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Chapter 1058 Two Weeks

After coming to the Dark King’s house, Theo continued his training. He had received three big things that needed his attention, so this training session would become even longer.

The first one would be his Order. He managed to learn more about his Order, especially regarding the ability to remove and add the element to the Magic Power. If he tried to undo the previous curse in Millie’s body, he would be able to finish it within three hours.

The second thing he learned during this trip was the knowledge that the God of Mischief shared with him. Knowing his goal was enough to make Theo work even harder, considering there were many more plans he needed to make in order to do what he truly wanted.

Last but not least, his Perfect Control. Although he finally stepped onto this stage, he still needed to practice until he could master Perfect Control.

After some careful consideration, Theo chose to focus on his Perfect Control first since the Order wouldn’t be that useful unless he was alone. And if his weird ability was for everyone to see, the Fist Saint would recognize him sooner or later since it was clear such ability only existed for an Order holder.

Hence, he focused on his Control for the next two weeks.

Of course, the Dark King also trained together with him, realizing they could exchange some knowledge with each other while they practiced.

The Dark King had experience, while Theo had a unique perspective, allowing them to become better far faster than when they were alone.

Unfortunately, Theo couldn’t master the Perfect Control within a short time before he needed to leave.

During the past two weeks, Theo had done several things. The first would be sending his clone to the agent Bernard stationed, who turned out to be Patrick.

After receiving the proof and other statements, Patrick immediately returned to the other side, planning to inform Bernard about the finding.

At the same time, he also learned the Queen of Destiny’s location from the Dark King, allowing him to find her at a later date.

Considering he was planning to challenge the God of Mischief as well as the being on the higher dimension, he truly needed something like this.

If his destiny was erased or altered, he believed the higher dimension truly existed and had been manipulating this world. So, he wondered what kind of future he would have.

After finishing all his tasks, Theo stood in front of the Dark King, the Shadow King, and Syk.

“Thank you for taking care of me in the past two weeks.” Theo smiled, politely thanking them. He truly gained so many things just by living with them.

“It’s fine. I’m pretty satisfied with my development as well.” The Dark King nodded and waved his hand. “Do you want Seelzik to bring you there? With his speed, you should arrive at your destination within two days.”

“It’s fine. I’m planning to raise my strength during the trip, so I will take my time.” Theo rejected the offer.

“Is that so?” The Dark King nodded before extending his hand. “Then, the next thing we met…”

“Yes.” Theo shook his hand and completed the sentence. “…will be the time for our fight.”

“Don’t come again with this kind of problem…”

“I’ll do my best.” Theo chuckled.

“Ada!” Syk approached Theo and hugged his waist since he was that short. He looked at Theo, reluctant to let him go. “Ada!”

Syk was one of the biggest reasons why he got the Dark King’s cooperation. Of course, he had some attachments to Syk since he also looked like a younger brother to him.

“I will visit you again soon.” Theo smiled and patted Syk’s shoulders.

“Ada…” Syk looked down as if he was about to cry.

Even Theo didn’t know what to say at this point.

The Shadow King finally grabbed him and carried Syk in her hand before asking Theo, “Where is the rabbit that accompanied you back then?”

“She is training under the Lightning Saint.”



The Shadow King was surprised, while the Dark King was amused, certainly thinking what kind of fight they could have.

“Well, I am going to visit her sooner or later.” Theo waved his hand and finally stepped back, preparing to go. If he continued to chat with them, it would make it harder for him to leave.

“Alright. Take care, will you?!” The Dark King nodded with a smile.

“You too.” Theo waved his hand and leaped to the south, heading to his destination.

He didn’t know why but the journey felt a bit smoother. Unlike his previous state, Theo had reached level 600 and his Control had reached the Perfect Control Stage. These two facts alone were enough for Theo to handle the monsters more comfortably, even if his opponents were Rare Class Monsters.

They were completely shocked when Theo could penetrate their defense and blow them away even though they had completely blocked it.

The Dark King’s main offensive ability was truly overpowered.

With this ability, the original techniques that Theo had learned became three: Ascension Step, Thunderclap Fist, and Invisible Vortex.

All three of them had their own purpose. The Ascension Step’s main purpose was to suppress someone’s movement by pouring down that massive pressure. On the other hand, the Thunderclap Fist was an ability to boost one’s strength. Last but not least, the Invisible Vortex would become Theo’s trump card that could knock down an opponent to gain some advantages in the fight.

He used all three of them in the journey to Atlantis.

After a long week, Theo finally arrived at the promised shore where he was supposed to meet with the rest of his group.

He moved around the place, finding many boats on the shore since many challengers planned to take advantage of this event to become stronger or richer.

Although it was hard to find them, Theo managed to find Maya, Mark, and Isaac standing next to each other as if waiting for him to arrive.

As if feeling his gaze, all of them turned around. Their eyes intertwined, making Theo feel a bit nostalgic.

It was truly a dangerous journey this time, especially with the Frost Saint and the Fist Saint in the mix. He almost died on this trip. Just thinking he couldn’t meet anyone else anymore made him feel a bit empty.

So, when he saw them, he couldn’t help but smile, realizing he was lucky enough to overcome all those tribulations.


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