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Genshin Impact, Breezing Through Teyvat – Chapter 6: A Dragon At Level 1? Great… Bahasa Indonesia


Yomite thanked the bartender for the free drink and left together with Kaeya, the last parting words of Diluc were that he was watching his every move and should he try something, he would dispose of him.

Yomite didn’t take it to heart and wasn’t scared about such trivial stuff. He didn’t come here to start a war after all. He just wanted a home base. There was no need to start a conflict with any of the inhabitants or higher-ups.

Kaeya has finally decided to bring him to the Acting Grand Master, but Yomite knew they first had to pick up the baggage they left behind. The baggage in form of a little girl.

As they were returning to the main gate, Yomite could already hear a very familiar squeaky and eccentric voice in the distance, arguing with the black-haired beauty of the Adventurer’s guild.

“As I mentioned previously, we don’t wish to accept your services, please see yourself out.”

“Aiya, so the two plus one special didn’t work out either…Still, this is the deal of your lifetime! I, Hu Tao, came here to strike a deal! So I won’t give up! Just accept my proposition, I swear you won’t regret it!”

“Look, I told you, we are not interested in the kind of ‘cooperation’ you describe…” The black-haired beauty was clearly upset about Hu Tao and wanted her to leave immediately.

“Come on! There is no need to get upset! Since our last negotiation a few years ago, I’ve come up with a new proposal! Which I think you’ll find has far more benefits for you! First things first, Wangsheng Funeral Parlor will prioritize Adventurers’ Guild requests above all others! You will also receive 100 of our signature wooden coffins for free together with your first order!” She placed her hands on top of the Guild counter and continued, “That’s not all! We also provide an on-site cadaver collection service covering almost all regions in Liyue and Mondstadt! Now, we do charge slightly premium for a very small number of especially dangerous areas like Stormterror’s Lair, but…but don’t worry about that, I promise you it’s still very affordable!”

Hu Tao nonchalantly stated, feeling confident that no one would be able to resist such an amazing opportunity.

The black-haired lady had just about enough, “I don’t think you’re hearing me…”

“I get it…but just think about it! An adventurer’s life is full of unexpected threats, it’s only natural to take precautions. ‘Mend the roof before it rains’, as they say.” Hu Tao wasn’t backing off. She had to establish some form of connection or deal with the Adventurers’ guild.

The black-haired lady frowned, “Yeah…no. I’m not so sure that saying applies in this context. Speaking of precautions, I’d rather focus on keeping my adventurers safe and healthy in the first place. The idea of dying is a possibility indeed, but that’s a grim thought we shouldn’t explore any further. It’s time for you to go. I have to attend to other matters. Please leave.” She stood up and went inside the Guild house, forcefully closing the door behind her as a sign that the discussion has ended.

Somewhat depressed Hu Tao picked up her portable bag from the counter and left dejectedly.

“Aiya…no success here either…” she sighed. “They don’t know what’s good for them. Maybe I should have offered more stuff…” She turned around and saw that Yomite was standing there, watching, with Kaeya.

“Oh! Didn’t notice you there! Are you finished? Do you have the identification? Can we stay now~?”

As if nothing had happened just now, her personality bounced back rather quickly.

“No, we are planning to go there now. We returned to bring you with us,” Yomite replied.

They pointlessly wasted time in that pub, they should have just gone there in the first place. “I saw you had some…difficulties… in striking the deal?”

“Hmph! For sure! Rejecting a once in a lifetime opportunity! They don’t know what’s good for them! It’s their loss. Some things are inevitable. It’s only a matter of time.” Hu Tao wouldn’t let such a trivial problem ruin her mood.

‘So she was angry after all.’

Hearing her, Kaeya smiled ‘What a scary little girl. Talking about death so casually… If only my big brother could get over it. Some things are truly… inevitable.’

“…Hu Tao…Let’s just go and leave it at that…”


He knew there must have been something. Something like a goal she wanted to achieve by signing the contract with the Adventurers Guild. It couldn’t have been just to gain profit. She was not that kind of person. He knew her for only like twenty minutes but he could already perfectly picture her character in his mind.

He remembered when she was talking about completing tasks and request for the ghosts that cannot pass on peacefully, so maybe it had something to do with that.

‘Maybe she has deeper intentions. Something I have yet to know about.’

Hu Tao stretched her arms upwards, “Ah…I really feel like burying someone…Where is the cute little zombie Qiqi when you need her…I am so lonely…”

‘…Or maybe not…’ He rolled his eyes. “Hu Tao, hurry up. We don’t have all day..We still need to find ourselves a place to stay at.”

‘Preferably an inn or something…As mentioned before, sleeping under the stars is nothing like home sweet home…’

Yomite’s remark made her frown. “Ah, yes…It has come to this.” She slowly wobbled towards them, and together, they arrived in front of the Knights Of Favonius Headquarters in a relatively short time.

“So this is the true Headquarters…It’s pretty alright in size.” Yomite commented after observing the building that was pretty close to something that resembled a church.

‘A church or a manor house? I wonder if I could somehow contact goddess Sia, but I doubt it.’

Hu Tao tilted her head, “True Headquarters?”

“Ah, don’t mind it…Let’s just…go in.”

“Mhm!” Hu Tao cheerily nodded.

“You sure are a lovely duo, just watching you is fun,” Kaeya smiled while greeting the nearby Knights and entering the Headquarters.

Just as Yomite was about to enter the building, he frowned as he looked up into the sky, “Damn, is it already so late? But wait… wasn’t sun still shining a few moments ago? What is goin—” His words were interrupted by a howling wind, blowing into his face, making it hard to breathe.

‘What the hell is happening?!’ With his eyes, hurting from the pressure of the wind, he could only barely see a large silhouette, flying in the sky. He didn’t know what it was, but he knew it was huge and possibly dangerous.

“Is that…the Stormterror?” Hu Tao muttered while everyone looked up.

‘Storm what? That name sounds ominous…’ He wanted to ask about it, but the wind was so strong he had trouble breathing.

“Ah… Stormterror came to visit again, long time no see,” Kaeya mumbled and reached out for his sword.

Yomite managed to finally catch his breath and raised his voice to overcome the loud whirling sound of wind, “Seeing that you are reaching for your weapon, I assume whatever that thing is…isn’t a friendly unit, huh…”

“Well..yes…but actually no…”

“Stop with the word play, what the hell is that?!”

A large silhouette was flying across the darkened sky. Women, men, children alike, hid inside their houses and prayed for the great wind beast to spare their lives.

“That thing, is a Dragon. It was our ally, now it’s our enemy,” Kaeya replied as if it was the most normal thing in the world.


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