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God Level Demon – Chapter 38 Bahasa Indonesia

“So strong! Really too strong! Is this the power of the Sixth Layer? You can jump more than ten meters and have a terrifying amount of power with just one punch.”

  The group of students was shocked. They were ordinary people and he was a genius, there was no comparison. The gap was too wide.

  ”Just now he told us to move away, not because he was afraid of being hindered from entering the arena, but because he was afraid that we would hinder him and be hurt by the strong aftershock after he jumped. He’s so caring!”

  A braindead fangirl idiotically said.

  ”He is the perfect boyfriend. Only such a man is worthy of being the school idol.”

  ”Sure enough, Zhou Taian is the star of our school. I have fallen in love with him. When I saw this majestic man, I could not sleep for three nights.”

  At this moment, Xia Ping walked lazily ,with his hands held behind his back, along the path which was created for Zhou Taian as everyone separated. He was immediately noticed by the students around him.

  ”What’s the matter with this person? Do you know any shame? He actually took advantage of this moment to sneak into the audience. He really doesn’t know any rules.” A student was dissatisfied. thinking that Xia Ping was trying to sneakily occupy the best spot. After all, too many people had come here to watch, and it was very difficult to find a place to watch the match.

  Therefore, the first few people who entered would have a place. If all the places were occupied, you could only stand outside and watch it live using the mobile phone’s streaming software. This was of course very different from watching the scene personally.

  Another student immediately said: “He is not a spectator, but Zhou Taian’s opponent Xia Ping.”

  ”What? This kid is Xia Ping?”

  A group of students looked over curiously, because this was Jiang Yaru’s rumored boyfriend and Zhou Taian’s rival in love. It was said that this time, in order to deal with this guy, Zhou Taian relied on his relationship with the school to change the order of the duels.

  The purpose was to teach this Xia Ping a profound lesson. For such legendary characters, the students on the scene were all curious.

  ”It seems that this guy is ordinary, with exaggerated footsteps, and his martial arts foundation is not solid. He is not a great person at all. Such a person is Zhou Taian’s opponent? Are you kidding me?”

  ”Of course he’s not an opponent at all. Zhou Taian came to deal with him to give a warning.”

  ”What kind of character is Jiang Yaru? She can’t be touched by the likes of him.”

  ”So Big Brother Zhou has only one purpose for this match, and that is to beat him up so that he can no longer take care of himself, and would never dare to appear in front of Jiang Yaru again.”

  ”Tsk tsk, poor fellow. It’s his misfortune for offending Zhou Taian.”

  ”It is said that Brother Zhou has another purpose, and that is to kill the chickens to warn the monkeys. He wants to take this opportunity to warn other people who have ideas about Jiang Yaru. This kid is just an example to be made of.”

  ”After today, you may never see Xia Ping again.”

  Many students looked at Xia Ping, who walked past the ring step by step, with pity. They didn’t think that Xia Ping had any chance of winning. After all, what kind of figure was Zhou Taian? He was this school’s king, and had the strength of the Sixth Layer. He was at least in the top ten of school. How could an ordinary student be his opponent?!

  Even if this kid was lucky and got the favor of the school flower, and used his rhetoric to win the school girl’s heart, his strength could not be faked. There was no room for fraud.

  Once Xia Ping was in the ring, they estimated that only one punch by Zhou Taian would completely decimate him.

  At this time, Xia Ping stepped up the ring. His movements were ordinary and unremarkable as he came up to the ring and stood in front of Zhou Taian. The two were separated by five or six meters as they faced each other.

  Zhou Taian crossed both of his hands across his chest and looked at Xia Ping indifferently: “I didn’t expect that you would really dare to come up to the ring. You didn’t run away with your tail between your legs. You do have a bit of courage.”

  ”But don’t think that I will be merciful. As I said before, I will definitely teach you a lesson and let you see the gap between a genius and an ordinary person, and let you realize that there is an insurmountable gap between us.”

  ”There are somethings in this world that an ordinary person like you cannot dare to covet.”

  ”Grit your teeth and close your eyes, this will reduce the pain a little bit. Otherwise, all the bones in your whole body will be broken by me in an instant.”

  The killing intent in his words was chilling.

  ”Before Xiong Batian spoke to me like this, but he was beaten by me with one punch, and he was carried away by like a dead dog. He was unconscious and lay in the hospital for a week.”

  Xia Ping said lightly.

  ”Huh, Xiong Batian doesn’t have the qualifications to be compared with me, Zhou Taian.”

  Zhou Taian sneered: “I, Zhou Tai’an, have opened six meridians and I am in the sixth layer of martial apprentice. I have practiced the intermediate martial skill Five Mountains Fist to the realm of perfection. I am ranked at least in the top ten of the entire school.”

  ”What is Xiong Batian? A brash man with a bit of strength. I didn’t deal with him before because he didn’t threaten my dominance in school.”

  ”An ordinary guy like you has too little vision. How can you know the big world of martial arts? Three years ago, I was fortunate enough to meet a real martial artist, joined the Wuwei Boxing Gym and listened to his advice.”

  ”Fighting with many senior brothers in the boxing gym, I sharpened my boxing skills. I even went out with the master to practice in the field, beheading monsters, being injured and seeing blood. That is why I reached the sixth layer of martial apprentice so quickly.”

  ”A greenhouse flower like you, let alone the realm of the martial apprentice fourth layer, even if you reach the sixth layer, how strong would you be compared to me?”

  ”I could easily wipe the floor with you, as simple as trampling on an ant.”

  After that sentence, he showed his unparalleled confidence and completely tried to crush Xia Ping’s morale.


  Having said that, Zhou Taian turned his head to the referee next to him and said: “Let’s announce the start of the match. I don’t want to waste so much time. After dealing with this waste, I still have more important things to do, understood?”

  ”Well, let the match begin now.”

  The referee teacher also nodded and immediately announced the start of the match.

  ”Boy, feel it. This is absolute power. Feel this with your body, this is something that the school teachers can’t teach.”

  As soon as his voice fell, Zhou Taian shot out. With a bang, he stomped his feet and the resulting momentum made his whole body soar. He was like an insurmountable mountain, full of thick and solid, unparalleled domineering aura.

  Intermediate martial skill Five Mountains Fist!


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