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God of Tricksters – Chapter 1128: Counterattack Bahasa Indonesia

“It’s time for a counterattack.”

‘Hmm…. Something is different.’ The Time God narrowed his eyes, noticing Theo’s change.

Theo rushed forward while thrusting his spear, trying to reach the Time God even one second faster.

“Ha!” Theo roared, putting everything in this one strike.

“It seems nothing has changed…” The Time God narrowed his eyes as he received the stab normally.

However, he soon found himself hitting the spear with his waist.

‘Eh?’ The Time God was amused. The only way for this to happen was when his ability failed to distort Theo’s sense of time. ‘His Order? No… What is it?’

He didn’t know how Theo could actually avoid his ability, but the fact that he did was enough to impress him. After all, Theo’s power was still far too low.

“Interesting… Truly interesting…” The Time God smirked and raised his hands, trying to grab Theo’s spear.

Suddenly, Theo let go of his spear and used his Telekinesis to push the spear forward, making it slide the Time God’s waist.

The Time God couldn’t see what happened since the spear had entered his blind spot, but the moment he used his Awareness, he realized the Magic Power fluctuation as well as what was truly happening to the spear.

The spear turned out to be disintegrating into numerous threads. And when he looked at Theo’s fingers, he saw threads appearing.

They all moved toward the threads from the spear, connecting with each other. In this way, there were at least twenty threads surrounding the Time God’s body.

After that, Theo waved his hands, tightening the threads. Unfortunately, he wasn’t as good as his brother at manipulating the threads, so he needed to use his Control to move the threads.

“Interesting… To be able to do this, you need per—” While talking, the Time God planned to jump so that he could escape from the threads. But the moment he was in the air, a Magic Power fluctuated and struck him from above, hitting him down.

“Hahahaha! Amazing.” The Time God was hit, but the power seemed to be a bit too low to bring him down. It couldn’t completely kill the momentum, allowing the Time God to safely avoid the threads.

“A perfect clone that can fool even me, the Perfect Control, and the ability to avoid my time distortion… You have all this ability at this age… I’m impressed. However, none of them can actually do anything without that brain of yours… The brain that can adapt and learn so fast.” The Time God smirked, examining Theo’s power.

Yet, despite saying all those, the fact that Theo failed to harm the Time God was apparent. However, that was only Theo’s wishful thinking. No matter how abnormal he was, it was impossible for a level 600 Supreme Rank Expert to harm the current strongest person even if he only used a percent of his power.

“It seems that I need to be serious. I’ll use 0.2% of my power now.” The Time God smirked as he disappeared.

What a flex.

Theo gritted his teeth and waved his spear to the side as soon as he felt the fluctuation. But at that moment, his body refused to move as if they were trapped inside a block of ice.

‘Wha—! I can’t move my body…’ Theo noticed the only one that could move was his head. As a result, his head could only watch how the Time God kicked him in the face.

The force blew his body away as Theo’s body regained its ability to move.

‘0.2 percent of power…’ Theo gritted his teeth. Despite giving his all, Theo couldn’t even make the Time God release one percent of his power. Yet, there was no sense of despair in Theo’s eyes. ‘No, this is what makes it worth it. If he’s too weak, he can’t become the strongest person in the world.

‘This is the genius that defeats all top rank experts to ascend to the very top… Just wait, I’m going to clash with every top ten expert and learn from them… I’ll learn from them and use that knowledge to defeat you in the future.’

Theo took a deep breath, trying to calm his mind. He was thinking about how to fight against the Time God.

“You’re truly amusing. Your ancestor once shook the world… He was just a normal person like any other person, but he used his different method of Magic Power to rise to the top.

“It was said that his Magic Authority could manipulate any Magic Power. Normal people couldn’t even protect themselves from him as their Magic Power was used to fight against them. Even those who have Orders and Authorities could only bring half of their power before him.

“That was why he could reach that position! Your grandfather could reach the 9th position because of his limited talent…No, should I say because of the Wind Emperor getting injured? If not for the Wind Emperor losing his legs, your grandfather could barely reach the 10th position.

“Still, it’s said that your father has the same talent as your ancestor. Everyone thought your father could grow in the Griffith Family and kill the Wind Emperor to take his position as the younger generation replacing the older generation. Alas, the tragedy befell the Wind Emperor.

“However, no one thought he could replace the second position or even me! Do you know why? To put it simply, it’s not easy to become the strongest person in the world.” The Time God smirked and snapped his fingers.

Suddenly, a huge clock appeared behind him. The clock emanated a strange pressure that even made Theo shudder.

“Feel grateful that I, the Time God, will train your Order!”

Theo took a deep breath to calm his heart. After that, he pointed his spear at the Time God and glared at him, not feeling scared at all.

“Griffith Family this, Griffith Family that… I couldn’t care less about them! I have nothing to do with the Griffith Family.”

Theo poured his Magic Power into the air, forming a huge sword as big as him. This was the sword that Isaac suggested previously. Although the pressure emanating from it couldn’t be compared to the clock behind the Time God, it still had a big impact. After all, this technique was inspired by his mother’s Divine Technique, the God Killing Spear.

With this power, Theo bravely stood as he stated, “I have sworn that I won’t have anyone teaching me anymore! However, it doesn’t mean I’m going to stop here. I’ll fight you with everything I got and use this experience to become stronger.”

The Time God saw Theo’s resolution and smiled, feeling excited. “Prove it to me then, cheeky brat.”


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