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The explosion shocked everyone, especially Winston. Lexie was his partner, so the first thing he did was leap toward Theo. He was scared Theo had just killed Lexie in this attack.

But soon, all the sand and dust were blown away by the Magic Power, revealing Theo and Lexie.

Theo’s hand still grabbed Lexie’s head. But the moment he saw Winston coming, Theo stood up, revealing Lexie’s condition.

“You…” Lexie widened her eyes, realizing what had happened. Theo’s Magic Power was enveloping her head, protecting her from that blast. She didn’t notice that even the blast was created by Theo’s Perfect Control just to add a more dramatic effect.

The moment Lexie’s voice reached his ears, Winston froze and looked at her again, realizing she was alright. With such a powerful attack, Lexie was supposed to have blood flowing out of her mouth, nose, or eyes. Yet, she looked perfectly fine.

“I have told you the secret,” Theo stated coldly as he turned around, leaving the battle.

“What secret?” Lexie was startled, looking at Theo in disbelief.

“Don’t you want a way to enter the island safely? I have demonstrated it… You can’t even understand that?” Theo shook his head in disappointment. “This is the difference between us.”

“Strength…” Paula narrowed her eyes, voicing her opinion about the answer. In other words, the secret to passing the octopus was strength. Theo managed to stop the octopus without anyone’s help because he was simply too strong.

Then, she remembered how the water had disappeared. This scene reminded her about the slash Theo used to cut Winston’s Space Barrier.

No one at the same level had ever managed to do it, yet Theo could easily cut it even from a distance. Just by changing the use of his power, Theo turned the cut into a dispel ability. If Winston had an invincible barrier, Theo had an absolute dispel ability. This was his true strength.

“I already told you a few months ago. The only reason why I never bothered with the ranking was that you are not worth my time. The time you spend to reach that ranking and maintain it… I use it to get stronger. That’s why once I defeat you, you won’t be able to win against me anymore. Unlike you, I couldn’t care less about the ranking.” Theo snorted and walked back to the group.

No one could refute Theo after the show of his strength. They realized Theo might have been holding back even in his fight against Winston.

If that was the case, they wondered at what level Theo’s true power was.

“If you had this much strength, why didn’t you go together and protect the people?!” Winston gritted his teeth as he couldn’t endure this humiliation. But as expected of Winston, he didn’t think carefully about the words he said.

Theo simply turned around and said, “How about you reveal your family secret as well as the money they have embezzled… With all your wealth, you can help many people… With your family secret, many people can train in a better way. Yet, why haven’t your family used them for the people?”

“I…” The words stuck in his mouth.

“You want me to reveal my secret and use that power to protect everyone. Yet, you and your family don’t want to reveal your secret and use all your wealth to help everyone… Are you going to call me selfish after this?

“Yes. I’m a selfish person. Even you and everyone else are selfish. What? Are you going to say that you are just ordinary people and your wealth can’t be compared to rich people? Then how about me? Compared to those Mythical Rank Experts, I’m also an ordinary person.

“You all are Supreme Rank Experts… You’re already above ordinary people, so don’t give me that bullshit.

“You don’t have any right to ask anything from me. Winston and Lexie, to think you two have the audacity to ask me about that secret… What was the reason for me to go ahead?

“You attacked me out of nowhere with such a ridiculous excuse. Are you telling me to save the people who didn’t even bother to save me or the people who attacked me? How about I kill your entire family and ask you to protect me?” Theo snorted as he returned to his group.

The only reason why he didn’t harm Lexie was simply to prove to them that everything Lexie and Winston said was wrong.

“Winston, Lexie. Don’t test my patience. If you still want to provoke me after this, I will make sure that you’re going to regret it for the rest of your life.”

This was the ultimatum. He wanted to kill Lexie and Winston, who kept bothering him. He thought he could still scam Winston to get some more benefits, but his change made him realize it was better to do this instead… Not like he could kill Winston and Lexie in front of everyone else anyway.

He couldn’t care less about people’s opinions. So, when he met with his group, he said, “Let’s go to the side and wait until it’s the time to leave.”

“Okay.” Mark nodded and looked at them. He truly wanted to tell them that without Theo, they couldn’t even enjoy those benefits since the island would have sunk on the second day.

Unfortunately, Theo didn’t want to let them know about it, even if it meant he would be scorned for it.

Mark saw Theo in a new light. He remembered everything Theo did. He often went missing. Suppose Theo was actually working in the dark to maintain the stability of their lives. In that case, he couldn’t imagine how heavy the burden was placed on Theo’s shoulder.

Even he would have long exhausted all his energy. This thought truly made him respect Theo from the bottom of his heart.

‘It’s truly frustrating.’ Mark let out a long sigh, knowing he could never defeat Theo.

“Are you sure about showing that ability? Although you did it during the banquet, it was in another form.” Isaac asked.

“It’s fine,” Theo assured him. “Do you think why I let you run your mouth first? I used that time to check the people around us, making sure none of them were recording something… At the very least, their Skylinks were nowhere in the position to record.”

“You had time for that?” Isaac was dumbfounded when he heard Theo’s explanation, never expecting Theo had seen this far ahead.

“Ahaha. We can even go back alone after that outburst, you know.” Maya smirked.

“It’s fine. We will take our time coming back since I’m tired after a long four months on this side.” Theo suddenly hastened his pace as he sighed, saying with a long face. “It’s truly exhausting.”

Maya felt the loneliness and hardship he endured on his back as she couldn’t help but close her eyes, ashamed. “Yeah. Let’s have some rest.”


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