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God of Tricksters – Chapter 1086: Black Dragon Bahasa Indonesia

Not long after, Maya and Isaac returned to the camp and found Theo and Mark chatting with a light atmosphere.

Isaac couldn’t help but remember the promise he had with Mark. It truly put a smile on his face.

Theo took this chance to properly apologize for killing the assassins. Without even giving his reason, the others accepted his apology since they believed the mermaid was the problem.

Theo didn’t bother to explain it thoroughly because they were aware of Order but didn’t have extensive knowledge about it yet. In the end, he only asked not to say anything about it.

The situation was resolved soon, and Mark also became more open to everyone else. Even though they couldn’t get more information from the assassins, their group still managed to get some benefits.

No one complained about it afterward.

After settling everything, Theo finally opened the discussion on how to take down a Mythical Rank Monster.

Because everyone was aware of a Mythical Rank Monster’s strength, they didn’t dare to underestimate it.

Theo proposed to throw away today’s hunt and just rested their body, making sure their stamina and Magic Power were full before the fight. After all, the battle would be gruesome or so they thought.

After a few hours, they packed up their belongings and gathered.

“Alright. Since everyone is ready, let’s go back to the volcano. The island will sink if we don’t stop that monster anyway, so let’s finish this as soon as possible before searching for herbs.” Theo stated as he rose from the ground.

“That’s right. We didn’t have time to search for herbs yesterday, and we need to conserve stamina to fight against a Mythical Rank Expert today.” Isaac sighed. “We haven’t gotten any money.”

“Shut up. We’ve received something more beneficial than money.” Maya rolled her eyes, reminding Isaac about the divination.

“Well, no one’s gonna thank us for this, but we’re needed to save the day. Either way, we can’t get more stuff if we don’t stop the monster today, so let’s try to break a record or something like four Supreme Rank Experts challenging a Mythical Rank Expert.” Mark also rose from the ground.

“Should we record the battle and post it on Skynet? Many people will watch it for sure.” Isaac smiled.

“No. We will lose money that way.” Maya shook her head, rejecting the idea. “I don’t like explaining it to you right now. Let’s just go now.”

After giving each other a nod, those four disappeared from the gap, making their way toward the forest.

The trip only took an hour since they weren’t that far from the volcano. After that, they dropped their belongings and simply waited for the monster’s appearance.

Ten minutes…

Thirty minutes…

Sixty minutes…

The monster had yet to appear, making Theo and the others think about the possibility of the monster appearing without any sign.

They decided to patrol the area and create as much noise if they found the monster so that the others could know. But when they were about to set off, a huge roar resounded across the forest.


It was so loud that it shook the ground for a moment and blasted a shock wave.

The moment they heard that roar, Theo and the others widened their eyes and exchanged looks, knowing their prey had appeared.

There was no other monster that could produce such an effect other than the Mythical Rank Monster after all.

“It’s coming from the opposite direction of the mountain. We need to go around right now.” Mark raised his head, feeling the flow of the wind. “No. Let me carry you guys to the top of the volcano and fight him right away.”

Without hesitation, Mark released his wind and enveloped all of them, bringing them to the air. He then flew toward the volcano to take a shortcut. It would also make finding the monster easier if they took a look from the top of the volcano.

As long as they managed their distance from the volcanic ashes, it shouldn’t be a problem.

However, the closer they were to the volcano’s mouth, the greater the shaking became. There seemed to be a big monster on the other side of the volcano.

Their doubt was immediately answered the moment they reached the top.

There was a monster they’d never seen before. Even the Skylink didn’t give any information about this monster.

The monster had a hard black skin that looked like it came from volcanic rock. Its height was more than a hundred feet. Its claws alone were big enough to rip a skyscraper apart.

However, the ones that made the monster look menacing were its sharp gaze and a pair of black wings.

The sharp gaze was emanating boundless killing intent as if it was planning to rip apart everything that stood in his way.

The black wings were covered by fire, making them realize the reason why the monster was coming to the volcano.

Yet, the monster dropped another surprise. The moment it found them flying on top of the volcano, the head suddenly split into four as if matching their number.

Theo widened his eyes in shock as he clearly saw what had happened.

Skill: Multiply (A)

Description: Generate a part of the user’s body. Limit: 10

Obviously, the reaction from Theo’s group was diverse.

“The appearance looks like a black dragon, but a bit smaller and lacks impact on its appearance.” Mark narrowed his eyes.

“That’s so gross…” Isaac looked at the dragon heads that were placed awkwardly and tried to look away while saying, “Though, I believe the monster is trying to enter the volcano to make this island unstable… That’s why it will sink to the bottom of the ocean sooner. We might need to prevent it from entering the volcano.”

“Is he trying to match our numbers? If that’s the case, we’re going to have some trouble handling them.” Maya frowned.

“There’s a possibility that it can generate more, so be careful and don’t get trapped by its movement,” said Theo, giving a bit of clue about the skill’s description.


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