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God Level Demon – Chapter 104 Bahasa Indonesia

104 – Valley

In a valley.

All the elites of the Band of the Cheetah stealthily scattered to all corners and surrounded the valley from all sides.

“Is it here?” Lin Bao stared at the valley.

A gangster nodded: “Yes, it’s here. The signal is coming from here. Moreover, the guy hasn’t left this place yet. He isn’t aware that the signal from his communicator has been divulged. He’s probably thinking that he can negotiate with us.”

He smiled coldly. Sure enough, he’s just a student wet behind the ears with no social experience. For him to negotiate with gangsters, isn’t that akin to trying to charm a viper?

In fact, they never intended to negotiate with the guy. They just wanted to find his location and shoot him dead. After killing so many people of the Band of the Cheetah, the guy cannot be left alive.

“Let’s rush over and kill him.”

Lin Bao ordered the elites to rush into the valley and tear the guy to pieces.


The elites from the Band of the Cheetah, with guns in hand, moved forward quickly and closed in from all directions as fast as cheetahs

But when they went into the valley, they were stunned.

“There’s no one?!” A gangster was stunned when found out that there is no one in the valley, that Xia Ping is nowhere to be seen.

A gangster asked doubtfully, “What’s going on? Isn’t the signal coming from the valley?”

“Look, there’s something on the ground.” A gangster with sharp eyes suddenly noticed that there is something on the ground. The others surrounded him at once.

To everyone’s surprise, they saw two communicators tied together to a twig on the yellow ground. One communicator was used to contact the Band of the Cheetah, while the other was used as a medium.

In other words, the other party has at least three communicators. The scoundrel used the third communicator to contact them, making them mistakenly think that he is staying in the valley.

“Damn it. We’ve been fooled.” A gangster’s expression turned ugly, feeling humiliated. They went to all that trouble to come here. But to their surprise, they found no one here.

Lin Bao clenched his fists, and his eyes revealed the shade of anger. He thought that he could find the guy’s whereabouts. But unexpectedly, he just found a communicator.

“Boss, look, there’s something else here.” A gangster noticed that there is a piece of bark with words written on it next to the communicators.

Lin Bao picked up the piece of bark and read, “The Band of the Cheetah is buried here!”

“Damn it, we’ve been had! Run!” Upon seeing these words, he remembered something. His expression changed dramatically, and he shouted with all his might and had the surrounding gangsters run away quickly.

However, it was already too late.


At this moment, the bombs buried in the valley suddenly exploded. Upwards of 100 tons of explosives exploded at the same time. Deafening explosions sounded, and the valley shook.

An area hundreds of meters in radius was leveled. The gangsters nearby were blasted into pieces at once.

Thick, black smoke filled the valley. Rocks collapsed and large pits appeared all over the place. A black mushroom cloud emerged in the sky. The vibrations coming from the valley could be felt from kilometers away.


At this time, Xia Ping, Jiang Yaru, Chu Rong, and others appeared on a hill facing the valley and marveled at the power of the explosions.


Chu Rong couldn’t help exclaiming and looked at Xia Ping in disbelief: “How on earth did you come up with this move? You actually set up such a trap and sent the gangster to heaven at once.”

The girls inadvertently looked at Xia Ping in admiration. If conventional methods were used, it would be extremely difficult to wipe the gangsters out. After all, they were heavily armed and had many experts.

If you got close to them, only death would await you.

But Xia Ping did the opposite. He had the gangsters come to a location of his choosing, where he installed explosives in advance.

Unexpectedly, the plan was an overwhelming success. The gangsters were too smart for their own good! They thought that this was a great chance to deal with Xia Ping. But to their surprise, it was a trap that claimed their lives.


Jiang Yaru couldn’t help but admit that the scheme was excellent. The bandits basically walked into their own graves.

Moreover, they used equipment they got from the bandits, such as explosives, communicators, and more, to make a simple trap, making it even more impressive.

“It’s nothing. Isn’t it just like a scene from a crime film?” Xia Ping stroked his chin and looked at the fireworks admiringly. He didn’t expect things to go so smoothly.

At the time, he just wanted to give the plan a try. It didn’t matter whether it succeeded or not.

Crime film?!

Jiang Yaru and them shook their heads, expressing that they didn’t understand what Xia Ping was talking about. But this didn’t prevent them from admiring Xia Ping. He’s not only strong, but is also quite smart.

However, his conduct is annoying, and he is shameless and lecherous and has a venomous tongue.

“Now that the gangsters are dead, the teachers will probably come soon.” A girl sighed, feeling like she can finally see light at the end of the tunnel and can leave this nightmarish place.

“No, the jammer hasn’t been destroyed. Our signals still can’t be transmitted.” Chu Rong’s expression changed when she detected that her watch’s signal still can’t be transmitted.


The girls were gobsmacked. Could it be that the violent bombs failed to destroy the jammer? Or was the jammer not with the gangsters to begin with?

“Xia Ping!”

Suddenly, as if the desperate roar of a wounded beast, a shout full of anger came from the distance.


A charred figure ejected from the valley like a shell and rushed towards the top of the hill extremely fast, whistling through the air.

The charred figure is surprisingly Lin Bao, the boss of the Band of the Cheetah! He isn’t dead yet!

Lin Bao is surging with rage, his whole body is covered in blood, and his hair is standing, giving off a burning smell. But at the same time, an extremely dangerous aura is emanating from him.

The eyes of Jiang Yaru and company constricted. They felt that this person is really dreadful. Even though he was injured, but he seems to have the strength to kill them all.

“You’re still alive?!” Xia Ping raised his eyebrows as he looked at Lin Bao.


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