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God of Tricksters – Chapter 1084: Rules Bahasa Indonesia


Theo let out a long sigh after returning to reality. He simply had too much to take, considering there were numerous feelings mixed in his heart.

There was no way to describe them.

“Sorting out my thoughts, huh…” Theo muttered and took a look at the time. It seemed he had gone for a while. To avoid making everyone worry, he ended up going back with this feeling.

At the very least, he had understood what was happening to him. If he remembered his usual actions and ways of talking, there should be no problem for the time being. The rest could be sorted during the night.

When he reached the gap again, he found Maya and the others looking at him with worried faces. It seemed they truly believed something had happened to him due to that mermaid.

And there wouldn’t be that much of a problem in handling the situation.

“Joker. Are you alright?” Maya asked with a soothing tone, trying to calm Theo down.

“Yeah. Sorry.” Theo scratched the back of his head and sighed. “I ended up killing the assassins.”

“No, no. That’s fine.” Maya waved her hands while shaking her head, trying to reassure him. After all, this might be a burden in Theo’s mind when that power influenced him. “At the very least, I know that they’re aiming for my life.”

“Is that so?” Theo looked down, falling into deep thought.

“How about getting some rest first? You must be tired, right?” Maya gently pushed him toward the tent they had fixed after getting blown away in the battle.

“Really? Shouldn’t I be on the lookout right now?” Theo asked. Since he had agreed to do it, he should do it since he had broken the previous agreement.

“It’s fine. We will take care of the protection tonight. For now, you should recover first.” Maya smiled. She had talked about it with Isaac and Mark.

Since Theo was acting weird, they let him rest for today. Maya was also aware of Theo’s previous mission. Taking on the Fist Saint and Frost Giant would surely be an arduous task even for Theo, so she knew how hard Theo had worked this whole time.

Even if she needed to take care of his job alone, she didn’t mind.

Luckily, Isaac and Mark were rather cooperative and chose to have a three-person rotation.

“You didn’t ask about his condition?” Isaac asked with a low voice that only Maya and Mark could hear. “I used my skill earlier and it seemed there’s no Magic Fluctuation coming from the chest… Though, I don’t think I saw one before Joker left…”

“Even if we ask about his condition, there’s nothing we can do. Remember, it’s a unique case since only Joker knows about it. Unless he’s requesting something like water and other stuff, it’s better to leave him alone.” Maya replied with the same volume, not wanting Theo to hear them.

Mark could agree to both as he simply looked at the tent in silence.

‘What kind of experience has he gone through before coming to the Star Group? Now that I think about it, he’s an abnormal guy who can fight someone a hundred levels above him.

‘And on this island, he showed us that he has some connections to the monsters, especially the unique ones with their minds opened up.

‘It is enough to know that Joker is hiding something. Who is he?’ Mark thought while narrowing his eyebrows.

Meanwhile, Theo was closing his eyes in a sitting position inside the tent. He wasn’t sleeping; he was thinking.

There was a lot of information in his head, especially about the assassination attempt earlier. The more he thought about it, the more possibilities he could see.

‘Numerous possibilities… I see. These are the ones influencing my body and mind…’ Theo narrowed his eyes before pinching the bridge of his nose. ‘And even without the Queen of Destiny and her Destiny Order, the realities should still exist… It’s just this is the reality I’m aware of.

‘In other words, those realities have their own timeline. The realities in the past wouldn’t affect the current me because those realities have disappeared. The present realities have the power to influence me because that’s what I feel… And the future realities will affect my state of mind.

‘So, the present and the future are the problems. They’re the ones trying to take over my mind. If I am not aware of this, I might turn into a cold-blooded person for no apparent reason.

‘The Queen of Destiny also said that I can easily fall into good or bad just by one factor… With that kind of narrow gap, I can understand the severity of playing with realities.

‘Without me knowing, I might lose myself because of their influences… That’s why I need to do three things.

‘First. It’s to sort everything out of my mind. Maybe, I should start writing a diary from now, so that when I lose myself, I can return back by remembering those actions…

‘Secondly, I should continuously be aware of numerous realities to keep my mind in check. I don’t wish for this to happen again.

‘Last but not least, I should set up a few rules about using my Reality Order. As much as I don’t want to say it, Order is a kind of double-edged sword. On the one hand, it can make me extremely powerful… For example, I can calculate numerous realities to train myself. On the other hand, if I do it too much, I will lose myself in the process.

‘That’s why I need a few rules for myself. Just like the God of Mischief said, I need to get an answer myself… Since he was the one imposing the rule, I shall make a new rule for myself.

‘First of all, those three rules he imposed on me must be related to Reality Order. Those three rules… I need to know about my and their purpose, I also need to be known by many, and I can’t lie. Those are the three rules.

‘Reality… If I don’t know myself or them, I wouldn’t be able to affect their reality. Instead of that, the first rule shall be to know them personally. Whether it’s their element, identity, or background, I should carefully research their information if I have time to plan. If not, I will use my power in the way I see fit.

‘As for the second rule, the original purpose is to let them know what kind of person I am… That’s why I won’t change it.

‘However, I do have an urge to change the third rule… It’s truly hard to never lie. At the same time, I’m not ready yet to change this kind of rule because of how important it is to my Reality Order.

‘In that case, I will change the first rule and leave the other two alone for now. After everything is ready, I will change them to fit me perfectly.’ Theo narrowed his eyes before taking a deep breath, never thinking he would think hard just for a few rules.

However, his job hadn’t finished. His mind returned to its focus.

‘Now, it’s time to set my own personal rules so that I don’t lose myself in those realities…’


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