group for another few years?”

“The company doesn’t matter to me.”

“But you might need to follow me like this mission…”

“It doesn’t matter. You said it yourself that you’re too weak right now. In that case, I’ll protect you until you are strong enough. Besides, I’ve sworn that I’ll cut down all your enemies even if he is the king of hell.”

Theo smiled, feeling gratified. However, there was one thing that worried him. He asked, “Do you… want to know my real identity? You should be able to realize that the face that I’ve shown you is not my real face, right?”

The room fell silent as the atmosphere became heavier. The conversation turned serious all of a sudden.

Fortunately, Felix soon broke it without a single doubt in his heart. “That doesn’t matter. You saved my daughter. For me, that’s the most important thing.”

“Your daughter might be dragged into this, you know. After all, my enemies are strong, stronger than you can imagine.” Theo smiled.

“I know for a fact that the Star Group won’t let you go that easily, so they should ask you to work for them for at least a few decades. Yet, you said that you would only work for them for a few years… That alone is enough for me to know that you’ll be so strong that you don’t need to care about anything within a few years.

“Besides, I’ve watched you for a long time… It’s enough for me to know your personality. Even if I die fighting your enemy, I don’t need to worry about my daughter because you will protect her even if it means pushing her away from you. I know that my daughter can live just fine.” Felix shook his head, explaining his trust.

“You…” Theo closed his eyes for a moment before giving him a name. “Theodore Griffith.”

“Huh?” Felix was dumbfounded by this name. Most people in the world should have known this name because of how extraordinary he was. He had basically taken the world by storm.

Yet, Theo said, “That’s the name of the person you’ve sworn to protect.”

This was the proof that Theo had completely trusted him. After all, this name was his biggest secret.

“!!!” He didn’t know why but his heart felt heavy at this moment. Felix finally understood the weight of this secret. For someone who worked in the dark, he obviously knew the name of the Griffith Family and their strength.

However, another shock suddenly came. This time, it wasn’t only him who was startled by this. Theo was the same.




A woman opened the door and took a peek inside. She had dark blue hair and beautiful blue eyes.

After seeing their appearance, she smiled and introduced herself. “Hello. I’m Nella Griffith from Gatahana Group. May I know if I’m speaking with Mr. Joker?”


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