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Genshin Impact, Breezing Through Teyvat – Chapter 23: Worries Bahasa Indonesia

Kaeya touched the entrance of the Domain, and the mechanism on the door slowly opened up.

A streak of purplish light appeared, forming something that resembled a portal to another world, and maybe it actually was, as the moment the trio stepped inside, they found themselves walking on a paved, grey-colored, bridge stylized with a criss-cross design.

The group appeared in a completely different place compared to what Yomite had in mind. He thought they would be in a jungle, surrounded by trees, but it appeared he was wrong.

He looked around and his eyes widened.

The whole world around him seemed to be filled with floating rocks and small islands, completely different from the outside world and what he had in mind.

The sky was dark, and there was barely any source of light present, other than the torches Kaeya brought with him.

The night breeze felt chilly against Yomite’s skin, but it’s not like he wasn’t used to it.

He really didn’t know why he was feeling chills down his spine now, but it was probably just the thrill of the current mission: dangerous and new, he was a simple person reviewing books after all, and that’s what he loved doing.

Now, he was stranded in this world, and while he was happy that he was reincarnated, he knew he should quickly adapt as this would be his life starting from now on.

He had massacred a pair of goblin lookalikes with his weapon and bare hands, fought against a dragon, and saved an entire city, all in a span of few hours. Wasn’t all of it overwhelming? It was.

‘Slowly adapting…just like when I worked with novels…’

Yomite noticed that the bridge behind him was completely ruined, and there was no other way but to proceed through the Domain.

During the tactical talk they had, Kaeya had explained that they couldn’t just leave this Domain whenever they wanted to.

Either they reached the end, or they will perish in here. There was no other way back. Just that one piece of information was nerve-racking.

Curiously, he stared down the broken bridge and felt horrified when he saw that he couldn’t see the bottom. He picked up a rock and let it free fall. Waiting couple of seconds later, he still had yet to hear a sound of rock hitting the ground. It felt endless.

‘It’s hella deep…Instant death from falling. Although I do have the flying glider thingy, there might be something dangerous down there, and besides…I am not that good at operating the wings, so I would rather not fall…’

He recalled his previous experience with harsh falling from the top of the Stormterror’s back and cringed.

He definitely didn’t want to experience that again.

“This place looks pretty!” Hu Tao stated, as she ran around, forcing him out of his thoughts.

“Were you never in a Domain before?” Kaeya asked, tilting his head with a smile.

She shook her head and replied, “I was in a Domain, multiple times even, but this one seems to be a bit different from the rest.”

The road led way to stairs framed by two cubics, stone-colored pillars decorated in golden ancient runes.

The short stairs ended on a short opening that itself led to a majestic entrance, which was something he thought to be excessive as it could easily fit anything many times bigger than his own above average height. For example, a Dragon.

‘There better not be another Dragon…I swear…’

Looking around he saw that the walls were decorated with different murals and runes which seemed to emit a sense of mystery and wonder.

Kaeya in particular was staring at them as if he was in some sort of trance, caressing the cold walls.

Two blue luminous crystals were situated on both sides of the entrance which weakly illuminated the opening.

Due to the light from the torch he was holding, he was able to see ancient aesthetic pieces of grey-colored architecture and its surroundings.

This thoroughly satisfied the curious reviewer side of his psyche that always wanted to experience the phantasmic sights the MC’s of the books he used to review usually experienced.

Kaeya glanced at his little brother and motioned, “What are you waiting for? We are going. If you don’t move, we might just leave you here!”

“Sure, I will be right there,” Yomite nodded and answered without missing a beat, trying not to dwell too much on his thoughts, knowing for sure that while Kaeya loved his jokes, he was very much serious this time.

“Good brother, good!”

His low chuckles filled Yomite’s ears, and once again, he nodded his head when a sudden thought flashed through his mind.

‘What if…’

He sensed Kaeya’s gaze and felt like he wanted something from him.

‘What is it that he wants? What is his goal?’ Yomite mused.

As an experienced reader, or maybe, even a normal human being, Yomite knew that he should never lower his guard to anyone, especially when he was out on an important quest like this.

He was currently in a party with two unpredictable individuals. While he didn’t want to say this out loud, his gut feeling was telling him he wasn’t safe.

Hu Tao, who was struggling with the understanding of human emotions, and Kaeya, who was a liar that just smelled like he was full of secrets.

Both of them were dangerous in a sense, and while Yomite would gladly trust them with his heart, his guts, and rational thinking didn’t want to let go of the feeling of betrayal he might face sooner or later.

Although that may be just paranoia speaking from him, after being subjected to the torture of reading through more than thirty betrayal revenge novels back in his old world, his boss told him to look up like four months ago.

From then on, he felt like he couldn’t trust many people. It was astonishing what books can do to the human mind.

From this perspective, Kaeya was already acting suspicious, as if hinting at him to look at the temple properly, to see if he recognized something, which might have been just Yomite’s wild thoughts, honestly.

Out in the open, in the unknown temple, where all kinds of monsters and traps may be laying around. Being an easy bait to every kind of creature.

Maybe he couldn’t fully picture why but deep inside, he knew that Kaeya was the real danger and not the monsters.

Once he was done looking around, he proceeded to enter the temple into the unknown, but a sudden thought filled his mind.

‘Oh…We missed the daily quests didn’t we…Damn it.’


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