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Chapter 18- School Martial Arts fighting Competition

“What’s the matter?” Xia Ping asked while looking at Jiang Yaru while a blinking.

“I have something to inform you.”

Jiang Yaru said: “Three days later, the school will hold a martial arts fighting contest. We have ten quotas for each class in the third grade. Originally there was a quota for Yang Wei. But now he was arrested by the police and wouldn’t be able to get out in a short time. So I wanted to ask you, would you like to participate in the school’s Martial arts competition?”

After saying this her face became strange, as if saying Yang Wei was arrested by police because of you. Now thinking back Yang Wei was one of the three excellent students in the class, but has finally provoked this rascal and that has destroyed his image in a moment.

And at this moment it was unknown what will become of Yang Wei after leaving the prison.

“School Martial arts fighting competition?!” Xia Ping’s eyes flashed.

He has also heard about this competition, its school annual Martial arts fighting competition , almost whole school’s excellent students will participate in this competition. If you are able to win, you will receive a reward.

But the school reward is secondary, the most important thing is if one can enter the first ten in the school completion, then he or she will be qualified for participating in Tianshui city’s Inter School Martial Arts Competition on behalf of 95th Middle School.

This is a competition where all of Tianshui city’s Middle School’s peak experts gather and attracts the attention of many high levels and big company. Its rewards are also very rich. If one can achieve a certain level, there is a possibility of entering army to gain experience and strengthen themself.

Each year, student who has shown enough strength in the Inter School Martial Arts completion has the opportunity to enter Yan Huang University.

Before these matter didn’t have any relation with him, so he hadn’t paid any attention to it. But now things were different, perhaps he could increase many hate points through this completion and increase his strength.

“If i represent the class and join the School Martial Arts completion, won’t others have any objection?” after thinking of this Xia Ping looks at Jiang Yaru and asked.

“Definitely, no one will have any objection.”Jiang Yaru said while shaking her head,” since you have already defeated Tyrant Bear, you have already proven your strength. Since this is the case no one will object to your selection.”

This was also normal. As the proof of strong is, ‘To defeat the strong’.

Who you defeated is the best proof of your strength. Although Xia Ping before was very average, didn’t had any feature to look up to, but after defeating Tyrant Bear in the fight arena recently, no one will object his selection.

Even among the High School Third Year Six class, the student who can defeat the Tyrant bear were not many. Therefore Xia Ping can compete from his class and others are impossible to have any objection.

Even if others have objections, so long as asked the other party to fight Tyrant bear, objection would be overruled.

But Jiang Yaru, still thought that it was very surprising. Xia Ping who has displayed ordinary performance, without any characteristics, has silently promoted to martial apprentice 4th stage and even defeated Tyrant Bear. All of this, was really strange, how is this even possible?

“Good, I will participate.” Xia Ping said immediately, it was absolutely impossible for him to miss this opportunity.

Jiang Yaru nodded and finally was unable to contain her curiosity so she asked,” Xia Ping, I noticed that you were absent minded during the class, were you doing something?”

“Oh, nothing much, was just writing a novel.” Xia Ping responds in a carefree voice.

Writing a novel?!

Jiang Yaru stared at him from top to bottom with her big beautiful eyes, unable to believe Xia Pings words. According to her understanding of this guy, he was never really interested in reading and even if he started reading he wasn’t able to concentrate for more than three mins, and would fall asleep. Now suddenly he was writing a novel, it was really shocking, and adding to the fact that this guy was suddenly promoted to 4th stage, how was he able to change so much in such a little time?

She quickly glanced at the web page opened on Xia Ping’s table and with a flutter asked,” did you publish your novel on Penguin Novel Net? Is this your work? What are the contents…”

Xia Ping switched off his web page immediately and said with a serious face,” Whatever are the contents, what it has got to do with you? You go back and study and don’t be so eager to know everything and you are be in my way.

His face became strange, if it was known by Jiang Yaru the category he has written in, he will surely want to look for hole to bury himself into. Therefore this matter must be concealed at any cost.

“Can’t I know?”

Hearing him say such a thing, Jiang Yaru became angered to the extreme until her face turned red,” Xia Ping you are good, after defeating Tyrant Bear your temper has reached to another level. Since you have become so strong I am in your way!?”

Since they were younger she has always been above Xia Ping. Her performance was excellent; she was always good in sports and at present she is also a school flower that is admired by many boys. She has always been worried about Xia Ping thinking he won’t be able to succeed in the future so she has always been scolding him. But now suddenly she was in his way.

This bastard has really become a cow, he unexpectedly said that she Jiang Yaru was in his way, this has really became absurd.

“It’s not what you think and it’s very difficult to explain such things. This novel you won’t be able to understand in any case, so even if I told you it will be useless.” Xia Ping wants to send her on her way so as to avoid stepping on another land mine, Because his novel can’t be read causally, especially by women.

Won’t Understand?!

Hearing these words Jiang Yaru become more angrier. She is a top student in school with her result always being in top ten, her literature results are also at peak. Is there a novel that she can’t understand? Even if there was ancient script present she can translate a few of them.

This bastard after defeating Tyrant bear, has his head inflated, becoming arrogant and didn’t put anyone in his eyes. So he started boasting, so from now on, I Jiang Yaru will not pay any attention to him.


Since you don’t want me to know about your novel, I will definitely dig it out and will see what type of novel you, Xia Ping has written. He has become so cocky that he didn’t put anyone in his eyes.

Jiang Yaru has decided that she will not only look for his novel but will look with all her might and after reading she will earnestly write her impression and will criticize at the level of its literature. After writing this novel he became so cocky that he didn’t understand modesty.

There are a large number of people who have better ability than you bastard .

“Teacher Bia Rong? This should be the name of the novel. This name is actually quite good and very elegant, this novel should be about the school life. Does this novel describe relation between teacher and student? Does it describe the hardship of a teacher while teaching students? Or is it a story about the school work struggle. I have never thought that this bastard have sentiment to the school to the extent of writing a novel.”

With a mere look it was enough for her to remember the content of the page due to her formidable vision and formidable cultivation a split second is enough for her to remember the content of the page so that nothing could be hidden.

Thinking about all this she gave a wicked stare to Xia Ping and returned to her seat.

“Finally left.” Seeing that she isn’t pursuing him any longer, Xia Ping also took a breath of relief.

If it was known to Xia Ping that, Jiang Yaru not only want to read his novel, but also want to give her impression about the novel he surely would want to cough up blood.


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