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God of Tricksters – Chapter 1078: Combat Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 1078 Combat

A moment ago, the gunshot broke the peace of the silent night. Theo, who had been waiting for the ambush, immediately opened his eyes and picked up his sword.

His Clone appeared next to him and turned into a monkey since they were going to help them.

While waiting, he had many thoughts that he wanted to try in this assassination.

According to Maya, the enemies might have a unique ability that could locate them. So, the fact that they didn’t attack him meant their target was one of those trio.

Hence, he managed to narrow the choice a bit.

Since he planned to know more about this assassination, Theo immediately picked up his pace and headed straight to the cliff, considering he stationed himself a bit far from the place to avoid getting discovered by the assassins.

Instead of attacking them from behind, Theo flew on top of the cliff to check the situation and found five people hiding on top of the cliff.

Their eyes soon intertwined as Theo immediately rushed toward them.

“Here he comes! Stop Joker and his monkey for at least two minutes!” One of them stood up while pulling his sword.

The rest also did the same as they moved forward, trying to stop him.

However, the monkey suddenly leaped to the cliff next to them.


“Spread out. We need to stop the monkey as well.”

In the end, two of them leaped to the other cliff while Theo took care of three assassins. This number was low enough even for Theo, so there should be no problem in finishing the battle quickly.

He formed a sword and tossed it to the monkey as if giving him the weapon to fight those two assassins.

However, right before they clashed, both the monkey and Theo leaped to each other’s cliff, exchanging their positions.

“What?!” The assassins were stunned as one of them immediately responded by shouting. “Exchange!”

The moment they leaped toward each other, Theo smirked. Both he and the monkey waved their swords at the same time.

“Not good!” All five of them raised their weapons to stop the attack, but this attack was directed to the edge of the cliff.

The Sword Energy that came out of the weapons cut through the rocks so clean that they slid down together.

Due to the size, depth, and timing, the sliding rocks hit each other, turning into a roof that covered the gap beneath them. At the very least, they wouldn’t attack the rocks above them since they didn’t know who would ambush them after doing that.

After that, Theo summoned his Death Avatar and waved its giant hand, hitting the two assassins that chased after the monkey.

“Kh!” The assassins held their blades and blocked the Death Avatar’s palm. In the meantime, the three assassins came closer to Theo, planning to kill Theo.

One of them, who had been commanding the group this whole time, moved forward while hiding the other two fellows behind him so that they could launch a sneak attack.

He waved his sword downwards, planning to pin Theo down on the ground.

Theo, on the contrary, smiled when he saw this blade. He took a deep breath while swinging his sword, striking the assassin’s blade.


The moment they heard the clicking sound, the two assassins split into two directions, trying to defeat Theo from both sides.

Unfortunately for them, a powerful shock wave suddenly struck their abdomens.

“Gah!” Both of them spat acid from their stomachs as they were blown away.

“What?!” The leader widened his eyes and glanced back, wondering what had happened. There was nothing between them and Theo, yet the latter could blow them away. “You…”

“Five people… It seems that I’ve been underestimated.” Theo smirked as he released all his Magic Power.

The two guys, who were hit by the Death Avatar, had recovered and approached Theo.

Their weapons were glowing red and blue light. The red light was set ablaze while the other one covered the sword with ice. With these two conflicting elements, Theo would have a problem defending them.

But that was the case if Theo didn’t have his Order. The moment he saw those elements, the Order was activated.

Their fire and ice suddenly disappeared without a trace.

“What?!” The two assassins were confused because they couldn’t feel their elements. Unfortunately for them, they couldn’t get to examine the phenomenon because the Death Avatar had formed another sword and slashed horizontally, striking both of them.

They blocked it with their weapons, but the strength was enough to blow them away.

After that, Theo summoned thirty swords from his Magic Power, sending all of them forward.

The assassin with ice affinity immediately clapped his hands and formed a huge ice wall between them, stopping some of the swords. But half of them managed to go around the wall and reach them.

The fire assassin formed a fire tornado that engulfed all the swords in one go while asking the ice assassins to set up another wall so they could kill the momentum.

At the same time, the other group raised their hands, pointing at the captain that still stopped Theo’s blade.

Suddenly, their captain was enveloped by a white light.

Theo flinched, feeling his opponent’s strength become even stronger.

‘I’m getting pushed back?’ Theo thought while furrowing his eyebrows. Before he started applying more strength, the assassin raised his sword, forcing Theo to continue his swing.

After that, the assassin struck the blade again, resulting in a more powerful momentum being added to the slash.

“!!!” Theo widened his eyes as he raised his other hand to hold the blade, taking the sword with all his strength.


The ground cracked as Theo felt he was catching a truck that fell on top of him.

Taking this perfect opportunity, the two assassins he blew away earlier with the Invisible Vortex had returned and finally surrounded him from two sides.

‘This time…’

‘We’re going to kill you…’

Both assassins thought they could use this chance to kill Theo. However, a sharp pain suddenly struck their brain when nothing happened.

They couldn’t help but scream in pain. “Gah!”

Theo smiled as the Death Avatar raised both palms, pushing them downwards to smack them to death.

“Not good!”


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