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God of Tricksters – Chapter 1034: The Dark King’s Family Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 1034 The Dark King’s Family

“Do you know what will happen if you meet the Frost Saint? You will die because you can’t even fix your own problem. We’re talking about humans here, who are known to almost destroy themselves so many times.”

“…” Theo remained silent, not rebuking his words. Even he knew that humans would certainly destroy themselves sooner or later.

“What’s the point of going there?” The Dark King continued asking Theo questions because he simply couldn’t understand Theo’s mind. “Even if you stop this, there might still be a chance for war to happen. When that happens, I won’t hesitate to kill the humans.”

“I know.” Theo nodded. “But I believe I can prevent this war from happening as long as I can talk with him. No, should I say I am already desperate enough to do anything to prevent this war…”

The Dark King frowned and stopped talking again. It wasn’t impossible for him to bring Theo there, but he didn’t like the idea because Theo might die in this situation.

“Have you confirmed what’s inside the base?”

“Five Mythical Rank Experts investigated that base, but no one returned.”

The Dark King thought for a moment before offering another solution. “I have a suggestion that you might want to hear. How about investigating that place first to confirm the severity of this matter? If it turns out to be a flop, we can simply destroy that base easily. If it turns out to be true, I will bring you to the Frost Saint.”

“…” Theo looked down, contemplating his choices. However, one problem remained. “Still, I don’t know how to investigate that place… Even five Mythical Rank Experts were not enough.”

Suddenly, the Dark King had a smug on his face. “Fortunately, there is someone perfect for this job.”

“Who is that?”

“The Shadow King… Though, there is a big problem with this…” The Dark King looked away, feeling troubled with asking a favor from him. “You are the only one who can do this.”

“Why is that? What’s the problem?”

“Because she is my wife.”

“…” Theo dropped his jaw to the ground. Because he met the Dark King privately, he had let go of his mask, so the Dark King could recognize his face. Hence, his shocked expression was clear for him to see.

Although Theo could somehow understand the union between them, he simply couldn’t imagine how they reproduced. The Dark King had a humongous body, while the Shadow King had a small body… If she were the same person that protected him and Ava back then.

“Don’t mind the small details. Anyway, I can bring you to her. Since the people you sent there died, there should be a few experts hiding there. The Shadow King can leap from one shadow to another without anyone noticing, so it should be easy for her to infiltrate the base. If we can confirm what’s happening inside, we should know what to do next.”

After learning a bit more about the Shadow King, Theo could finally see some light in this matter.

If he could recover some proof from this place, it would be possible for them to trace those who participated in this farce.

Theo nodded without hesitation. “I understand. I will do my best to convince her.”

“I don’t think there’s a need for you to convince her. You just need to bring Syk back with you and tell her what happens. I will wait from a distance.”

“Why do you sound like you’re scared of her?” Theo tilted his head in confusion.

“You don’t need to know.” The Dark King raised his voice before calling, “Syk, do you want to meet Mommy?”

“Mommy?” Theo’s eyebrows were twitching. He couldn’t understand the words swing. From the Shadow King, Syk, to Mommy. Sometimes they were formal, the other times they were intimate, now they were ‘very’ intimate.

“Ada?!” As soon as he heard that word, Syk immediately returned to the room with a joyful expression. “Ada, Ada?!”

“That’s right. You want to see her, right? He wants to meet Mommy too, so I want to bring both of you together. What do you think?”

“Ada, Ada!” Syk immediately grabbed Theo’s hands and started dancing to express his joy.

“So, he wants you to ask Mommy for help. Do you think you can do it?”

“Ada!” Syk puffed his chest proudly as if telling him, “Consider it done.”

“The trip requires three days, so you can play with him for three days. How about it?!”

“Ada!” Syk became even happier as he leaped out of joy.

“Daddy is good, right?!”

“Ad…Ada?” Suddenly, the celebration stopped as he looked at his father weirdly, questioning whether he was still right in his mind or not. “Ada?”

“Can you say a good word to Mommy?”

“Ada…” Syk hesitated and looked down as if thinking something.

“Come on. Daddy has brought someone to play with you and will bring you home to meet Mommy. Can you help Daddy a bit?”

“Ada?” Syk contemplated for a moment before eventually nodding his head, accepting the condition. “Ada!”

“Good. Let’s go now!” As soon as he received the confirmation, the Dark King immediately grabbed both Syk and Theo as if he didn’t have fear anymore.

In fact, he looked even more energetic than when he was talking about battle.

“…” Theo couldn’t understand what was going on with this family. He even wondered who was actually the head of this family.

When they came out, the Dark King shouted. “Seelzik!”

“Ngiiiih!” A horse’s cry echoed from the distance as a huge horse gradually came to him.

“He is Seelzik, my horse. You have met him too.”

“Seelzik. Syklokza.” Theo nodded, making sure he remembered their names.

“They mean Eternal Darkness and Dark Emperor in your language.”

“Good names.” Theo nodded in agreement, completely unfazed when Syk suddenly climbed his body and asked Theo to carry him.

“…” The Dark King even wondered how Theo could resist Syk’s cuteness. Even he couldn’t contain himself when Syk actually showed such an expression.

However, there was no way he could say anything about it since he had his own pride too.

After Seelzik arrived, the Dark King grabbed both of them and hopped onto him.

Seelzik was prepared to start running, but the Dark King said, “Alright, Seelzik. Take me home.”

“Ngeiikh?” The horse abruptly stopped and looked at his master with a shocked expression, wondering if his owner was in the right mind.

Even Theo was stunned by this reaction, thinking, ‘Truly… What’s wrong with this family?’


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