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God of Tricksters – Chapter 1085: Mark Bahasa Indonesia

The next morning.

Theo opened his eyes before taking a few deep breaths. He didn’t sleep last night because he was sorting everything related to Reality Order. Even then, there wasn’t enough time to finish all the matters.

Still, he managed to grasp a few important things, including his previous action.

“My body is tired, but my mind feels refreshed after doing this.” Theo took another few deep breaths as he finally rose from the ground, coming out of his tent.

Surprisingly, he only saw Mark outside while the others were not in their tent.

He looked at Mark and asked, “Where are the others?”

“They’re gathering some supplies for today. After all, we’re going to have a brutal fight today…” Mark answered, remembering the promise to take care of the Mythical Rank Monster. However, Theo’s condition was worrying since it might be related to the mermaid.

He felt a bit inclined to kill that monster since it was the mermaid’s request. Hence, he gave a clue of his unwillingness by saying, “Though, there’s no need to fulfill that promise.”

A smile appeared behind that mask as Theo knew he was blaming the mermaid.

“It’s fine. She doesn’t mean any harm.” Theo waved his hand and sighed. “I’m the one too weak.”

“You’re too weak?” Mark’s eyebrows couldn’t help but twitch. If it was someone else, he would believe it. However, Theo was the last person on this island who could say he was too weak.

“Anyway, it’s rare to see you talking this much, especially after our battle that day.” Theo thought Mark hated him to the bone. Although he had done a few things for him, the torture was truly inhuman.

“I am…” Mark looked down, wondering how to explain it. He had agreed to Isaac to open up to Theo. And looking at Theo’s condition last night truly made a change in his heart.

He realized Theo had been carrying something more important than he thought. It just made his efforts look useless.

“It’s fine. To be honest, I personally like to have some time to talk it out.” Theo waved his hand and said, “I never hold back when speaking, so you should treat me the same. I’m prepared for the same treatment.”

Mark looked at Theo, hesitating to say anything. On the one hand, he was still scared that Theo took some action because of this petty grudge. On the other hand, there were many words he had buried deep in his heart.

After a while, Mark finally opened his mouth. “To be honest, it’s my fault. I know that you are a pretty chill guy to your friends or companions, even if the relationship is weak. Even to a stranger, you’re pretty easygoing.

“It’s just… I don’t know what you’re thinking. I don’t know you at all… There is like a mysterious mist shrouding your body, preventing anyone from knowing you.

“I’m afraid that my small action can actually turn you into my enemy. When that happens, I have nothing to save myself. Even Sir Bernard will take your side this time.

“That’s why instead of saying some random things, I should stay quiet, follow your instructions, and reap the benefits.” Mark finally explained the feeling he had held back this entire time.

“I see.” Theo closed his eyes for a moment and finally said, “I apologize. I don’t personally mind if you’re talking about bad things in front of me. I have grown accustomed to it… Though, I personally like that if you don’t like something, you talk it out with me personally instead of on my back.

“I am not really a petty person.” Theo chuckled and remembered how many people he had forgiven or forgotten. If he was a petty person, he would come to those who once bullied him in Thersland.

Instead, he chose to stop his revenge after showing how good his life had become in the Grand Gaia Competition. After all, the best revenge was to let other people know he was doing fine.

Mark took a while to understand Theo’s words and nodded his head. “In that case, if you don’t mind, I will start to be more open to you right now. It might be a bit awkward, but at least, I wish to mend this relationship.”

Theo nodded in approval as he extended his hand. “Once again, nice to meet you, Mark. I’m Joker.”

“I see. We never even did something like this…” Mark made a wry smile because he realized his trauma had been stopping him from doing all this basic stuff. He shook Theo’s hand without hesitation. “Yeah. It’s my pleasure to know you, Joker. My name is Mark Banner.”

Although he couldn’t see it, Mark knew Theo was smiling. It turned out his vision was too cloudy to even see something this simple.

“Well, I should take this chance to ask. What kind of person do you think I am? A scary one?” Theo asked. Since he had made those rules last night, he thought about having a reality check.

Usually, he always acted according to his own plan. But he never once asked someone what kind of person he was.

Even Mark was surprised by this question. He thought for a moment and said honestly, “I don’t want to be rude, but if I can say anything right now. I think I will describe you in three words. Overwhelming, Scheming, and Scary.

“Scheming and Scary are related since it makes me skeptical about your words, wondering if you’re trying to trick me or something. That’s why it’s scary to talk with you.

“As for Overwhelming… I don’t only mean your strength but also your personality and style. When one looks at you and your success, it makes me wonder if I can do the same. And if one looks at your battle, admiration can’t help but appear in their heart…”

Theo nodded in understanding. “I see. So, that’s how I looked from your perspective.”

It was a bit different from what he thought. If it was three words, he described himself with Scheming, Easy Going, and Powerful. It seemed he could learn more when he talked with other people.


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