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Genshin Impact, Breezing Through Teyvat – Chapter 61: A Small Problem Bahasa Indonesia



1. Hate

2. Disgust

3. Hostility

4. Dislike

5. Acquaintance

6. Value

7. Fondness

8. Intimacy

9. Love

10. Soulmate


‘So these are the levels, huh. It seems pretty basic. I expected something more diverse. Frankly it feels like cheating to know how everyone around me feels, but at least I can’t read their thoughts, cuz that would be way too overboard.’

Hu Tao seemed to be busy writing so he went outside to explore the city a bit more, maybe he will be able to find more chests and more people to experiment this ability on.

He has been thinking for a while, but ultimately decided he would take Hu Tao and Fischl on that expedition with him as well.

They didn’t know what was happening yet, but he would explain it to them along the way.

If by any chance the plan was foiled, and they were forced to kill the Dragon, more firepower would be necessary.

From what Venti said, Stormterror was basically immune to Anemo element so Venti will be useless in battle once again…

‘Better resolve this peacefully…’

As he took a walk outside to refresh his mind from all the terrible thinking he had to go through just to figure out how his ability worked, he saw two silhouettes of very familiar people in the distance.

“She is trying so hard. Her brother must be really important to her, huh…”

It was Lumine and Paimon.

After they put posters all around the city with the help of Amber, they thanked her and went to directly ask people they would meet on the streets.

“Excuse me, sir…My twin, named Aether, has disappeared…Have you seen this face, sir?” Lumine asked, her words feeble as she said this.

She pointed towards the rough sketch of his brother she held within her arms.

She was pretty good when it came to drawing, so the sketch looked exactly like how her brother did, which would definitely help her to find him one day.

The man looked in her direction, but did not bother to ask her name neither did he particularly care about her missing brother.

He did not even look Lumine straight in the face, but instead, he cast his eyes elsewhere.

He seemed to be irritated, and perhaps even annoyed by her questioning.

Such behavior was pretty common, as who would want to be bothered while they were taking a stroll outside, but the words that left his mouth made Yomite frown.

“Dog, learn some manners when speaking to royalty, lower your head! Why should I care if a plebian lost its way around the world? Don’t bother someone like me with petty formalities! There are plenty of dogs out there to make up for him! I swear Mondstadt became a dog’s breeding ground after our clan lost its power, hmph!” The man grunted, slapping away the flyers she was working so hard on from her hands.

“Ah!” She started picking them up from the ground, but unfortunately most of them floated away in the wind and ended up in the nearby fountain, water ruining her work.

“Hey! How could you do something like that!? Apologize now, or Paimon will smack you!” Paimon groaned, the starlit material from her wings shimmering back out of view. A pout adorning her face.

“Hmph! it’s better for her to kneel like this. Commoners truly believe they are on the same level as royalty after the times had changed!? Foolish!”

Sending one more disgusted glance her way, the man turned around and left.

At least, he tried to leave.

“Oho, not so fast, don’t you think about running away…”

Yomite closed the distance between them in an instant, and just as he was about to punch the man, a huge claymore blocked his attack, sending the perpetrator flying.

The woman’s hand looked like it was flailing in the air, her arm extended to her side as her fingers holding her sword retracted.

The swift movement as she stabilized herself, a beautiful turn, graceful and decisive made her look as if she were dancing.

“…That was…powerful…but should you really attack someone like that in the middle of the city? This is not the right example of knightly conduct. Moreover, you’ve forced me to intercept you. For this, you wont get out easily. Mark my words, vengeance will be mine!”

“Unfortunately, I am no Knight, but an Adventurer, we are all savage apes and wet horny dogs.”

The woman snarled and readied her claymore for round two, “So it would seem.”

Yomite was triggered badly.

He actually couldn’t believe someone would just shove Lumine like that in the broad daylight and no one said anything.

What he didn’t understand though, was why she didn’t fight back. She was strong enough to take on multiple monsters by herself, why was she not doing anything?

If it was him and someone shoved him on purpose, he would shove him back of course.

So why was she kneeling pointlessly while collecting those posters?

The man almost got away!

But the thing that bothered him the most was, ‘What was up with this Chinese young master dogshit speech? I thought I heard wrong until he actually dared to speak like that. I thought I had managed to escape from those kinds of novels to another world, so why is it like this here as well!? Is this hell!? Is he some young master? Looks kinda old to be one…’

Switching his gaze from the hateful man over to the person who received his attack, a tall and elegant woman with pale skin and purple-yellow eyes was the culprit.

Her light blue hair was covered under a black hairband and a hairpin.

She wore a daring black leotard over a Knight’s uniform, and as she stood there, she gracefully rested her hand on the left shoulder, while the other held a large claymore without any difficulty.

Looking closely, a Cryo Vision was pinned on her cape.

‘She’s fast, tough…and has a Vision too. This might be a problem…’

Even after he punched that claymore with all his might, it didn’t make a scratch. That weapon was surely an artifact of a high grade.

‘I want to know.’

A green light shone above every person around him, the woman in front of him, and even her weapon.


Name: Song of Broken Pines

Rarity: 5* Artifact

Weapon Type: Claymore

Description: A greatsword as light as the sigh of grass in the breeze, yet as merciless to the corrupt as a typhoon.



Name: Eula Lawrence

Age: 22

Title: The Dancer Of The Shimmering Wave, Spindrift Knight, Captain of the Knights of Favonius Reconnaissance Company

Occupation: Knights of Favonius

Hobby: Sipping Cold Drinks, Sitting in a canyon feeling the biting wind howl past her face

Likes: Chilled tomato, ice-cold glass of Berry & Mint Punch

Dislikes: Life, Rich Broth, Lawrence clan

Dream: To feel alive. To stop being hated.

Current mood: Tired/Annoyed

Relationship Level: 3/10 – Hostility

State of Relationship: None – Burned bridge


‘Tch…Her claymore is much better than mine, not to mention it’s an artifact…But she’s a Knight of Favonius, then for sure she should have stepped in when that man attacked us first? So why did she stop me?’


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