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God Level Demon – Chapter 56 Bahasa Indonesia

God Level Demon Chapter 56

 At this time, Chu Clan martial arts hall.

  A group of disciples wearing white practice clothes were gathering in this place. Everyone was silent and no one was looking at another. The atmosphere was dignified as if they would be facing a big enemy.

  ”Senior Sister Chu Rong is here!” Suddenly, a disciple shouted.

  Whoosh whoosh! ! !

  All the disciples at the scene looked over and saw a tall and hot girl walk in through the door. She was 1.68 meters tall and wore loose white exercise clothes.

  But this still couldn’t conceal her extremely seductive figure. She had an exquisite waist and bulging bosom. Her thin waist could be held with only one hand. She was definitely a stunner.

  When she came in, all the male disciples couldn’t help but widen their eyes; showing admiration as if all the brilliance of the world had been taken away by her alone.

  Da Da Da! ! !

  The girl didn’t care at all, as if she had been accustomed to this kind of gaze. She walked step by step to the front position and sat down cross-legged. She looked at the disciples in the Chu family’s martial arts hall with an indifferently gaze that contained majesty.

  The disciples all around bowed their heads and did not dare look directly because this girl was not only beautiful, but also powerful. She was the daughter of the master of Chu Clan martial arts hall. She was the number one master here, a powerhouse at the Seventh Layer!

  In other words, none of them here was her opponent.

  ”I heard that someone wants to come to my Chu Clan Hall to exchange some pointers?”

  Chu Rong asked.

  ”Yes, that kid is a student from Tianshui City 95th High School, named Xia Ping.”

  ”He challenged seven or eight martial arts halls in a row. Their disciples were beaten badly.”

  ”Although he is only a martial artist in the sixth layer, he seems to have practiced a formidable defensive skill. No matter how many times he was attacked, he was completely fine.

  ”That guy is extremely arrogant. When he challenges a hall, he doesn’t take the initiative to attack. He allows his opponents to attack and completely humiliates those martial arts students.”

  ”It is rumored that after being challenged by that kid, many martial arts students collapsed and were so shocked that they could not get out of bed for three days. They almost wanted to give up martial arts.”

  ”He should be coming to our Chu Clan Martial Arts Hall tomorrow to humiliate us.”

  Many students began to speak as their faces showed unwillingness. But according to the kid’s previous record, the odds of them defeating him was abysmal.

  It was impossible to escape.

  They were martial arts schools. If they met and chose to avoid fighting, the hall would lose all credibility and their reputation would be dragged through the mud. Could they possibly still hang around in Tianshui City in the future?!

  If they did that kind of thing, they would be laughed at wherever they went.

  ”Tianshui City 95th High School? Their people actually dared to come to my Chu Clan Martial Arts Hall to look for trouble. Does he have a death wish?!” Chu Rong couldn’t help clenching her fists as her beautiful eyes showed a trace of anger.

  The disciples around also knew why Chu Rong was so angry. Because most of them were students from Tianshui City 88th High School, who were sworn enemies of 95th High School.

  Because of their long-standing grievances, the students of the two schools were in a competitive relationship and disliked each other. They usually spit on each other whenever they encounter someone from the other school on the road.

  But now that bastard from 95th High School actually came to bully them, how could they not be angry?!

  ”Sister Chu, I heard that Xia Ping seems to be Jiang Yaru’s boyfriend.” A student immediately told about the gossip that had been circulating on the Internet.

  ”What?! How could that kid be Jiang Yaru’s boyfriend?”

  Hearing this news, Chu Rong was shocked. Because she and Jiang Yaru were also deadly rivals. They often met in competitions between various schools in Tianshui City. The competition between these two rivals was fierce.

  Hearing about Jiang Yaru suddenly having a boyfriend and getting impregnated by someone, her head became blank for a while as she found this news incredulous.

  ”Yeah, I also heard that the kid is a scumbag. He has a dozen girlfriends outside the school, all of whom were impregnated and forced into getting abortions by him. Even Jiang Yaru succumbed to his wiles. “

  ”That bastard not only enjoys humiliating his enemies, he even likes to play with women.”

  ”He started picking up girls at the age of eight, went in for prostitution at twelve, and took different women to motels at fifteen. This guy is a complete villain.”

  A group of students added fuel to the fire.

  ”Damn it!”

  After listening, Chu Rong was extremely angry and heartbroken: “Jiang Yaru, I thought you were a good opponent and I had been working hard to cultivate in order to defeat you.”

  ”But I didn’t expect that you would fall into the arms of a scumbag. Are you still a martial arts expert and the opponent of me, Chu Rong? You really disappointed me!”

  She clenched her fists and gritted her teeth. Although she wanted to defeat Jiang Yaru, she didn’t want to defeat her in this way.

  She would never admit this kind of victory!

  ”Jiang Yaru!”

  Chu Rong gritted her teeth and her beautiful eyes showed a blazing flame: “Since you have been deceived by a scumbag and can’t see anything, let me wake you up completely.”

  ”He will be defeated by me, so that you can see his true face. That kind of man is not worthy of a woman like you.”

  A student hesitated and said: “But Sister Chu, although Xia Ping is a bit of a scumbag, his strength is absolutely solid. It is said that even the big brother Yao Zhong of Wuwei martial arts hall couldn’t break his defensive martial skill. He was beaten and now he is hiding in the hospital and doesn’t dare to come out.”

  ”What defensive martial skill?!”

  Chu Rong snorted coldly: “My Chu Clan’s martial skill, Heaven and Earth Mountain Splitting Leg, specializes in extreme penetrating power.”

  ”There used to be a guy who practiced the Iron Shirts defensive marital skill who wanted to challenge me. I kicked him three times and sent him flying a dozen meters away. He had five or six broken ribs. Could it be that this Xia Ping can endure more than ten or twenty of these kicks? How could a high school kid possibly be that strong?”

  She was extremely confident of herself. No one was her opponent. Even the genius Jiang Yaru could only match herself, but could not defeat her.

  ”That’s right. How powerful is the Heaven and Earth Mountain Splitting Leg? Even a monster with a strong defensive power would have his internal organs shredded. That kid is naturally not Sister Chu Rong’s opponent.”

  ”That bastard’s martial skill can not compare to ours.”

  ”If he dares to come over, he will be given a memorable lesson.”

  The disciples of the Chu Clan Martial Arts Hall shouted one by one in the face of a common enemy.


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