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God Level Demon – Chapter 30 Bahasa Indonesia

“I won!”

  Seeing these enemies all beheaded, Xia Ping breathed out a sigh of relief. His boiling blood also slowly cooled down as his fiercely beating heart slowed. It had been quite a while since he had stopped to take a rest.

  He felt like he was in a dream. He was just an ordinary student of the third layer before, and it was hard for him to even get into a third-rate university. The best ending was just to follow his father’s footsteps and become a city manager and live a lifetime of peace.

  But now he was promoted to the fifth layer, and even those murderous underworld figures and powerhouses of the sixth layer were killed by him with a single punch.

  It could be said that Xia Ping’s strength had made great progress!

  ”Huh? Isn’t this a recovery potion?” Xia Ping stepped forward and searched the white-clothed young man’s body. As expected, this person’s identity was unusual.

  Just checking it casually, he immediately found four or five bottles of recovery potion, this potion could help martial artists of the sixth layer replenish physical energy and restore the lost qi.

  A bottle of this kind of healing potion was worth 100,000 dollars, and it was not something a local tyrant could afford!

  These restorative medicines were probably prepared by this kid for an emergency. But it was a pity that he didn’t even have the opportunity to use it before he was killed by Xia Ping.

  ”There seems to be a secret manual.”

  Xia Ping also saw that this kid was also carrying a martial arts manual. It seemed to be called “Three Talents Cosmic Sword Technique”. It might be the sword technique he learned, and its power should not be underestimated.

  If this secret manual was sold , it might net Xia Ping at least one million federal dollars.

  ”Go, take a look at the warehouse. I seemed to hear a scream.”

  ”No, is there an enemy there?”

  ”It’s likely that the murderer has appeared, and we can’t let go of any disturbances.”

  Suddenly, there was a whistling sound in the distance. The movement here was too loud just now, and it also attracted the attention of the black bear company patrols . A group of people hurried over.

  ”No, I’m leaving. I can’t stay in this place for a long time. If I’m surrounded, I’ll be dead.” Xia Ping immediately put these things away and ran away quickly.

  Just a few minutes after Xia Ping left, a group of people in black immediately arrived at the warehouse. They soon found the bodies of seven or eight burly men in black lying on the ground.

  ”Damn, these are not the security guards of the Black Bear Company. I saw them in the company before. Why are they all dead now? Who killed them?” A man in black was shocked.

  The other people in black were also taken aback. They knew that these black-clothed security guards had the cultivation base of the fourth layer, and some even reached the martial the fifth layer, but now they were all dead. One could imagine how powerful the enemy was.

  ”Look, there is also a dead person over there.” Another black-clothed person noticed not far away, and it seemed that a white-clothed young man was lying motionless.

  With a swish, a middle-aged man rushed over and saw the appearance of the white-clothed young man. His face changed drastically, and the corners of his mouth were shaking: “Damn it, this is Director Zheng’s son Zheng Hua.”


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  ”No, it’s Director Zheng’s son?!”

  ”I heard that Director Zheng ordered his son to hunt down the murderer last night, but he is dead now?!”

  ”The murderer must have done it. The two sides fought each other shortly, and Zheng Hua was killed.”

  ”Zheng Hua is Director Zheng’s only son. Now that he is dead, will Director Zheng go crazy?”

  ”This is a big deal now, report it immediately.”

  The group of people in black had solemn faces. They knew that Zheng Hua was a well-known genius. He had reached the realm of the sixth layer of martial arts at a young age, and his future was unlimited, and he was always the pride of Director Zheng.

  But now this genius was dead, and he was killed with a single punch to the heart. Once Director Zheng knew about this matter, they didn’t know how terrifying his anger would be.


The middle-aged man in black immediately took out the communicator and reported the incident to the Black Bear Company. No matter what, this incident could not be concealed and must be reported immediately.

  A few minutes later, on the top floor of a building, Zheng Cheng, the director of the Black Bear Company, also received the news. His eyes went dark, and he screamed up to the sky with extreme fury.

  ”Ahhhhh!!! you dare kill my son! No matter who you are, where you hide, or how big your background is, I, Zheng Cheng, will definitely kill you and smash you into pieces!”

  Zheng Cheng let out a terrifying roar as the air billowed. With the building as the center, his scream spread out in radius of ten kilometers. The concrete floor on the roof was shaken by the sound waves, and it actually started to crack.

  Some black bear company security guards near the top of the building were so scared that they retreated and did not dare approach him for fear of being unluckily injured by the aftermath.


  Song Hui next to him looked worriedly at Zheng Cheng as what he was worried about finally happened.

  ”Zheng Hua is my son, the only son!”

  Zheng Cheng shouted angrily: “I worked hard to raise him for 18 years, a full 18 years. I don’t know how much resources and money was wasted just to make him a genius.”

  ”I, Zheng Cheng, is useless as I only ever reached the ninth layer in my lifetime. So I could only count on my son to reach higher realms in my stead!”

  ”But now he is dead; killed by a murderer. Eighteen years of hard work! All in vain! How could I bear it?!”

  He was extremely furious.

  ”It is indeed unbearable.”

  Song Hui said solemnly.

  ”Yes, absolutely unbearable!”

  Zheng Cheng clenched his fists, almost drawing blood, and said: “Transmit my order, let all the people from the black bear company be dispatched, block the area up to a hundred miles and the station. I will make it difficult for him to escape!”

  ”Didn’t he want to escape? Now I want to see just where he can escape!”

  ”There is no way to escape after killing my son!”

  ”Once I catch that bastard, I will smash him into pieces, even his friends, relatives, and parents, I will arrest them together and destroy his nine generations.”

  He gritted his teeth as he was so angry that he was almost going crazy. Originally, he wanted his son to chase down the murderer just for experience. But not only had he not gotten any experience, but he also lost his life. How could he be willing to endure?!

  If he didn’t catch that kid and torture him cruelly, he wouldn’t be able to rest in peace.

  ”Yes, supervisor.” Song Hui immediately went down to convey the order.

  Whoosh whoosh! ! !

  Immediately, after the order was given, the members of the Black Bear Company distributed around Black Moon City all acted immediately, appearing in the streets and alleys of many areas, even the station was under their control. They checked every passenger entering the station so that the murderer would absolutely have no chance of escape.

  It had to be said that the power of the Black Bear Company in this area was really too large. Once it operated, it could crush anything and make people have nowhere to hide


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