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Genshin Impact, Breezing Through Teyvat – Chapter 45.2: Cryo Regisvine Part 2 Bahasa Indonesia

I am disgusted by webnovel yet again.

idk what the hell is this supposed to be.


Fischl kept on shooting arrows precisely at that one eyeball of the Cryo Regisvine but it didn’t seem to do any damage whatsoever.

It seemed like before the arrows were able to reach its retina, they froze up and fell apart onto the boss arena.

As Lumine dashed forward to slash at its core, the Cryo Regisvine reached over to slam its head down, quickly sweeping the outer ring of the arena. Lumine evaded nimbly and lightly, but was forced out of the arena to avoid getting hurt.

Oz the Raven sent a bolt of purple lightning at the monster, successfully staggering it and Yomite and Hu Tao took this as a free opening to engage.

However, the Cryo Regisvine had quickly recovered, flinging two ice beams into an overlapping cross pattern, freezing the ground solid.

Both of them dodged this attack by dashing to the side.

‘This monster is dangerous, it could literally freeze you to death in a matter of seconds…I can’t afford to get hit even once or I am done for.’ Yomite thought as he observed the frozen tiles on the ground

The Cryo Regisvine shot out icicles that followed two of them for a few seconds before losing their homing attribute and helplessly falling on the arena tiles.

It seemed that the Cryo Regisvine wasn’t strong enough yet to control projectiles relatively far from its body for a longer period of time.

Seeing that it’s attack had failed, it raised its body and lashed upwards and a yellow eerie-like glow travelled up its stem, following which it repeatedly slammed it’s head on the ground, blue crystals dyed the floor in ice within its path.

“Everyone, spread out, dodge to the side! To the side!” Yomite shouted and sidestepped the ground spikes of ice following him by a hair’s breadth.

Everyone did the same and returned to safety outside of the arena, leaving Yomite as the only one standing in front of the monstrous flower.

The Cryo Regisvine leaned its head forward towards Yomite with its buds spread, and after locking onto his location, it fired a beam of cryo from its corolla for a few seconds, forcing him to dodge yet another onslaught of cryo spikes coming his way.

After firing the beam at the spot it locked onto, the Regisvine proceeded to slowly turn around 360 degrees, sweeping the beam along, but luckily, no one was caught in it.

“Hu Tao! Destroy it’s shield!”

“Okie Dokie~!”

She ran forward with her polearm raised up and activated her Vision.

She thrusted her polearm that was lit on fire forward and easily slashed through the icy core as if she was spreading butter, destroying its weak spot and making its huge frame successfully furl itself up and lay on the ground, unmoving.

Pyro was truly the most effective element against Cryo enemies and Hu Tao was once again proving to be very useful.

“Nice job! Now hit it with everything you’ve got!” Yomite shouted and the group closed in on the flower, unleashing hell upon the defenseless enemy, slowly cutting away it’s parts one by one.

Lumine unleashed a tornado, and on the way, it latched onto the fire element of Hu Tao and turned into a fire whirl, which melted the flower instantly, and finally, Yomite cut the flower in half, but the claymore in his hands had shattered, leaving him with no weapon to use.

All of it wouldn’t be possible without a Pyro element.

The fight would be dragging on forever, but thanks to Hu Tao who easily took care of it’s core, they finished it within a few minutes.

“Great, it appears I need to buy a new two-handed sword…I need something stronger this time though…”

The Cryo Regisvine was finally defeated, and a few items appeared next to it on the ground.

“Did this just appear out of thin air or did the Cryo Regisvine have this in its possession?”

He picked up the items from the ground and observed them.

The first thing was an aqua gem. Although it was cracked and pretty much unusable, he knew it must have been expensive, so he decided to keep it to maybe look for a way to restore it.

He looked at the backside of the gem and found out there was some kind of hidden message inscribed in it


███████ my bitter cold ███████████ ██████ burn away ████ world ██████]

The letters were in an unrecognizable state but there was indeed a message of some sort hidden within the gem.

‘Interesting, whatever this might be…’

He picked up another thing that looked like some sort of armor and put it over himself.

“Oh, Assistant-kun has gotten himself an artifact! Not fair!” Hu Tao exclaimed, leading everyone’s gaze upon him.

“Artifact? What’s that?” Yomite questioned.

He knew what artifacts were from other novels he used to read, but in this world, they might be something different, that’s primarily the reason why he asked.

“Artifacts are artifacts! Rare equipment gotten from monsters…From the way yours looks like, I would say it’s pretty high grade.” Hu Tao explained.

“So is it like a magical item? Giving me some kind of buff?” He questioned, confirming it was like in other novels.

Just a bunch of special equipment to use if absolutely necessary during a life-threatening crisis.

“I am not sure what you mean by buff, but artifacts make you stronger! Be it in defense or attack! I myself have an artifact!” She pointed to her hat and continued, “As I’ve talked to you about it before, this hat is capable of many things, it was left by my grandpa~!”

“I see. I think I understand now.”

The last thing Yomite picked up from the ground was a heart frost core of the Cryo Regisvine.

Yomite guessed that this counted as the proof of subjugation and they could now return back to Mondstadt.

The core was of pure cryo element, contained within it.

Energy and thoughts that swelled deep within the earth would eventually erupt on the surface.

Even the deathly silent frost would attach to creatures on the ground, causing even the vines and branches of vegetation to become huge and fierce, attracting the hunter’s gaze.

But all of this, had yet to happen…

After the group picked up everything that seemed valuable, they finally escaped from the cold cave and left for Mondstadt.


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