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Global Demon King: Starting as the Abyssal Dragon – Chapter 53: Giantree City Bahasa Indonesia

Su Yan reached her destination with no real danger.

Giantree City’s name came from the nearby Giantree Forest.

That forest is simply far too noticeable. Hundreds of enormous trees stood at an average height of around 500 meters tall. Each and every one was practically a skyscraper in and of themselves.

The few especially large ones have even reached up to an unbelievable thousand of meters in height.

They were like mountains peeking out from the land, awesome in their appearance.

The Giantree Forest was once the land of the elves. They had started building their home on those trees from thousands of years ago.

Three hundred years ago, however, a certain incident caused massive casualties to the elves.

Afterwards, the chief of the elves led their people out of the forest to instead establish the Giantree City.

Although it’s unknown just why the elves left their original home, the fact of the matter is that the elves were still a powerful force, so they were easily able to keep the Giantree City stable and well protected, thus drawing many to seek refuge within.

Over the many, many years, Giantree City became one of the forest cities within the Chaos Forest.

It is the economic center of an area extending hundreds, even thousands of kilometers, encompassing countless tribes within the forest. Thus, it is also the strongest faction within that area.

Su Yan couldn’t wait to get into the city and start exploring.

However, two tiger-kin soldiers stopped her at the gate.

“Stop right there!”

“Where’s your entry pass?”

Su Yan was befuddled, “What entry pass?”

The tiger-kin soldiers glared, “No entry into the city without an entry pass. Get lost now, don’t get in the way here!”

The Giantree City is extremely guarded.

It wasn’t a place that anyone could enter or exit as they liked.

After all, the Chaos Forest is an utterly lawless place.

There are all kinds of sneaky and dangerous factors all around.

“Hey now, guys. I’m a Hero, so can’t you make an exception?”

“Ptui, who cares if you’re a Hero or whatever. No one without an entry pass is allowed inside the city, so get lost!”

Su Yan was out of luck.

Even so, she didn’t try to continue bothering the guards.

“Hmph, I’d rather like to see just how you think you’re going to stop me from getting in!”

She found a corner that no one was watching and transformed into a small bat.

It was the Shadow Bat Skill.

It was all thanks to the boss for letting her kill the Demon King that she managed to get this Talent skill.

This skill allowed her to instantly transform into one or several shadow bats. It can be used for scouting, escape, or dodging enemy attacks. It was a fairly useful skill.

Su Yan attempted to try to circumvent the city wall.

The result was that she ended up slamming into an invisible barrier.


“That hurts!”

“So Giantree City is completely covered by a barrier.”

“This is an important piece of information. I need to make sure to report this to the boss.”

Having failed to break through head on, she had no choice but to look for other means.

After a number of additional tries, Su Yan finally found a hole in the defenses.

She dove down into a sewer tunnel and successfully entered the city.

“Hahaha! I did it! I knew that there’s no way that it could beat me. So this is Giantree City huh? What a bustling place!”

Su Yan walked around down the streets.

Everything around her was completely new to her.

The structures here were elegantly designed, and the streets were all tidy and clean. It was also quite environmentally conscious as well, as expected of the works of elves.

She might be a fox-kin, but she didn’t actually stand out at all.

Although the Giantree City is governed by the elves, all kinds of races of the Chaos Forest actually live within it.

Elves, orcs, tiger-kin, bear-kin, half orcs, gnomes, and even goblins. All kinds of races of the forest can be found everywhere on the streets.

It gave off a very exotic feel to it.

Back in reality, Su Yan was a university student from a wealthy, new money family.

She had gone traveling with her family to over 20 foriegn countries, but even so, she had never felt just a sense of newness as she did now. She quite liked this feeling. Truly, it was a great new experience for her.

Of course, Su Yan wasn’t here to just play tourist.

She did not forget her actual mission.

She needed to gather useful information for the boss.

Su Yan found it difficult to decide on a direction for a moment. She didn’t know where to start. Just then, though, an idea popped into her head as she thought of a place.

After gathering some basic information, Su Yan arrived at the Heroes guild.

A Heroes guild isn’t actually any kind of formal organization.

Rather, it’s more like a loose alliance of Heroes.

The guild in the Giantree City is led by the Ironblooded Heroes Guild, but that doesn’t mean that all the Heroes of the guild belong to the Ironblooded Heroes. There were also numerous other small parties or even soloers.

The guild headquarters here seems to be a bar.

The actual functions offered were basically not much different from a bar either.

Dozens, even hundreds of Heroes of various races were drinking and boasting.

Hero players weren’t like Demon King Players. Demon Kings have their chat menu to communicate to each other with. Heroes don’t have a chat menu, so a neutral place like a guild is basically a gathering place and information center.


“Someone new?”

“It’s a fox-kin girl huh.”

“Hehe, hey there pretty chick, how about sharing a drink with us?”

Su Yan caught quite a bit of attention. A number of people even started wolf whistling at her and some even got up in preparation to hit on her. They were as annoying as flies buzzing about.

In response to that, Su Yan showed no reaction and simply flashed the Bat Demon Badge that she was wearing.

The Heroes around immediately reacted to that and shut up.

This was a reward that can only be gained from destroying a Demon King’s nest. Not only is it a great piece of equipment, it’s also a proof of one’s strength and status.

For those Heroes here, the vast majority of them were complete n00bs.

They haven’t even been to a Demon King’s nest before, never mind actually succeeding in hunting a Demon KIng!

Thus, it’s only obvious that they didn’t have the guts to pester a Hero who has already succeeded!

Su Yan wanted to gather information, but as she was hesitating over just where to start, a voice rang out near her, “Not bad. Although you’re a weak fox-kin, you were still able to become a level 2 Hero. Why don’t you come join our Ironblooded Heroes!”

When Su Yan looked over to where the voice originated, she saw a man with skin the same color as goblins. He towered up at two meters in height, was bulging with muscles, with red eyes, and had two pearly white tusks coming out of his mouth.

He’s an orc!

Su Yan activated her detection skill and her expression changed slightly in reaction.

This orc wasn’t just level 2, his actual strength has reached nearly the level of a level 2 Lord!

Is Giantree City really hiding that many powerhouses? Just some random Hero is already this strong!


Even within Giantree City, there’s no way that he’s some minor character!

Su Yan asked with visible caution, “And you are?”

The orc replied, “Vice-captain of the Ironblooded Heroes, Zheng Xiao!”


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