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Chapter 1052 The Mischief

“What do you think?” Loki smiled mysteriously, making Theo unable to understand whether this person was joking or not.

Knowing Loki’s reputation, he was afraid that Loki was misleading him with his play of words.

“Hahahaha!” Loki couldn’t contain his laugh anymore.

“Huh? You teased me?” Theo’s body trembled. He soon realized Loki didn’t tell the truth, albeit the next sentence completely blew his mind away.

“To put it simply, Heaven is actually the place you live in, Earth. And the place you called the other side is Hell.”

“Huh, what?! Heaven is Earth while this place is Hell?” Theo narrowed his eyes.

“As I said, don’t mix in with the current perception of Heaven and Hell. Instead, you should look at the ancient description.” Loki smirked.

“The description…”

“It is said that Heaven is a place with fresh air, bright sky, and all other good stuff. On the other hand, Hell is a place filled with fire and torture.”

“Yes. I’m not that well-versed in religious stuff like that, but I think that description can generalize it a bit. Not that I want to talk about it that much.” Theo nodded, agreeing to what he said.

“Then, how about this so-called Ragnarok? After everything ended, what happened?”

“After Surtur appeared, the world was enveloped by fire… And in the end, no one could live there anymore. Some living beings, including the ones that were hidden inside the world tree, repopulated the world…” Theo suddenly looked down, falling into deep thought.

He somehow understood a bit of what Loki was trying to say.

After a long minute, Theo widened his eyes and muttered, “The world destroyed by Surtur is called Hell because it represents the fire and torture due to those who die from that fire. Meanwhile, the one that represents the future and its living… the world that we currently live in, Earth.”

“That’s right. Those two are Heaven and Hell.” Loki closed his eyes with a smile on his face.

“But…” Theo narrowed his eyes. “What’s about the Spatial Rift? No, how about the other places? Not only from your myth but also from others.”

“And do you think where she was the whole time?” Loki pointed at Hel this time. “In the original record, was there any description of what big thing she did on that day?”

“Ehm…” Theo looked down, recalling the record instead of any modern perception or adaptation before answering, “No.”

“I was the one working the most.” Hel let out a long sigh and asked, “Do you remember the throne I left behind?”

“Yes. The one that could automatically reincarnate the living?”

“I created that system during that time, reincarnating those people.” Hel shrugged and looked away.

“!!!” Theo widened his eyes in shock. However, there was one loophole that he couldn’t help but ask, “Still, let’s say I believed you created Heaven and Hell together with other Gods. What is the position of Heaven and Hell? Up and down? Side by side. But I thought this planet is round…”

“As I said earlier, I asked for others’ help, including the holder of Reality Authority, Space Authority, and Time Authority.”

“Reality, Space, and Time…” Theo muttered these three words before understanding what he was planning to do. “Don’t tell me. Heaven and Hell are actually the same world but from a different reality.”

Loki answered that question with a smile as he continued, “And what separated them?”

“Reality… Dimension… NO! Spatial Rift!” Theo finally mentioned the third term they were going to talk about. “So, Heaven is Earth. This place is Hell. The ones that separated them but made them work side by side were the Authorities… especially Reality, Space, and Time!”

Lok raised his hand and confirmed his guess. “The beings that lived in this world could become stronger easily because they were in contact with our power… But of course, for a period of time, no one could live because of that fire. After the fire subsided, the living beings started to repopulate this side again.

“They could become this strong because they made contact with the previous power. That’s why they’re more adept than humanity in using this power.

“As for humanity, they enjoyed life with nothing because the power had been sealed on this side. But of course, everybody wanted to be immortalized. So, we handed a few records about us, allowing them to understand what transpired in the past.

“Whether it was fortunate or unfortunate, the two worlds came in contact again.”

Theo sucked a cold breath as he couldn’t take this revelation. “A few hundred years ago when humanity seemed to have found a pandora box… At that time, a thousand teleportation portals appeared, connecting the two sides. And that was when humanity started to gain this power… Now it makes sense…

“In other words, the Spatial Rift is the Teleportation Circles… The one that maintained the connection between the two worlds. It was closed until humanity opened that ‘pandora box.’ And tu—” Theo stopped for a second as he bit his lips. His mind revolved so fast that his mouth couldn’t follow.

“Yes. That’s one of the purposes of the Spatial Rift. However, there is one more purpose that you’re already aware of.”

“The place where the soul resides!” Theo answered without hesitation. After all, this was the only explanation for the blessing.

“That’s right.”

“But why did you create the current Earth? I mean, you can just wait for the fire to subside…”

“I already told you earlier. The end and the beginning is a vicious cycle that can’t be broken.”

“…” Theo suddenly fell silent for a moment, remembering what Loki was called again. “God of Mischief… You are…”

“Hahahaha! Those Gods and Goddesses already bore me!” Loki laughed uncontrollably as he stated with a huge grin on his face.

“So, you created this system to stop that cycle just because you wanted to…” Theo suddenly stopped when he saw Loki shaking his head.

After that, the latter raised his finger before saying, “No. My target is above.”

“Above?” Theo was confused for a second. However, Loki mentioned something about a being from a higher dimension that seemed to be controlling this world, creating that never ending cycle as if trying to reset the world. When that thought appeared in his mind, Theo’s face became pale as he looked at Loki, whose face was filled with a huge grin.

Loki suddenly raised from his seat and clutched his hands excitedly. “That’s right. There is an even higher being that can play with me. In that case, it will be wrong for me to leave them alone!”


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