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Genshin Impact, Breezing Through Teyvat – Chapter 9: Friendship Blooms. Bahasa Indonesia

Had some stuff to do, also laziness… Will post one more chapter today and will try to catch up with the schedule as soon as possible.


“Long story short, the Traveler is searching for her brother, and I thought it might be a good idea to help her, so I brought her into the city, but then the mighty Stormterror attacked, and now we are here. Oh, and she is also searching for the Anemo God!” Amber explained with a grin.

Kaeya pondered over Amber’s words for a while, “I see…Welcome to the Mondstadt, though you haven’t arrived at the best of times, I am afraid. I can understand your anguish of being separated from a family member. I am not really sure why you are searching for an Anemo God, but everyone has their secrets, right?” He gazed at the Traveler with one of his starlike eyes and noticed she was staring at him with hostility, “Haha, relax! I won’t press you for more, anyway, first and foremost, I have to thank you, on behalf of all Knights of Favonius for defending the city and offering a helping hand in the battle.” Kaeya did a small bow.

Lumine felt awkward about this kind of treatment, so she waved him off with a soft voice, “…We couldn’t leave the situation to fester any further, besides, I didn’t help because I wanted to, but because I need your help.”

“Fair enough!” Kaeya laughed and turned to Yomite, “Brother, your fight to defend the city against the dragon was witnessed by no small amount of citizens and Knights themselves! You are bound to be recognized as a hero! As expected of my brother! You will definitely be awarded something for your bravery.”

“A hero? I think you are overreacting…Although frankly, I won’t beat around the bush, I do hope to get some sort of reward. Preferably money as I don’t even have a single penny. Also, a place to stay would be nice. I don’t need a title like that though, no thanks.” Yomite said with a thoughtful expression. If he got that out of the way, most of his problems would be solved. Money, place to stay at, and naturally that way, also food and other things.

He was really curious about the money system. Would it be the standard copper, silver, gold, platinum currency or would it be something different?

“You don’t have to worry, The Acting Grand Master of Knights of Favonius is also definitely interested in meeting you, so I am sure you will get rewarded, together with the Traveler for assisting us,” Kaeya replied while gazing at both Yomite and Lumine.

“Ah! Paimon wants a reward too!” The flying fairy chimed in despite not helping with the battle at all.

Kaeya looked troubled, “Eh…Then how about a Sticky Honey Roast? You can stuff yourself with it later. It tastes amazing, and the explosion of sweetness literally explodes in my mouth whenever I eat it.~”

“Really!? Is it that good!? Yaaay!~” The fairy floated around happily in the air.

Yomite glanced across his shoulder at the fairy? Plushie? Flying bodypillow? Either way, it was cute. Almost too cute. Yomite wondered what kind of race she was from and thought about getting one for himself.

‘I have no idea what that is, but I have an impulsive feeling to hug and protect it.’

“By that logic, shouldn’t I get something as well? A small sack of coins would be nice.” Hu Tao joined in, she was silent all this time, “Despite not being much of help, I did bring three citizens to safety! I would like a small sack of coins, hehe~.” She announced, proudly.

“Sure! Everyone gets a reward!” Kaeya laughed.

Yomite facepalmed himself, ‘This little girl…Instead of caring about a small sum of money, she should be begging for the contract she was desperately trying to sign with the Adventurers Guild earlier… That would help her much more in the long run…’ he sighed and nudged her shoulder.

“Hm? What is it~?”

“You should ask the Acting Grand Master for the contract or whatever you wanted to sign as your reward. Try using your brain a little.”

“Ah! You are right~! How smart of you, my assistant, I completely forgot about that~! As expected of my assistant~!” Hu Tao’s eyes shined brightly.

“Assistant?” Lumine murmured with curiosity.

Yomite rolled his eyes, “Don’t listen to her…I am not her assistant. I am Yomite Hissha a wanderer with no occupation…She is just making stuff up. She only called me that way so that we could enter the city but we ultimately failed, in the end, Kaeya had to help us get in…”

“Ah, so that was the plan at first, interesting.” Kaeya nodded with understanding.

“Oh come on~! Don’t be a grumpy old man! Assistant~, Assistant~, Assistant-kun~!” Hu Tao was singing.

“You know…that’s a really childish behavior…and I won’t be provoked by it. It would be embarrassing if I was.” Yomite confidently stated. He had hundreds of hours of experience with people that provoked and cursed him on a daily basis. Such a thing was nothing to him.

“Assistant-kun~, Assistant-kun~, Assistant-kun~!”

“Litle bro~, Little bro~, Little bro~! Kaeya joined in on the teasing.

“Yomite-san~, Yomite-san~, Yomite-san~! Amber thought it seemed fun so she joined in on the singing.

Of course, in his world, if he were to attack someone, he would lose his job and go to prison, what’s the worst that can happen here?

“Now listen here, you guys!! Are you children!?”

The group laughed and even Lumine showed a small smile. It seemed like they were good people. She was glad, although she was still suspicious of Yomite due to one certain thing.

After a bit of bantering, the group entered the Knights of Favonius Headquarters.

“We are finally here…It felt like ages…”

Yomite looked around and noticed that several of the Knights were looking at them with suspicion.

But it was only to be expected. Unknown individuals usually don’t just enter the Headquarters. The people who do enter are usually criminals that are imprisoned in the confinement downstairs. Maybe even tortured.

“What is the Cavalry Captain thinking, inviting outsiders in?”

“Hell if I know, it’s really irresponsible. They are acting as if they are on a playground or something.”

“Yeah…What if they try to do something…Be on guard if something happens.”

The Knights were gossiping.

The group obviously overheard their remarks but decided to ignore them. It was hard not to overhear them when they weren’t being silent, to begin with.

Lumine slightly frowned at the comments.

Paimon saw her expression and said, “Paimon will beat them up don’t worry! Let Paimon at them!” The fairy was flying near Lumine’s shoulder while boxing in the air.

Lumine shook her head and replied, “…It’s alright. Others aren’t fazed by it either so why should I be?”

Most of the people from the group ignored them, but one girl couldn’t simply listen to it any longer.

“What kind of attitude is that, Mister!” Amber stepped in immediately after overhearing their discussion. “These are the esteemed guests that drove Stormterror away! Why are you being so mean!? Show some respect!”

“Th-They did…?” The Knights had a troubled look on their face.

“Yes! We are on our way to meet the Acting Grand Master to reward them! So be good boys and don’t be mean like that again! You are Knights for the Sevens…” After her small outburst, she returned back to the group and Lumine thanked her, “…You didn’t need to, but thanks. I appreciate it.” She let out a sad smile.

Amber put both of her hands on her hips and cheerfully replied, “Any time!~”

‘This amber person feels like an older sister character. She generates that kind of energy.’ Yomite thought. ‘I was about to turn and say something but it seems like she resolved it herself.’

“Well, It seems like they are wary of us despite driving the Stormterror away. Some of them look out of shape, and yet they still dare to talk behind someone’s back, what a bunch of dumbasses.” Yomite talked loudly enough for the Knights to hear while shaking his head.

The Knights frowned but didn’t say anything back.

Kaeya heard his remark, halted his footsteps, and let out a sneer, “True, but no need to say it out loud. A lot of Knights here are sensitive to hear the truth. To tell you the truth, most of the Knights here are only trainees, as most of our Knights went on an expedition with Grand Master Varka. I really do appreciate people like him. I wonder when they will return.”

“Grand Master Varka?” Yomite mumbled. A new name popped up.


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