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God Level Demon – Chapter 74 Bahasa Indonesia

74 – Jiang Yaru’s Vigilance

On the way to the teacher’s office.

Jiang Yaru hesitated for a moment, but then looked at Xia Ping and asked anxiously, “I heard that auntie was in a car accident. Is she alright?”

Upon hearing this, Xia Ping immediately understood why Jiang Yaru didn’t come to settle accounts. It turns out that she heard about his mother. This explains her attitude.

“She was partly paralyzed.” Xia Ping said in a heavy voice, “But her condition has stabilized. It will take about a week for her to recover while immersed in a nutrient solution.”

At this point, he felt a lot more at ease. His mother’s condition is gradually improving. She will be discharged from the hospital in a week, fully recovered.

“Partly paralyzed? Nutrient solution?!”

Jiang Yaru was startled: “As far as I know, nutrient solutions are very expensive. One immersion costs hundreds of thousands of federal credits. This is not a small amount.”

Nutrient solution is a special kind of medicine made from dozens of precious materials. If a person with fractures is soaked in a nutrient solution, it can accelerate the healing speed of the bones. It can even successfully treat comminuted fracture.

Previously, Xiong Batian, Zhou Tai’an, and others were injured and hospitalized. But after a short week, they recovered. This is because they were immersed in a nutrient solution to accelerate their recovery.

However, nutrient solutions are without a doubt expensive. An ordinary household can’t afford them.

“It’s nothing.”

Xia Ping waved his hand: “As you know, I wrote a novel before, I earned a lot of money from it. Although the medical expenses are costly, they aren’t too heavy a burden for me now.”

Jiang Yaru immediately remembered that this youngster had written an erotic novel that appeared to be quite popular on the Internet. However, the content was really shameless and unbearable.

She looked at Xia Ping with her beautiful eyes and asked skeptically: “Can this novel really make so much money?” Although she is aware that top novelists can earn more than 1 billion federal credits a year. But that’s because they’re top novelists.

As for Xia Ping, he’s only a high school student and this is his first novel. Would his work be that impressive?

“Of course it can. I don’t need to lie to you. But why are you asking? Do you want to inspect my earning ability?” Xia Ping stroked chin and showed an expression of sudden realization.

Then, he looked at Jiang Yaru with a beaming smile: “Don’t worry about this. Although I don’t have much ability, but it won’t be a problem supporting my family in the future. I will never let my wife and child starve.”

He patted his chest and made a promise.

“Who’d ask you about that. You have no sense of shame.”

Jiang Yaru was so angry that her pretty face flushed, and she glared at the shameless scoundrel that took advantage of her again with her beautiful eyes.

She recalled that hateful rumor stating that she was pregnant with this scoundrel’s child, that she’s been pregnant for three months, to boot. It spread like wildfire in the school, to the point that even her parents know about it.

If she hadn’t repeatedly assured them that it’s just a baseless rumor, her parents would have likely taken her to the hospital for a check-up. And this rogue in front of her is responsible for everything.

Xia Ping assumed an innocent expression: “But didn’t you ask?”

Asked my foot!

Jiang Yaru was furious. She just wanted to ask if he can earn so much money. But this bastard made it seem like she wants to be his wife and have a child with him. If she asks again, will he add several children and plan which kindergarten they will go to in the future.

“Don’t think that you can take advantage of me just because I’m being a little nice to you due to auntie’s incident. I still haven’t settled accounts with you about the rumor you spread from the ring before.”

Jiang Yaru glared at Xia Ping: “In short, if you continue to spread strange rumors in school, I will go complain to auntie and have her straighten you out.”

She threatened Xia Ping angrily.

“Okay, we’ve arrived at the teacher’s office. Let’s go in.” Xia Ping waved his hand and walked into the office.

Jiang Yaru gnashed her teeth. This scoundrel sidetracked her again. But sooner or later, she will find a chance to sort out this rogue. She will let him off for the time being.

In the office, the homeroom teacher Qiu Xue is sitting in front of her desk. She is dressed in a black pantsuit that outlines perfect arcs, exuding the mature and charming air of an urban beauty.

Xia Ping sighed ruefully. His homeroom teacher is really easy on the eyes. No wonder she has numerous suitors in the school and has become the woman of many student’s dreams.


Jiang Yaru suddenly came forward and blocked Xia Ping’s sight. She looked at Xia Ping with disdain and vigilance, as if she were gazing at some great pervert.

She is aware that this shameless youngster has improper thoughts about the beautiful and mature teacher, to the point that he even wrote a shameless erotic novel because of this.

If it goes on like this and he is left alone with the teacher, this bastard may turn into a beast and do something irremediable, or even cross the moral bottom line.

Xia Ping was speechless. He knows why Jiang Yaru is so vigilant of him. She’s evidently worried that he will attack the teacher. But even if he was really thirsty, he wouldn’t attack the teacher in the office.

“Cough, Yaru, I know you have a good relationship with Xia Ping, but you don’t need to stick together all the time. This is the school. Be a bit more mindful of your conduct.”

At this time, the homeroom teacher Qiu Xue coughed to remind the two that they’re in front of a teacher, to not go too far and do such intimate gestures.

Although Jiang Yaru thought that she was protecting her teacher, but Qiu Xue evidently sees this as a public display of affection between sweethearts.

“Teacher, it’s not like that.” With a swish, Jiang Yaru’s pretty face turned red, and she promptly explained.

Qiu Xue waved her hand, assumed the expression of someone who had been through it all, and said, “Forget it, you don’t have to explain. Anyway, you’re eighteen, you’re already adults and know what you do. In short, just pay a bit of attention to your conduct. After all, this is a school, a sacred place of learning.”

“Teacher, I understand. Thank you for your instruction.” Xia Ping replied obediently.

Understand my ass!

Jiang Yaru’s nose scrunched up from anger. What’s with the “I understand”? By saying that, isn’t he implicitly admitting that there is something between the two? How can she explain this? Things are getting more and more twisted.

“Mhm, it’s good that you understand.”

Qiu Xue nodded with satisfaction: “Next, I’ll explain to you about the school’s trial by fire you’ll take part in the day after tomorrow. Listen carefully. It’s very important.”

She went straight to the formal topic and ignored the trifle.

Even though Jiang Yaru is angry, she knows that this is not the time to mention this kind of thing. She can only bear with it for now.


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