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God Level Demon – Chapter 83 Bahasa Indonesia

83 – Despicable, Shameless


The students from Zhengde High School didn’t speak a word. After killing the coyotes, they quickly carried the bodies away,a disdainful look on their faces.

The other party didn’t even so much as take a look at Xia Ping and company.

“What is their deal?” Jiang Yaru and Zhu Erqin were puzzled.

However, their doubts were soon dispelled. As the three proceeded to move towards the depths of the jungle, whenever they encountered cheetahs, tigers, and even black bears, the students from Zhengde High School would step in, kill the savage beasts, and take away the bodies.

Sometimes, before Xia Ping and company even discovered the beasts around them, the people from Zhengde High School took the initiative to eradicate them like loyal bodyguards.

Soon the sky became dark. In an afternoon, Xia Ping and them walked for upwards of 100 kilometers. In the end, they stopped at a clearing in the jungle to rest and sat next to a boulder.

Han Shan and company sat not faraway from Xia Ping and them. They seem to be tired. Intending to camp in the clearing, they took out kitchen utensils and sleeping bags.

Thereupon, they began to roast meat. The meat naturally came from the savage beasts they killed. Seasoning, oil, salt, and so on were added for flavor. A short while later, a delicious aroma rose into the air.


Suddenly, the stomachs of Jiang Yaru and Zhu Erqin began to protest. They didn’t have anything to eat for a day, not even water to drink. After walking for so long, it’s not surprising that they are hungry.

“Curses, these guys are despicable.”

Zhu Erqin gritted her teeth. She finally understood what the people from Zhengde High School were after. These people eliminated the savage beasts around them not to protect them, but to starve them.

Since they weren’t able to bring any food from the airship, they can only look for food on Savage Beast Island. Savage beast meat is naturally the best option for food.

They could have hunted savage beasts for dinner. However, the students from Zhengde High School interfered, robbing Xia Ping and company of all prey.

“They actually played such a trick on us.”

Jiang Yaru was angry. But she had to admit that the other party’s trick is vicious. After all, as humans, they must eat to replenish their daily consumption of energy.

If they don’t eat, even if their martial arts cultivation base is formidable, they won’t be able to display much combat power.

In just one afternoon, they weakened a little from hunger. If they spend another day or two like this, they might have to give up the trial by fire and become a laughing stock.

At that time, they might be the first people to starve during a trial by fire.

“It’s a clever trick.” Xia Ping’s eyes twinkled. He had to admit that the other party really hit the three where it hurt. After all, it’s difficult to find food in a deserted place such as Savage Beast Island.

The only way was to hunt savage beasts. But now this path has been blocked. Furthermore, even the wild fruits along the way have been picked clean by the other party.

If things continue like this, they will starve and lose all strength. At that time, they will be left defenseless.


At this time, in Zhengde High School’s camp.

“Ha-ha, take a look at the expression in those guys’ eyes. I guess they’re starving right about now.” A student from Zhengde High School laughed heartily, feeling elated, “To have nothing to eat all day and walk for upwards of 100 kilometers, even martial arts powerhouses won’t be able to bear it.”

He has been observing the reaction of Xia Ping and them.

“He-he, by looking at the expression in their eyes, you can tell that they wish they could rush over and take our meat away.”

“Take it away? If they come, we’ll teach them a lesson and beat them half to death. By then, even if they complain to the teachers, we’ll have justification — to ensure that they behave. ”

“I have to say, big brother Han’s plan is quite clever. We’ll straighten them up with ease.”

“This is just the start. If they are hungry for another day, they will know what hardship is.”

The students commented one after another and looked at Xia Ping and them in amusement, pleased with themselves. They treat this as a fun game.


Han Shan snorted coldly and looked at Xia Ping disdainfully: “For a destitute guy to challenge me, what a reckless thing. With a little bit of effort, I can push him into desperate straights.”

“Just you wait. Within three days, he will kneel before us and beg for mercy.”

“By then, we’ll be able to thoroughly humiliate them. This is the ending of those who offend me, Han Shan.”

He clenched his fists, brimming with confidence.

The other students couldn’t help nodding. Without food, even for martial arts powerhouses, three days are enough to starve them. By then, if they don’t beg for mercy, they will have to wait for death.

Obviously, Xia Ping is done for this time.


When Jiang Yaru and Zhu Erqin heard the laughter coming from Zhengde High School’s camp, their expression darkened. They realize that the other party must be laughing at them.

“Damn it, I don’t believe we really won’t be able to hunt any monstrous beasts.” Zhu Erqin gritted her teeth. “While they are eating, we should go look for prey. I’m sure we’ll be able to find something.”

Jiang Yaru shook her head: “It’s no use. After all, there are many of them. They can take turns monitoring us and bide their time. How can we contend against them like this?!”

“They are clearly determined to give us a hard time.”

Upon hearing this, Zhu Erqin was taken aback, and then asked unwillingly: “Are we going to dance to the tune of these scoundrels?”

Jiang Yaru is at her wit’s end, since the strength gap between the two sides is too large.

“If it’s food you want, then there’s no need to hunt savage beasts.” Xia Ping uttered flatly.


Zhu Erqin and Jiang Yaru were stunned, wondering what Xia Ping meant by that.

“Help yourselves.”

With that, Xia Ping started taking out food from his backpack, including roasted mutton, beef, and pork, hamburgers, pizza, ham, and even desserts, all of which glittered like jewels.

In an instant, strong aromas filled the air.

“This, this!”

The corners of Jiang Yaru’s mouth twitched, and she asked: “Where did you get this food?”

Zhu Erqin is flabbergasted. After all, the inspection when alighting the airship was very strict. They weren’t allowed bring any food or water with them.

However, as if a magic trick was being performed, food emerged from Xia Ping’s backpack one by one. This is really incredible.


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