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Global Demon King: Starting as the Abyssal Dragon – Chapter 66: Purge the Heroes, Capture the City Lord Bahasa Indonesia

Zhang Nu used to keep a very low profile.

It was all for the sake of a stable development environment.

Now though, the early game development period is nearly over. What development that should have been done has basically all been done, so it’s only natural his strategy should change with it and he should do what a Demon King is supposed to do.

From this moment onwards, Zhang Nu shall have these Forest residents shake in terror.

Du Mingfeng had drawn away a thousand elites, so Giantree City’s defenses will definitely be weakened.

However, this City has a great deal of power saved up from its long history, so it wouldn’t be so easily caught off guard. The dragon had just started its attack and it was already immediately met with a fierce counterattack.

One elven guard mage after another immediately started casting.

Flames, wind blades, and lightning continuously struck like rain.

At the same time, one magic tower after another activated and those towers continuously shot out magic beams. The attacks were dense, lacking in blind spots, and thus are impossible to dodge.

In this situation, a normal level 2 Lord would have been instantly slain.

Even a level 3 Lord might not have been able to withstand it.

There’s no way that Giantree City hasn’t been met with major crises in the past. The fact that it was able to stand within the Forest for several hundred years was already enough to prove its strength!

“Don’t panic, everyone!”

“Giantree City has a barrier protecting it!”

“He won’t be able to easily get in!”

“Yeah, Giantree City is full of powerhouses. Even a dragon won’t be able to truly threaten us. He’s just committing suicide here!”


Giantree City’s rapid reaction and the defenses and counterattacking capability that it’s showing greatly reassured the citizens of Giantree City.

However, some had noticed that something doesn’t seem right.

Even under such a dense baptism of magic attacks, every single scale on the dragon was still as good as new. It’s as if what it was taking wasn’t powerful magical attacks but a child’s toy squirt gun.




He didn’t feel a thing.

Zhang Nu even actually felt a bit comfortable.

This is the effect of the Medium Anti-magic. Unless all the attacks were concentrated into one and hit all at once, the power of those spells were nowhere near enough to break through his defenses.

If every single hit only deals 0 damage, then what’s the point no matter how many attacks there are?

A million or 10 million “0” added together will still be 0!

Zhang Nu let out a thunderous flap of his wings and charged right at Giantree City again while enduring the dense spells and beams.

This city barrier is very strong!

Not even a bodyslam from a dragon could break through!

Zhang Nu did not try to push through with raw strength again.

Instead, he opened his mouth and breathed out a large wave of black energy. It spread out like a mass of ink and covered the area around him.

“Abyssal Devour!”

This is the level 2 Devour Talent!

The thick black fog isn’t actually fog!

The fog-like blackness is a kind of energy. This is a very rare element, a devouring energy type that only abyssal dragons can control.

This energy can be used to attack or defend.

When Zhang Nu released that ink-like pitch black devouring energy, this energy quickly spread out in the air and then completely absorbed all the magic attacks like an extremely powerful sponge.

In fact, when it touched the barrier of Giantree City, it corroded a large hole in the barrier.

Zhang Nu dove right in using this opportunity.

When he successfully got inside the barrier, the attacks coming at him increased in intensity, and a large number of arrows even got mixed in.

Zhang Nu surrounded himself with the black energy to cover him like a layer of armor. Any attacks, be it physical or magical, were completely absorbed on impact.

Quickly, as it absorbed enough attacks, this energy also quickly became saturated and the black energy gradually turned into a dark red hue.

Zhang Nu held this energy and quickly flew over Giantree City’s skyline. As he passed, Abyssal Lightning continuously fell, forcing the citizenry to run every which way in panic.

Zhang Nu had no interest in those normal citizens. He just found them annoying, so he was just casually driving them away.

Under the aid of his cheat’s information displays, he had already successfully locked onto the headquarters of the Heroes Guild.

He gathered up all the energy that he had devoured and at the same time furiously invested his own MP into it. Finally, it combined into a powerful attack.

“Be annihilated!”

The abyssal dragon roared.

Hundreds of bloody lightning bolts blasted out.

In that instant, countless bolts of lightning brilliant enough to blind flowed forth like a torrent, lighting up an entire street.


The Guild headquarters was instantly reduced to ash.

Only an enormous crater was left.

[You’ve slain a level 1 Hero. Soul +1]

[You’ve slain a level 1 Hero. Soul +1]

[You’ve slain a level 1 Hero. Soul +1]

[You’ve slain a level 1 Hero. Soul +1]


Zhang Nu didn’t know just how many Heroes that one attack killed. His player menu was already overflowing with messages after all.

One could say that Giantree City’s Heroes Guild was done for!

The entirety of Giantree City’s Hero faction was heavily cripled!

Zhang Nu was not just satisfied with that though. He also locked onto the Ironblooded Heroes Guild’s headquarters and a flaming pillar of Dragon Flame fell upon it like a waterfall.

