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Genshin Impact, Breezing Through Teyvat – Chapter 42: Godwin Bahasa Indonesia

Alright. This is the last chapter for like 2 or 3 days, gotta catch up with P atreon as I got new people and I am way behind due to the previous mass release that took place a few weeks ago. I might start posting sooner or even later depending on my job or family matters. Peace.


Oz was dismissed and returned to Fischl’s Vision to preserve her Vision power. Unlike Paimon who could come and disappear whenever she wanted to, Oz could only materialize if certain requirements were met and for a shorter period of time.

The party left Mondstadt and went to the specified location.

After walking down the road, while chatting the boredom away, the group saw a man in armor, nervously stealing a few glances their way.

Yomite noticed a camp that was set in an open meadow near the man.

Broad, high grass-covered lush, green fields of tall, bright green grass with colorful, vivid flowers dotting its surface.

A kettle of some sort and a tent were resting near his fidgeting figure.

The man had obviously been here for a while.

From the way he was dressed, he looked like he was a Knight of Favonius.

‘Why would a Knight of Favonius be outside of the gates of Mondstadt? Is he a scout on a mission?’

Either way, it didn’t matter to him. His teammates didn’t seem to care about him so neither did he.

As they passed by him, the man finally reached out his hand towards them and choked out a few simple words, “I-I know you see me! Please don’t ignore me!”

“Alright…what is it that you want…”

Yomite reluctantly turned back. He could feel that that man would be nothing but trouble.

The Knight let out a sigh of relief and patted his plated chest, “Thank the Archons you stopped by! My name is Godwin. I am from the elite squadron of the Knights of Favonius. I am currently twenty-two years old and have a wonderful girlfriend waiting for me back home. We love each other very much. That’s why I was so reluctant to join the Knights of Favonius, as I knew I would have to go on expeditions, leaving her behind… We’ve been together with Glory ever since we were little, but an accident struck and her eyes were damaged…She can no longer see anything other than silhouettes, but I won’t give up, I will find a cure for her to save her one day. I will take care of her…Anyway…I need your help in delivering this letter… The thing is, I can’t personally enter the city of Mondstadt anymore, but I see that you must be a powerful group of adventurers to have three Visions in your party so if you have time, please deliver this message to my girlfriend, Glory! I will pay you 1000 Mora!”

Yomite’s eyebrow was jumping up and down and a small vein almost popped on his forehead, “Haaah…Is this the so-called random world quest? Are you kidding me with this paragraph-like backstory? Not even a pretty girl asking for assistance, but a dude in Knight’s armor…You might as well start talking about your eight generations of your family members first…” he turned around, intending to leave.

“No! No, please! Wait for a bit!”

“What is it…” Yomite turned back once more, and looking over the Knight’s flustered face, he decided to listen to him…He wasn’t a bad guy after all.

“As I was saying…wait…where did I end up? Anyway, I get along with Glory really well despite her being blind, I swear I will—Uwaaa!”

He was interrupted by Yomite, putting his hands on his shoulders, shaking them violently, “No more backstory, okay!? You talk too much! If you don’t summarise what you wanted to say in one short simple sentence, then we will leave! Just tell me the crucial points! Ten words no more! Why can’t you go to Mondstadt yourself to deliver it!?”

“O-Okay…Well… Shortly huh…I am a Knight directly under the command of Grand Master Varka and we went on an expedition…but I lost the keepsake, my lover, Glory gave me…so I went back to look for it, but in the meantime, I got lost and Grand Master Varka already left without me…now I am ashamed to return back…so please, bring this letter to Glory…She has been all alone for the past two months…” The man was on the verge of tears, massaging his shoulders from the intense pain caused by Yomite’s tiger-like grip.

Hearing this, Yomite let the thoughts in his subconsciousness settle, and there, he found the profound sentence.

“You are a fucking idiot…What are you ashamed of!? Just go back! Your lover is literally waiting for you alone!”

“Idiot~ Idiot~” Hu Tao stuck out her tongue.

“Dummkopf indeed.”

Fischl also concluded that the man didn’t deserve what he had.

“Paimon is irritated…This man is a dummy…”

Paimon stomped her little boots in the air, her fists quivering.

His situation really reminded Yomite of Kaeya, who also fell asleep and forgot that he was supposed to be going somewhere…

‘For having a God in his name, he sure doesn’t win… Ah, come on…Now I am saying these stupid dry jokes too…thanks a bunch, Hu Tao.’

Showered by insults, the Knight cringed each time he heard someone from Yomite’s party speak. Just as he was about to run away, he heard the voice of his savior.

“—We will deliver…”

It wasn’t an uplifting voice, neither was it a voice you could rely on, but nonetheless, at this point, it was nice to hear something.

It was Lumine who spoke.

“You must…love her a lot…afraid to hurt her…”

Godwin began nodding. He grabbed her hands in his and shook them up and down, “Y-Yes of course!! I am glad you understand. I am just ashamed to go back since all this time I was supposed to be traversing the world and sending her messages about how beautiful it is…And yet I am an utter failure and can’t go back like this…”

Yomite glanced at Lumine who had an unwavering expression on her face.

‘She must be thinking about her own family…Well, it’s not like I would just leave without helping this man either…I just wanted to punch some sense into him.’

Lumine grabbed the letter from Godwin’s hands and promised not to open it until they return.

Before they left, he had one more small request.

As Glory was blind, she couldn’t really read the letter, so he asked her or someone from the party to read it for her.

Lumine once again agreed without hesitation and the party left for their quest.


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