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God Level Demon – Chapter 120 Bahasa Indonesia

120 – Bigwig!

“Go and investigate this lad’s origin. Why have I never heard of his before? If he can cultivate his martial skills to this degree while in the Martial Apprentice realm, then what will become of him in the future? A martial arts master.”

“We’re done with the investigation. He is Xia Ping from Skywater City’s 95th High School. He’s from an ordinary background. In fact, his family has been ordinary for the past 18 generations.”

“According to the data, a few months ago, he was only a 3rd layer Martial Apprentice.”

“No way. He’s now an 8th layer Martial Apprentice. How come his progress is so fast?”

“It’s possible that is was just a ruse, that he hid his strength. Or maybe he had some kind of enlightenment, which improved his strength by leaps and bounds.”

“Indeed. People who have a sudden flash of realization and make rapid progress in martial arts are not rare.”

“Classify him as a key target and send him an invitation. We cannot let another organization be the early bird that catches the worm.”

Upon seeing the scenes displayed on the live-stream, the heads of martial arts organizations paying attention to Skywater City’s high school martial arts competition were shocked, and they ordered for Xia Ping to be investigated. They plan to invite him into their organizations.

With the development of technology and the prosperity of martial arts, powerful martial arts organizations and companies proliferated in society. They are legal organizations allowed by the federal government.

What is the most precious thing in this era? Without a doubt, it’s talents, martial talents!

Formidable martial arts powerhouses can go to dangerous places to adventure — hunt monsters, explore minerals, search for miraculous herbs, excavate ancient relic sites, and so on.

Real estate, hotels, restaurants, entertainment, and other businesses, none can compare to adventuring. If an adventure is fruitful, you’ll be able to get rich overnight and make money faster than money printing machines.

Some people say that with the development of technology, which led to the creation of laser guns, mechanical armors, laser cannons, and other powerful weapons, which even ordinary people can operate to kill martial arts powerhouses, martial arts powerhouses are nothing special.

But if martial arts powerhouses are also equipped with these weapons, the power they can display is dozens or even 100 times above that of ordinary people. The two aren’t even in the same league.

A sword that slices through iron as if mud is just a toy in the hands of a child or a tool to cut vegetables in the hands of a chef. But in the hands of a true expert of the sword, it is a dreadful killing weapon. With a single sword strike, they can sunder the firmament and slaughter thousands of soldiers.

“To be able to find such a martial arts genius in Skywater City, I’m really lucky.”

“It seems that in addition to favorites like Qin Muyang, there are still many dark horses.”

“This is also normal. In this era, rich and powerful families aren’t the only ones who can produce geniuses. Ordinary families can also produce geniuses.”

“Pay attention. Make sure that we aren’t overtaken by another organization.”

The leaders of many martial arts organizations issued orders to their subordinates in a dignified tone.

For large organizations, to be able to dig up martial arts geniuses is no less important than buying stocks in Alibaba, Tencent, and other large companies in the early days. In fact, it may be tens, hundreds, or tens of thousands of times more profitable.

After all, a true martial arts expert can support the growth of an organization for decades or even 100 years and can bring unimaginable benefits to the organization.

Therefore, martial arts organizations always pay attention to martial arts competitions all over Flameyellow Star, in the hopes to dig up genuine martial arts geniuses and invite them to join their organizations.

This is the reason why Skywater City’s high school martial arts competition is so popular. Even though it costs a lot of money, there are many martial arts organizations that support it in secret.

Of course, this is also an opportunity for Skywater City’s high school students to be a carp leaping through the dragon gate.

If they can catch the eye of a powerful martial arts organization and join it, they’ll be able to get a lot of resources. By then, they will get twice the result with half the effort.

Otherwise, how can they, who are of ordinary background, compete with children from rich and powerful families?!

It can be said that the high school martial arts competition is a stage for them to reveal their talents and strength. Even if they can’t enter the top 16, it doesn’t matter. As long as they catch the eye of some martial arts organization, they will make a profit.


At this time, in a VIP lounge in Skywater City’s administrative center.

There are more than a dozen people standing in this place. If anyone familiar with Skywater City’s officialdom saw this scene, they would be astonished. Because this group of people shockingly comprises of the nine council members, the mayor, the deputy mayor, and other big shots of Skywater City.

Any slight action of these big shots could greatly affect Skywater City.

But even these big shots can only quietly stand aside and assume a reverential attitude.

The only person who can sit in this place is an old man in a white martial arts clothing. Siting in a black chair, he exudes an unfathomable martial arts aura, as if a godly being.

Behind the old man in white, there stand three or four middle-aged men, who appear to be bodyguards. But each one of them possesses shocking strength, stifling the big shots of Skywater City.

“Not bad.”

As he watched the images of Xia Ping displayed on the screens in the VIP lounge, the old man in white raised his eyebrows: “I didn’t expect Skywater City to have such a martial arts genius. To be able to practice the Five Form Fist to this decree, he can be regarded as a talented individual. Skywater City has done a decent job.”

Although he gave a compliment, but he wasn’t visibly moved. After all, since he has met many geniuses like Xia Ping, this is not enough to move him.

But even so, the others were surprised. Because it is not easy to attract the old man’s attention. Most martial arts powerhouses can’t even make the old man move his eyelids.

“Thank you for your praise, Mr. Fang.”

Mayor Qin Fei beamed with joy. After all, it is a greatest honor to receive praise from such a bigwig. If he catches the other party’s eye, the Qin family may have a meteoric rise.

“Council member Feng Shan, that fatty is your son?” A council member asked a nearby fat council member in a low voice, curious.

“Yes, it’s my son.”

Half of the fat council member Feng Shan’s face turned slightly green. He previously told his son that some bigwig has come to watch the competition and instructed him to do well, yet his son was beaten right at the beginning.

Now he won’t be able to make a good impression on the bigwig.

If he is eliminated right at the get go, it will be a great loss of face to Feng family.

“Council member Feng, my condolences.” A council member chuckled.


Upon hearing the words of ridicule, the other half of the fat council member Feng Shan’s face turned slightly green.

He prayed in his heart — son, you must not be eliminated so soon, or you’ll miss a great opportunity.


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