In that instant, the Heroes Guild headquarters was completely turned into a sea of flames.

[You’ve slain a level 1 Hero. Soul +1]

[You’ve slain a level 2 Hero. Soul +1]

[You’ve slain a level 1 Hero. Soul +1]

[You’ve slain a level 2 Hero. Soul +1]


This time, the ones that died were all Heroes of the Ironblooded Heroes Guild.

Their quantity wasn’t as high as that of the other Heroes Guild, but their quality was obviously on a different level.

Given Zhang Nu’s rampage through Giantree City, destroying buildings and slaughtering Heroes, there was no way that he could have gone unnoticed.


“Stop it!”

“Don’t destroy Giantree City anymore!”

Several powerful presences rushed toward him.

Zhang Nu scanned where those presences came from.

The four at the front were all level 3 units.

[Giantree City Guardian Elf: Selas]. Level 3 Elite unit… Skills: Tempest Chi (C Rank), Tempest Annihilation Slash (C Rank), Tornado Strike (C Rank), etc.

Description: One of the four guardian elves of Giantree City. Specializes in close combat martial arts. Very Strong. Be careful of his sword.

[Giantree City Lord: Nancilia]. Level 3 Lord unit… Skills: Elf King Bloodline (Talen Skill), Elemental Contract (B Rank), Starlight Shield (B Rank), Teleportation (B Rank), Meteor Rain (B Rank), Meteoric Arrow (B Rank), etc.

Description: The Current city lord of Giantree City. Although she’s still a young and immature elf, due to the fact that she had inherited the bloodline of the Elf King, she has exceptional power. Not only is she skilled in all kinds of magic, she’s also skilled in archery… Her personality is soft, indecisive, considerate, and kind, which is one of her major weaknesses.

The three guardian elves were all level 3 Elites.

This level of power is of little concern, and Zhang Nu found them beneath his notice. However, that little girl at the front seriously shocked Zhang Nu. For her to have reached the level of a level 3 Lord, and for her to actually be the city lord of Giantree City.

The young city lord angrily demanded, “Why are you attacking Giantree City!”

Zhang Nu let out a thunderous reply, “Giantree City sent out its soldiers to attack my territory, so why should I not fight back and attack Giantree City back? Or are you saying that you attacking us is allowed while the reverse isn’t?”

The young city lord was shocked, “You… You’re the Demon King!”

“Correct!” Zhang Nu answered her with a furious blast of Dragon Flame.

The three guardian elves didn’t dare to take it head on, so they all dodged out of the way, leaving just the young city lord to face it on her own.

“Oh no!”

The young city lord has teleportation magic. If she wanted to dodge, then she definitely could. It would have been easy for her.

However in that case then, that terrifying blast of Dragon Flame would definitely land in the middle of the city, striking the street, houses, and even the innocent citizens.

Just how much damage would that end up doing?

She couldn’t allow the city to be destroyed even further!

The young city lord grit her teeth, activated defensive magic, and countless stars gathered to her and formed into a powerful magic shield.

It was able to forcefully hold off the Dragon Flame attack.

Oh? This little girl was very strong, just as he thought!

This is the first time that he had encountered an opponent capable of resisting the Dragon Flames.

However, Zhang Nu just had a cunning grin on his face. Although the elven city lord is very powerful, to the point where even he would need to spend a lot of energy if he wanted to defeat her in a one on one duel with his current strength.

Even if he did win, the other side could teleport, so he’d be unlikely to capture her.

However, the elven city lord is overly concerned about the safety of the City. That was why she would rather directly pit her strength against the Dragon Flame rather than dodging.

She very much has the magical might capable of damaging Zhang Nu, but high ranked magic is overly powerful, so she didn’t dare to use them for the same reason.

In this situation, she couldn’t show her true strength at all, so how could she possibly fight against the super powerful great Demon King before her?

The Dragon Flame continued to burn.

The Starlight Shield quickly faded.

The young city lord’s little face was red with exertion.

She was gritting her teeth as she tried to hold on, but she was on the verge of failing.

At this moment, the Dragon Flame attack finally ended. However, before the young city lord could even let out a breath, she was shocked to discover that the dragon before her had disappeared.

What’s going on?

Where did he get to?

Just then, a guardian elf loudly shouted out, “Behind you, my lady!”

The Demon King had transformed into draconian form at some moment. He also imbued himself with the Wind Blessing and charged at her like a bolt of lightning.

The elven city lord was unable to react in time, and Zhang Nu had put a bracelet on her wrist.

This is the Sealing Bracelet that he got from the treasure chest from conquering the goblin tribe. He originally thought of it as a useless item, but he didn’t anticipate finding a use for it here.

“Oh no!”

The elven city lord could clearly feel her magical abilities being rapidly suppressed.

Zhang Nu reached out and grabbed her. Then, before the other elves could react, he immediately flapped his wings and quickly escaped the forces surrounding him.


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