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Global Demon King: Starting as the Abyssal Dragon – Chapter 37: The Death of Demon King Wang He Bahasa Indonesia

Over a dozen fireballs were launched, exploding out within the caves.

The vampire bat soldiers are all high speed, low HP units.

They might be fast and highly mobile, but their defenses are relatively weak and their HP is also very low. At this point, they have nowhere to run to, so how could they possibly deal with such attacks?

In a few moments, they all fell while screaming.

An army blew through the defenses like a knife through butter.

The army was made of over 300 combat units, consisting of 10 high draconian soldiers, 10 draconian battlemages, 40 skeleton mages, 50 skeleton commanders, and 200 draconian soldiers!

High soldier and battlemages are both level 2 Elite units.

Skeleton mages and soldiers are level 1 Elite units.

Skeleton commanders are level 2 Normal units.

What does that all mean, one might ask?

The army that Wang He was so proud of might number over 800, but they were all unexceptional level 1 Normal units.

Faced with an opposing army made of Elite units, level 2 units, or even level 2 Elite units, Wang He’s army stood absolutely no chance.

One could even have said that the invading army was complete overkill.

Just ⅒ of that army would have been enough to give Wang He a seriously hard time. Even if he managed to successfully ward off the attack, it would still have been an extremely costly victory for him.

The battle had completely ended before ten minutes had even passed.

The bat demons were basically completely annihilated. The Demon King was severely injured by two high soldiers and was left on the ground beneath the Altar while barely alive. He no longer had any ability to resist.

“It’s your turn now!”

A draconian walked up to a girl.

The fox-kin girl’s expression was utter shock. Her eyes were wide and bulging and her mouth was wide enough to stuff an apple in.

Back when she accepted the job, she had thought that this would be nearly suicide, but who knew that things would end up like this?

This Demon King is not weak at all, so she never expected him to be so easily crushed!

Su Yan had a realization on just how terrifying an existence this “King of the Darkness Valley” is!

Not only was he able to easily crush the Bloodhoof Tribe, he was even able to easily crush another Demon King without even needing to personally show up.

Here, Su Yan didn’t need to do anything from start to end.

All she did was utilize the Hero’s mapping abilities to help Demon King Zhang Nu’s army find this Demon King’s nest. In actuality, this particular job was easier than she had imagined.

She suddenly also realized that the Demon King who seemed so scary before may not actually be as bad as she had imagined.

Although he framed it as a test for her, in reality, it might be more accurate to say that he was raising her up… Being able to have such a powerful Demon King backing her up might actually be a heck of a stroke of luck for her!

“What are you still waiting for?”

“Ah! Sorry, sorry. I’ll do it right now!”

Su Yan grasped her short sword and walked up to the dying Wang He.

Wang He didn’t even dare to look at her, “Just who are you? A weak little fox-kin Hero like you can’t possibly control such a mighty force!”

Su Yan simply spoke indifferently, “If you have to blame someone, then blame yourself for offending someone that you shouldn’t have. This is merely your just deserts, so just accept your fate!”

Wang He finally realized that the relationship between this Hero and those draconians didn’t seem like that of a leader and her subordinates.

Rather, the Hero seems more like she’s a hostage that’s being held and guarded against.

Wang He suddenly shook all over as if he realized something. He spoke in a disbelieving voice, “You… Could you have been sent from the Darkness Valley!”

“You know too much!”

“This secret can’t be allowed to leak!”

Su Yan stabbed her sword into Wang He’s heart.

Wang He felt his life quickly draining away. As he finally lost consciousness, he finally realized just how stupid a thing he did.

[You’ve slain a Bat Demon King!]

[Gained 25 training points. Gained the Shadow Bat skill!]

Demon King’s and Heroes are different.

Demon Kings can gain Talent Points from killing Heroes and they can evolve by spending Talent Points to activate Talents.

Heroes can gain Training Points from killing Demon Kings. Training Points can be used to raise one’s level or to level up the Hero’s skills.

A single Training Point is about equivalent to the gains from a year’s worth of training by someone of normal talents.

After Su Yan killed Wang He, she instantly gained 25 Training Points. This is equivalent to a normal person’s 25 years’ worth of training.

Whether she uses it to raise her level or level up her skills, for someone as weak as Su Yan, either option would give her an enormous leap in power!

Besides that, after a Hero kills a Demon King, they can also randomly gain at least one of the Demon King’s Talents. The higher level the Demon King, the more Talents the Hero can gain, and the higher chances they’d have of gaining more Talents.

Su Yan thus opened up her player menu:

Name: Su Yan.

Level: 1 (0/20)

Race: Fox-kin (Chosen Hero).

Base Stats: 20 HP, 30 MP, 1 Strength, 3 Agility, 2 Constitution, 5 Will.

Talents: High Transformation, Shadow Bat

Other Skills: Illusion Magic (F rank), Lesser Fireball (F rank), Light Healing (F rank).

Training Points: 25.

Leveling up requires 20 Training Points.

Su Yan gritted her teeth and decisively spent those points.

Then she spent the remaining 5 points onto her Lesser Fireball.

[You’ve reached level 2. HP +10, MP +10, all stats +5!]

[Your Lesser Fireball (F rank) has evolved into Greater Fireball (E rank)!]

Su Yan could clearly feel the unbelievably huge change in her abilities in that instant.

No wonder Heroes all try to kill Demon Kings!

This effect really is immediately noticeable.

Su Yan gave the Altar a glance. The most important part of destroying a Demon King’s nest is to destroy the Demon King’s Altar.

When a Hero does it, it will yield a reward treasure chest.

Thus, she conjured up a few Greater Fireballs to blast it with.

[You’ve destroyed a Demon King’s Altar. You’ve gained a Demon King Treasure Chest!]

She mustn’t be greedy now, so Su Yan did not immediately open up the chest.

She knew full well that she can’t take this particular reward. It belongs to the big boss waiting in the back.


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