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God Level Demon – Chapter 129 Bahasa Indonesia

129 – Employment!

“Hello, everyone.”

Xia Ping arrived in front of the students hanging in the air and greeted them, feeling refreshed.

Hello my ass!

Upon hearing the familiar voice, the students raised their heads and glared at Xia Ping, wishing they could rush over and bite the damn bastard to death.

They were hung outside for a whole night. Furthermore, they have not only not eaten anything for an entire day and a night, but were also beaten by this bastard. One can well imagine how miserable they are.

They will never forget last night, which can be regarded as the most difficult night of their life. If it were not for the fact that they fear being eliminated and receive a low evaluation from martial arts organizations, they would have thrown in the towel long ago.

“Xia Ping, what do you want?”

A student uttered, aggrieved, “To come to you to look for trouble, that was wrong of us. But how long do you plan to have us hang here? Do you plan to have us hang here until the end of the competition?”

Everyone looked at Xia Ping. If Xia Ping really intends to do so, they will immediately throw in the towel, Other wise, it they continue to stay here, they will just be tormented.

“Let me ask you this.”

Standing with his hands behind his back, Xia Ping asked, “Yesterday, I snatched away all the food in the three areas and beat you up. Have you come to terms?”

He looked at them indifferently.

Come to terms? Come to terms my ass!

When the students heard that, they were beside themselves with anger. They were beaten viciously, and then still asked whether they have come to terms or not. This is clearly an attempt to humiliate them.

But they understood that if they say they haven’t, the lad will never release them. He wants to see them bow their heads!

“Cat got your tongue? Big brother asked if you have come to terms? Should your silence be taken as you haven’t come to terms? Do you want to hang here for another night?” The lackey Feng Hetang shouted.

“Big brother, these scoundrels look like they haven’t come to terms. It would be better to let them continue hanging like this until they have come to terms.”

“I think it would be more effective to beat them for half an hour.”

“Or we could feed them chili sauce or something. That would definitely make them compliant.”

Han Shan and them gave suggestions.

Shameless lackeys! What vicious bastards. Their hearts are too black. Why don’t the Heavens smite these black-hearted bastards to death? To think of such vicious techniques, can they still be regarded as men?

Upon hearing this, the students hanging in the air turned a bit green in the face. If they are tormented like this, they probably won’t resemble people by the end of it.

“We have come to terms, we have fully come to terms. All that food is yours.”

“Let us go. We know we were wrong. We won’t provoke you again.”

The students howled that they have fully come to terms. Even though what they felt was the complete opposite, but what came out of their mouths were such confessions.

He who is at the mercy of another has to concede!

“It’s great that you have come to terms. What I like most are honest people like you guys. Of course, there were some dishonest people before. But after being taught a lesson, everyone became honest.”

Xia Ping was very satisfied and waved his hand: “Release them and let them leave. If they continue to stay here, it’ll only make this place look bad.”


Feng Hetang and company started to release the student.

“You’re letting us go?” After they were released, the students had dumbfounded looks on their faces. They didn’t expect Xia Ping to let them off so easily.

Xia Ping said flatly, “Of course. After all, I’m a man of my word. Since I said I’ll let you go, then I’ll let you go.” He showed a stand-up expression.

“What are you waiting for? Big brother let you go. Why aren’t you leaving? Do you want to stay here for dinner or something?” Feng Hetang chased these people away.

When they heard the word dinner, the stomachs of the students suddenly rumbled, and a sense of exhaustion washed over them. Since they haven’t eaten for a day and a night, they are famished.

“Can you spare us some food?”

The students looked at Xia Ping eagerly. The food in the three areas was all plundered by this scoundrel. Even if they try looking nearby, they won’t find anything.

Besides, judging by their current condition, they can’t cross entire areas.

What’s more, can they really find food when they leave for another area? Perhaps some bastards, just like Xia Ping, have plundered all the food in other areas?!

They’re not sure.

“What nonsense. You should be grateful that you’re allowed to leave at all. Yet you’re still shamelessly asking for food. Who do you think you are? You guys want a mile when you’re given an inch!” Han Shan and the others scolded.

Xia Ping waved his hand to stop them and said, “You want to eat? That can be done.”


The students looked at Xia Ping eagerly. This guy appears to be quite agreeable. Maybe he’s a good person. They may have misunderstood him before.

“Of course, as you all should know, there is no such thing as a free lunch. If you want food, you’ll have to pay a certain price for it.” Xia Ping looked at the students indifferently.

A student swallowed: “What do you want us to do?”

“Nothing too difficult.”

Xia Ping stated his demand: “Work for me and I’ll give you food. It’s a fair deal.”

“If you work for me for a day, I’ll give you a cup of instant noodles.”

“Furthermore, if you do a good job, I’ll reward you with a piece of bread.”


When they heard this, the students turned slightly green in the face. Damn it. To work for him for a day, yet only receive a cup of instant noodles in return. Even Zhou Bapi [1] wasn’t as stingy.

For a split second, they actually thought this guy is a good person.

Nowadays, if you hire an ordinary person, you’ll have to pay them 100 federal credits per day. As for them, who are martial arts experts as well as top students of their respective schools. The value of their labor is much higher than that. It can’t go lower than 300 federal credits per day.

Yet this bastard wants to use a cup of instant noodles to employ them for a day? And reward them with a piece of bread if they do a good job? Is this some kind of joke? This exploitation has reached a new level! What black-hearted boss can compare with this guy?!

Besides, “employment” is just an euphemistic way of putting it. In fact, this bastard just wants them to be his running dogs, where they’ll have to tear at a random bone he throws. He’s really looking down on them.

As top students of their school and future elites of the country, how could they agree to this absurd and humiliating request?!

What the hell? Why did someone agree so readily? The students were stupefied. They saw a fat student shout at once, “I agree. Give me something to eat.”

“If I don’t eat now, I’ll starve to death.”

Xia Ping stroked his chin: “Very well. Since you were the first to agree, then I’ll give you a prize. You’ll get two cups of instant noodles per day.” He put two fingers up.

“Thank you, big brother.” The fat student was nearly moved to tears.

The corners of Han Shan and company’s mouths twitched. To be this happy after just being rewarded with two cups of instant noodles, one can only imagine how much these students must have suffered.

[1] – Zhou Bapi is the villain of a story


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