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Global Demon King: Starting as the Abyssal Dragon – Chapter 54: Spy Behind the Lines Bahasa Indonesia

She didn’t expect him to be one of the higher ups of the Ironblooded Heroes Guild.

Su Yan thus asked, “What kind of advantages would I get if I joined?”

“Hah, you really are new here. Otherwise, there’s no way that you would have asked such a dumb question!”

Zheng Xiao spoke, “The Ironblooded Heroes is the strongest Hero organization within several hundred kilometers of the Giantree City. We’ve hunted and slain dozens of Demon Kings so far!”

Slain dozens of Demon Kings?

That number is way too big!

Zheng Xiao continued to say, “Our guildmaster is the famous Du Mingfeng. Right now, his identity is one of the four great guardian elves of the Giantree City!”

Su Yan visibly reacted to that.

Du Mingfeng!

That was quite a famous name!

He was a major business mogul back in reality.

He supposedly started from absolute nothing, yet eventually reached the point of being a multi-billionaire. He was a super rich person with tons of controversies about him.

Someone like that is no simple person to begin with, yet he ended up directly transmigrating into one of the four great guardian elves of the Giantree City.

Those “guardian elves” can be considered the generals of the elven face and the four guardian elves are the four highest generals of the Giantree City. Their main responsibility is to guarantee the public order of the City as well as keep it safe from outside invaders.

No wonder Du Mingfeng was able to build the Ironblooded Heroes Guild.

This Hero organization was far stronger than she had originally thought.

This is a major piece of news, something that can definitely earn her quite a bit of merits from the boss.

Zheng Xiao’s tone then turned harsh, “The status of the Ironblooded Heroes is quite coveted. There’s little need to further expound upon the advantages of joining us. On the other hand, if someone were to offend the Ironblooded Heroes, then there won’t be a place left for them within the Giantree City.”

Su Yan could hear the implied threat in his words.

The Ironblooded Heroes really were tyrannical in their way of doing things!

Su Yan coldly smirked in her mind. She already had a powerful backer now, so what worth did a mere Hero organization have? What did they even have that can compare to that bigshot boss of hers?

“I’ll join!”

Su Yan was unfazed by Zheng Xiao’s little attempt at luring her in with a carrot and a stick.

She was only joining them in order to gain more information.

If any special situations were to pop up, then she’ll slip away immediately.

Zheng Xiao was quite satisfied with this result.

The Ironblooded Heroes had quite some reputation, after all, and he managed to gain for the guild yet another great member.

Given the equipment on this fox-kin Hero, her actual capabilities should be about equivalent to that of a level 2 Elite. Even within the Ironblooded Heroes Guild, she can be considered one of the elite members.

Plus, she was quite a beautiful woman at that.

If his guildmaster were to fancy her and take her for himself, then he would also be able to get quite some bonuses from that as well.

Thus, Zheng Xiao brought Su Yan over to the headquarters of the Ironblooded Heroes Guild.

The place is set right next to the military base of the Giantree City. The entire way was very well guarded, full of elven warriors patrolling everywhere.

“You’ll be joining the guild officially a few days from now!”

“For the time being, you can stay here in the headquarters and take the time to get used to things.”

Su Yan looked around, “Why are there so few people here in the headquarters though?”

Zheng Xiao explained, “The Ironblooded Heroes are strict when it comes to our entry requirements. Our membership focuses on quality rather than quantity. Plus, over 70% of our members are spread out among the Forest and are infiltrating and taking control of the nearby native factions and tribes, so it’s only natural that we wouldn’t have many people here in the headquarters.”

When she heard that, Su Yan remembered Zhao Lei.

If Zhao Lei didn’t end up getting killed, then he may very well end up bringing the minotaurs into the Ironblooded Heroes Guild.

A single Zhao Lei was able to order about hundreds, up to even a thousand minotaurs. In that case then, what if the Ironblooded Heroes had 10 or even 20 Zhao Lei? The amount of power that they would then command would thus be rather horrifying!

Plus, their guildmaster was also one of the guardian elves of Giantree City, thus allowing him to command a portion of the elven army within the City.

The more she learned, the more shocked Su Yan was.

This Hero group has a terrifying amount of power. Adding together their powers on the surface and all the hidden factions they have control over, the Ironblooded Heroes were far stronger than she had imagined, and their ambitions are likely also far greater as well.

It was undeniably a dangerous organization.

It’s probably the only Hero faction in this area capable of threatening the Darkness Valley.

“Vice Captain!”

A huge figure built like a miniature mountain came over. He was a full two stories tall, with skin the color and texture of concrete, and had two heads on his shoulders.

It was a race known as an ogre.

Normal ogres are basically around the size of minotaurs, but this particular one is far larger than minotaurs. This is because he is one of the rare two headed ogres.

Supposedly, for ogres, among every 100,000 of them born would be a mutated species. Not only would they be double the size of a normal ogre, but they would also be born with two heads, a main and a substitute.

Those ogres are far stronger as well as being born with magical abilities. Normally, they would all end up the chiefs of their ogre tribes.

The one before her is obviously an ogre Hero though.

Su Yan secretly activated her appraisal skill. What she found out was that the ogre was likely similar in strength to the vice captain Zheng Xiao.

Zheng Xiao immediately asked, “Zhou Kun? Why are you back here?”

The ogre Hero Zhou Kun replied, “I’ll tell you about it later. For now, the guildmaster wants to see us, so we should head on over first.”


Zheng Xiao did not dare to act carelessly here, so he sent Su Yan away to find a decent place to stay on her own.

Su Yan acted agreeable on the surface, but secretly, she had certain ideas.

Zheng Xiao and Zhou Kun were some of the top brass for the Heroes guild, and since they were being summoned by the guildmaster at the same time, it must be for something important. This may be something worth spying on.

Thus, while no one was watching her, she shook her sleeves.

An unremarkable little bat flew out from within her sleeves and followed behind Zheng Xiao and Zhou Kun into a meeting room.

The transmission bat’s combat ability is basically insignificant, but it does have the three F rank skills “Sound Transmission”, “Supersonic Detection”, and “Super Hearing”.

Of those three skills, the skill Super Hearing can let it notice any motion within several hundred meters, and it is even able to then use Sound Transmission to then notify its owner of what it learns.

The transmission bat is extremely weak, but that also makes it very hard to notice.

Thus, it can be considered a very good eavesdropping tool, making it especially suited to Su Yan’s spy work.

Soon, she heard the conversation.

In response to that, she was overjoyed.

She had gotten a huge stroke of luck! This is very important news, with very high value indeed.

With the news that she just got, she would definitely be able to get another skill stone as reward from the boss the next time she meets with him.


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