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Genshin Impact, Breezing Through Teyvat – Chapter 8: Preferences. Bahasa Indonesia


After the Stormterror had escaped, Yomite wanted to return the wind glider to Kaeya, but he told him he could keep it as he had spare ones.

Kaeya was still exhausted but seeing that they managed to successfully defend Mondstadt and repel Stormterror with the help of Yomite, and the blonde-haired girl brought a smile to his face.

He picked himself up from the ground, and soon enough, he heard a voice of a girl that was very familiar to him, shouting in excitement.

“You were amazing! I am so glad you are okay!”

A brown-haired girl with a red ribbon on top of her head, resembling rabbit ears, was cheering for the safety of the blonde-haired girl.

“I was scared for a few seconds because you just flew up without a warning, but you did it!” She quickly ran up to them with a big smile on her face.


The blonde-haired girl nodded without saying anything further. Anyone could tell that she had a bit of an introverted personality, or maybe she didn’t want to talk much and was instead focusing on something else.

“It was simply like out of a fairy tale! The fact that you could even stand up against Stormterror in such a way was a miracle itself. You have incredible skills!” The girl just kept on praising her.

The group’s attention, however, was soon caught by the sound of an unfamiliar voice.

“That’s true. Wonderful, thanks to your cooperation, we managed to bring peace to the city of Mondstadt…for now, but don’t forget my brother, who was the one that took a huge part in the battle, driving Stormterror away.”

Kaeya walked towards them while clapping,

“Ah, Sir Kaeya! You look…exhausted.”

Kaeya wryly smiled at the energetic girl’s comment, “Yeah, my amazing self had fought in the battle as well. Unlike usually, I had to expend quite a bit of energy. On the other hand, you look quite well, Outrider Amber. If I may pry, who are these individuals?”

“Ah…Ye-Yeah…*Cough* These two are travelers from afar, Lumine and Paimon!” Amber turned to them and continued, “This is our Cavalry Captain, Kaeya!”

Kaeya had a thoughtful look on his face, ‘Travelers from afar? Is that all we know about them? Hmm…but still, they did help with fending off the Stormterror, so it should be fine. Besides, I allowed my new little brother to enter the city of Mondstadt as well, so I shouldn’t play favorites.’

Lumine lightly nodded at Kaeya out of courtesy, while focusing her gaze towards Yomite, who was leaning against a wall nearby.

Amber also followed her gaze and found that it was the man who dealt the fatal blow to the Stormterror, although looking closely, he didn’t appear to possess a Vision, but was similar to Kaeya in some aspects, “Sir Kaeya…Were you serious when you said he was your brother?”

“Naturally, I and Yomite, go way back as we’ve been together since birth but then were unfortunately separated. However, fate brought us back together, and today, the duo of siblings saved the city of Mondstadt, let the bards sing of this tale, till the end of times. The Seven were generous enough to let me meet with my long-lost brother…” Kaeya spoke emotionally.

Amber stared at Kaeya with eyes wide open, “That’s amazing! I am so glad for you, Sir Kaeya! Reuniting with a sibling after so long! I thought your only brother was the Master Diluc!”

She immediately ate up all of Kaeya’s words and believed him completely. She didn’t doubt anything that came out of his mouth, which made Yomite sneer.

Lumine looked down when she heard the word sibling, and Paimon immediately knew what she was thinking about.

“Paimon thinks you are worrying too much! To Paimon, your brother sounds like a very powerful person, so Paimon is pretty sure he is alive and well!” She tried to raise her spirits, and to some point, it worked as Lumine thanked her afterward.

Yomite didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, Kaeya was just too much, ‘We have been together since birth, my ass…You wouldn’t be saying that if you knew I was reborn not too long ago…Now I see what Diluc meant by trusting half of what Kaeya says, at best. He is just enjoying himself, but I guess I don’t mind it though.’

He glanced at the woman who introduced herself as Lumine and noticed she was staring at him intently. It felt a bit hostile too.

‘Wait…what have I done to her? Or is it possible that…Are my handsome protagonist’s looks finally paying off? Did she fall in love with me at first sight when I helped her in the battle against the dragon, but is having an internal conflict inside of her mind, like in Kaguya-sama? I’m sorry, though, not interest.’

He rejected her ‘confession’ even before she said anything to him. Such was the life of the popular main protagonist, saving the city from a terrible threat known as The Stormterror. Of course, he knew that Lumine had something against him, and didn’t believe in something stupid like falling in love on first sight, he was just joking about the popular harem trope.

In reality, the girl’s intention was much deeper than he would have ever expected.

She was hesitating whether to ask him about something or not but decided not to, at least…for now.

Yomite walked towards the group and introduced himself, “My name is Yomite, it’s pleasure to meet you all.” He glanced at the girl who called herself Amber and couldn’t help but widen his eyes at her…assets…

She had a very friendly smile and had a gorgeous face, coupled with her walnut-colored hair, she was a drop-dead beauty. The biggest pros she had, however, were most likely her perky butt that was covered with rather, daring short shorts, and her plump thighs, which could probably crush even a watermelon. If Yomite had to choose between a butt and breasts, he would most likely go for the butt.

Or the thighs.

Having big breasts might be appealing, but the reality was often disappointing.

Big breasts meant not only terrible back pain, but they also get saggy after the years, which doesn’t look the nicest.

Still, they felt nice to touch.

Yomite didn’t mean to stare at her too much, but out of all girls he met so far, this one was the closest to his type. Although it was a shame she looked too young. Of course, he didn’t dislike younger girls, as that type was usually very energetic and adventurous.


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