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Global Demon King: Starting as the Abyssal Dragon – Chapter 70: Level Three Units Bahasa Indonesia

After Zhang Nu had become a level 3 Demon King, he had unlocked new units.

[Draconian Craftsman]. Level 3 Normal. Leveled up from high draconian laborers. They have extremely high crafting skills. Costs 500 gold per level up.

[Super Draconian Soldier]. Level 3 Elite. Leveled up from high draconian soldiers. They have extremely strong combat ability. Costs 5000 gold per level up.

[Mystic Draconian Battlemage]. Level 3 Elite. Leveled up from draconian battlemages. Costs 8000 gold per level up.

[Draconian Marshal]. Level 3 Lord. A commander of armies leveled up from a draconian general. They have even stronger combat abilities as well as leadership skills. Every 500 high soldiers or 50 super soldiers unlocks one additional marshal count. Costs 50,000 gold per level up.

[Draconian High Priest]. Level 3 Lord. A high priest leveled up from a draconian priest. They have even stronger magical abilities. Every 20,000 draconian population unlocks one additional high priest count. Costs 100,000 gold per level up.

When Zhang Nu leveled up to level 3, he didn’t unlock any completely new units.

The 5 new draconian units that he gained are all higher leveled versions of units that he already has. Every single level up is practically a complete metamorphosis, increasing the unit’s strength by a great deal.

Zhang Nu was quite satisfied with this.

With these leveled up units, Darkness Valley’s strength will rise by a whole new level.

The gains this time, besides the gold and souls, also included 9 skill stones.

Zhang Nu took a look at those skill stones. They were all D and E Ranked skills. He picked out two of them to use on himself.

Those two skills are as follows:

[Invisibility]. D Rank skill. After activating this skill, the user enters an invisible state and continues to spend MP to maintain it. The invisibility will be interrupted the moment the user attacks or is attacked.

[Eye of Detection]. D Rank skill. The user can summon an immobile magical eye that observes all targets within a certain area of effect. It has the effect of piercing traps and invisible units.

Most of those skill stones are actually pretty good, but for the level 3 Zhang Nu, normal attack or defensive skills have little meaning anymore.

He chose the two skills mainly because they are support types. Invisibility is fairly useful in certain specific situations.

As for the Eye of Detection?

Zhang Nu didn’t need any informational type detection skills.

This skill is for remote viewing, like looking through a remote camera. It allows the user to see and observe through the magical eye even without being there. Thus, it’s fairly usable for him.

As for the seven remaining skill stones, there’s quite a market for those, so they can be sold for money when needed.

Zhang Nu is not lacking in that kind of money though, so he has no need to sell them. Thus, he decided to keep them to use as rewards for his subordinates or his spy, Su Yan.

This time, the gold gains have reached an enormous 120,000+.

His full treasury reaches over 160k gold in total.

Thus, Zhang Nu decided to expand his draconian armies.

He first spent nearly 10k gold to replenish his losses.

Then, he spent 50k gold at once to summon 500 soldiers.

Picking out 50 normal soldiers to level up to high soldiers cost another 50k gold.

With this, his draconian army now total 1300 normal soldiers, 130 high draconian soldiers, and 30 draconian battlemages.

Zhang Nu still had 50k gold left, and he was quite curious and looking forward to the level 3 units.

Thus he immediately leveled up 5 high soldiers and 1 battlemage.

The high soldiers were leveled up into super soldiers and those super soldiers changed a great deal in appearance compared to the normal or high soldiers.

The most eye-catching part is that they grew a pair of wings.

Super soldier had the ability to fly!

This was quite a happy surprise for Zhang Nu. Flight capabilities are not to be underestimated. Those have a great deal of use on the battlefield!

Zhang Nu immediately checked the stats of the super soldiers.

[Super Draconian Soldiers]. Level 3 Elite unit. 350 HP, 150 MP, 25 Strength, 22 Constitution, 28 Agility, 19 Will. Loyalty 100% (Locked). Tiredness 10%. Hunger 10%.

Skills: Raging Dragon Qi (C rank), Draconic Blood Awakening (D rank), Earth Drake’s Scales (D rank), Qi Impact (D rank), Magic Resistance (D rank), High Speed Healing (D rank), Aerial Scouting (E rank)…

Generally speaking, the super soldier’s skills are quite similar to that of the high soldier. It’s just that the skill ranks have basically all increased. For example, the high soldier’s Raging Dragon Qi is D ranked, but the super soldier’s Raging Dragon Qi has turned to C rank.

Other than that, the super soldier also has more skills than the high soldier. The main one being some aerial combat and scouting skills.

Comparing the stats, the super soldier is quite a bit stronger than the high soldier. Nearly all their stats have nearly doubled, which would definitely make a major difference in terms of combat ability.

At a rough estimate, a team of five super soldiers together could hold off even a draconian general for a good long while. That showed just how powerful their combat capabilities are.

One gets what they pay for, and the costs of the super soldier are definitely worth the cost.

Zhang Nu also checked over the mystic battlemage.

This is the level 3 unit leveled up from the level 2 draconian battlemage unit.

On the surface, they looked quite similar to the draconian battlemages, but if one were to take a more careful look, there are actually some major differences.

Every single scale on the mystic draconian battlemages are engraved with mystical runes. A powerful magical aura emanates from their bodies, giving them an aura of danger and pressure.

[Mystic Draconian Battlemage]. Level 3 Elite unit. 200 HP, 300 MP, 19 Strength, 20 Constitution, 22 Agility, 30 Will. Loyalty 100% (Locked). Tiredness 10%. Hunger 10%.

Skills: Wyvern Transformation (C rank), Armored Battle Drake Transformation (C rank), Amphibian Drake Transformation (C rank), Blazing Hammer (D rank), Freezing Hammer (D rank), Whirlwind Hammer (D rank), Combined Chanting (D rank), Shield of the Mind (E rank), Chain Fireball (E rank), Earth Spike (E rank)…

So that’s how it is.

Compared to normal battlemages, the mystic draconian battlemages have druid-like transformation magic. They can transform into three different types of draconic beasts suitable for land, sea, or air.

Draconic beasts aren’t true dragons, they’re just magical beasts that have some amount of draconic bloodline.

Battlemages are a bit stronger than high soldiers to start with, so mystic draconian battlemages are also a bit stronger than super soldiers.

To compare the two, the mystic draconian battlemage can perfectly fight in midair, on the ground, or underwater. The only downside to it is that they’re too expensive.

A draconian battlemage costs 2,000 gold.

Leveling a battlemage into a mystic draconian battlemage costs another 5,000 gold.

This level 3 Elite unit costs 7,000 gold in total to summon. It wouldn’t be a small number for any Demon King at this period of time.

That said, all in all, be it the super soldier or the mystic draconian battlemage, both of them are quite satisfactory in terms of strength.

It can be said that this single mystic draconian battlemage is fully capable of single handedly defeating the vast majority of Demon Kings at this current stage. Yet, it’s merely a normal unit for Zhang Nu.

With this kind of power, something like the Ironblooded Heroes Guild is completely not worth any concern!

Zhang Nu likely didn’t even need to worry about Giantree City anymore.

With Nancilia as his hostage, there’s no way that Giantree City would dare to do anything overt anymore. They’d have no choice but to obediently sit down for talks and accept all of Zhang Nu’s demands.


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