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God of Tricksters – Chapter 1081: Meeting Bahasa Indonesia

[It seems you need another clue about Order, especially the Destiny Order and Reality Order.]

‘Huh?’ Theo widened his eyes, not expecting to see the God of Mischief coming to him.

[Just put your hand on your chest and leave for some time.]

“…” Theo was surprised when he saw the reason. He was acting weird this whole time, and the God of Mischief seemed to be planning to shift all their attention to his chest.

Suddenly, an idea came to his mind. He realized what he wanted. To think that the God of Mischief already had a way to escape this whole time.

Without hesitation, Theo pressed his chest, especially his Order’s Symbol. After that, he looked at them while saying, “Sorry. I need some time alone.”

There was no need for Theo to wait for their response because this was the right way. He then turned around and left without giving them any explanation.

This way, Theo didn’t need to lie or anything. He simply shifted the problem.

When they saw Theo leaving them, they were stunned and looked at each other with dumbfounded faces.

“What is he doing?”

“Why did he kill all these people?”

“But wait, he pressed his chest like he was in pain.”

They were confused, wondering whether there was a problem in Theo’s chest or not. Soon, they remembered the conversation they had a few hours ago with that mermaid.

That spot was precisely the area where the mermaid sent her energy to Theo.

“Don’t tell me… Was Joker getting manipulated by the mermaid?” Isaac gasped as he started to get worried.

“Now that I think about it, he’s truly different from the usual Joker. He feels cold and ruthless.” Mark thought for a moment. “I mean, I can feel the difference between that one and his usual scam… He’s more like a scammer instead of a murderer.”

Maya, on the other hand, maintained her silence as she looked down, falling into deep thought. She knew Theo personally. After following his news for a while, she knew that Theo rarely killed his opponents.

It wasn’t that he didn’t want to kill, they simply died under someone’s hands usually. But the one she saw earlier was the ruthless Theo that killed his enemies for no reason.

Although they were coming to kill them, the normal Theo would surely try to gain everything first from them instead of instantly killing them.

And with the way he left, she realized something was wrong. And just like Mark and Isaac suspected, she believed the Queen of Destiny was the one behind Theo’s change.

Little did they know that the God of Mischief managed to fool them by asking Theo to put his hand on the chest. He didn’t even lie or anything.

“Anyway, I want to apologize for endangering your lives.” Maya apologized because the assassins targeted her instead of anyone else. However, there was one more pressing matter. “We should clean this up first before waiting for Joker. If he doesn’t come back in a while, we need to look for him since he might be in danger or something…”

“That’s true…” Isaac and Mark agreed with her and started working.

Meanwhile, Theo had gotten some distance from them. He then sent his clone to scout the area, protecting the real body.

“This place should be fine.”

[Go to a safer place first.]

“…” Theo was confused for a second before noticing the original intention. It seemed the God of Mischief wanted to meet him in his consciousness.

Hence, Theo searched for a small area without any monsters around. After that, he sat down on the ground and closed his eyes. “I’m ready.”

His heart became calm as his consciousness gradually faded away.

The moment Theo opened his eyes, he soon noticed he was in the middle of a plain white room. The room had no edge, but that wasn’t important.

After all, there were three figures standing in front of him. They were Loki, Hel, and Fenrir.

The God of Mischief looked at Theo with a calm expression. With a wave of his hand, a small chair appeared as he took a seat.

“Is there something wrong with me? Even I don’t think I’m myself right now…” Theo asked since he was still clueless about his current state.

“I was planning to teach you this after you master the third stage and approach the fourth stage of your Order, but it seems that I need to move up my schedule.” The God of Mischief sighed.

“Order? As expected, is it related to my Order?” Theo furrowed his eyebrows as he felt something bad would happen if he didn’t take care of this matter.

“You know what, your Reality Order has started manifesting itself, absorbing all the reality that was supposed to happen. And now, those Theos are influencing your brain, temperament, and heart. That’s why you feel like you’re not yourself.” The God of Mischief explained calmly.

“What?! My Reality Order? Is the Order a double-edged sword?”

“Yes, exactly.” The God of Mischief nodded a few times.

However, Fenrir couldn’t contain his laugh as his high-pitched laughter broke the serious atmosphere.

“Hahaha. You’re lame, human. Since when did you become an idiot?! I thought your head was your main point!” Fenrir snorted, satisfied with the previous reaction.

“…” Theo was stunned and widened his eyes, realizing he had been tricked.

However, the Goddess of Death placed her hand on Loki’s shoulder and said, “You should explain it more clearly.”

“Well, he needs a lesson this time to not accept someone’s gift without knowing anything about it. I think he has become full of himself because of the sudden power up… using that Order to remove elements…” The God of Mischief let out a long sigh, disappointed in Theo’s current state.

“…” Theo fell silent for a moment and asked carefully. “Does that mean the cause of my current state has something to do with the Queen of Destiny? No, specifically the Destiny Order?

“If I didn’t receive that energy, would I be fine right now? But the Lightning Authority once told me that it was alright to absorb energy?”


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