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Chapter 1023 Killing

Seeing their reaction to his action, Theo concluded that there might be something in this savanna, considering he had almost reached the rocky area that made it hard for the sinkhole to appear and trap him.

Hence, he planned to use this rocky area to turn around the situation.

Those six people along with the monsters behind them had a hard time leaping through one stone after another.

Meanwhile, Theo utilized his Telekinesis to fly two feet above the air while turning his body around.

His sword suddenly changed into a sniper rifle, the fourth form of his blue artifact.

Then, he aimed it toward the people while pouring his Magic Power into the weapon, shooting a beam of light.

“What?” The knight immediately put his shield forward and formed a massive barrier that covered his entire group. This also meant that he was protecting the monsters from Theo’s attack.

That was why before the bullet hit the translucent barrier, it split into ten, going in all directions.

They looped around the barrier and shot down the monsters who thought they wouldn’t be harmed because of the barrier.

And Theo took this gap to kill five of them.

“!!!” The knight raised his eyebrows before glancing to the back, realizing some monsters had died. Now that they had also left the hunting ground, there was a chance they could escape with the help of Theo.

But for now, he maintained his barrier so that Theo could lower their number.

If there were only thirty monsters left, they should be able to kill them and escape together with Theo.

He didn’t want the monsters to suspect them and kill them because of this, so he maintained his silence while marching forward, playing by Theo’s rule.

Theo kept shooting around, overwhelming the monsters with his continuous shot. He even used his Telekinesis to push them back, trying to hold their position.

In fifteen minutes, Theo finally killed twenty monsters.

‘This is it!’ The knight thought as he turned around, smashing his barrier to the monsters while shouting. “There are only thirty monsters left, and we have left the hunting grounds. We need to kill them right now!”

It seemed there were two other people who had caught Theo’s plan. They were those who only showed their pale faces instead of answering the leader.

With these three, they should be able to kill the remaining monsters.

However, the moment the barrier was on the other side, Theo’s bullets split into two and pierced through their heads, leaving only the knight alive.

“What?!” The knight was bewildered by Theo’s action, not knowing why he killed both of them. He turned his head around, glaring at Theo, only to find a thick mist spreading from Theo’s position. ‘Mist?’

The three who had been running this whole time entered the mist before screams echoed inside as though they were butchered inside the mist.

This was the Third Authority of Death Avatar, Death Domain. He created the mist to block their Awareness while using his Illusion to block their sight, creating a perfect domain to execute them.

After that, Theo emerged from the mist with a sword and a spear in his hand. He didn’t plan to hold back anymore.

‘A sword and a spear?’ The knight tried to turn around to stop Theo, but the latter disappeared with his Blink Skill, emerging in the middle of enemies.

Theo waved his right hand, shooting the sword light to kill two monsters. At the same time, he thrust his spear forward and utilized the Thunderclap Fist to create a powerful shock wave that ripped apart the monsters’ bodies.

After that, the Death Avatar slammed both hands, killing another two monsters before releasing the Death Eyes, stunning them for a second.

Theo took this opportunity to kill a few more monsters with his weapons. However, he soon changed his blue artifact into a shield and received a powerful blow from one of the monsters.

But due to that blow, the monster had no power to stop the Death Avatar from piercing his heart.

Using this confusion to his advantage, Theo used his Metamorphosis and transformed into a giant human, stomping the monsters.

After that, he turned back into his ant form and ambushed a few others. In this just one exchange, Theo managed to kill fifteen monsters.

This was the fastest record so far, but Theo could only do it with the help of these six people.

At the same time, he also learned from the monsters’ reactions that they had some sort of orders from someone. And the only person that could rule them like this was none other than the General Class Monster that controlled this area, the troll.

Hence, he needed to leave a few humans alive to get more information about them.

Now that only 15 monsters remained, Theo used the knight as a shield and shot them a few more times. Their number soon dropped to ten, and Theo easily killed the rest of the monsters.

“He did it? He actually killed fifty monsters by himself. What kind of ridiculous fighting style was that? He could teleport? He could also turn into a giant human? And more importantly, is that his weapon… since when did he use multiple weapons like that?” The knight wanted to get angry because Theo killed his comrades, but all the things Theo showed earlier were simply too much for his brain to handle.

He could only watch Theo in shock, wondering what had just happened.

Unfortunately for him, the next thing he realized, a powerful punch landed on his stomach.

“Gah?!” He finally woke up and saw Theo’s appearing before him, blowing him away. He ended up crashing into a giant boulder and passed out due to the power behind that fist.

Theo let out a long breath before furrowing his eyebrows. “So, what’s wrong with these people? Why are they siding with the monsters they’re supposed to kill? I’m not against that idea since I have Ava and a few connections on this side, but isn’t the troll our target?”

Theo was confused by their action, so he captured a few of them alive to interrogate them. Even the people that entered his mist, only one of them died. The rest was knocked out by the pain he transferred through illusions.


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