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Genshin Impact, Breezing Through Teyvat – Chapter 137: Date With Hu Tao, Part Final – Passion Bahasa Indonesia

Hu Tao wiped away the sweat that ran down her forehead like a waterfall. She couldn’t understand how Yomite was matching her speed and power, and daresay exceeding it.

(Was it that he is getting stronger? Or maybe…I am just way too slow…)

The thought had occurred to her earlier, that she was simply so tired she could no longer perceive, react or deflect his attacks at all. It wasn’t that he was getting stronger or faster, she was simply getting slower and more tired each time they exchanged moves.

But something was weird…It was as if his stamina did not run dry, meanwhile she was already at her wits end…

She had to finish this soon, or else she would actually lose…

(I can’t lose…that’s a dry joke…)

A ‘Master’ losing to her ‘Disciple’ she taught how to fight for so long…Even if she couldn’t use her Vision during this friendly bout…it would still leave a deep wound in her pride if she actually lost…

She noticed her spear laying near her feet. She swiftly picked it up and stabbed it into the soil, propelling herself off of it, right towards Yomite who wasn’t able to react.

A blow struck Yomite right into his abdomen. He felt a sharp, hard jab right to the solar plexus, knocking the air out of his lungs, his stomach caving in from the strike.

But just as he was blown away, he raised his leg and kicked her chin with his whole being…sending her flying and resulting in a double knock out, as she lay there motionlessly…

Hu Tao just lay there, unmoving. If it weren’t for her heaving chest that jumped up and down, desperate to consume oxygen, it wouldn’t be hard to imagine she had expired there and then.

On the other hand, things weren’t looking great for Yomite either.

The shock to his torso shuddered through the rest of his body, slithering across his whole being like a snake.

He felt weightless, as if he was drunk.

Just after his feet left the ground, his face slammed hard into the gravel. Sandy dirt smeared his face as pain and heat struck his brain with equal force…

He resisted the urge to vomit and curled into himself on the ground as the pain caught up, trying to catch breath.




After a couple of minutes of just laying down on the ground…

Yomite raised his voice, “Say…how about a draw? I want to go home…others will be worried if we don’t return soon…”

His whole body was hurting, especially his shoulder and abdomen…He didn’t want to continue this thing any longer.

Hearing his suggestion, Hu Tao bit her lip and forced herself to stand up from the ground.

Seeing this, Yomite sighed and did so as well.

He had to admit he had been enjoying the spar at first as it seemed like he would win, yet it just felt stupid to prolong it any further.

He just wanted to go home and take a long shower, well first he would have to visit Barbara for healing as there were a lot of scratches and bruises on his body, not to mention there might be some internal bleeding he was unaware of, so he had to get checked out fully.

Ignoring his question, she rushed towards him once more. Yomite barely raised his arms to intercept her, but it wasn’t enough, she got through his defenses and raised her hand towards his abdomen.

Hu Tao was convinced of her victory, believing that Yomite wouldn’t make it even if he started dodging now.

He did grow, for sure, even gave her quite the spectacle of a fight, but now that she had him where she wanted, he would lose in a matter of seconds.

She input every last being of her strength into her last punch, “No need for a draw! I simply win again!”

And then, the exact moment her lips warped into her usual mischievous grin, her mouth opened to sing the teasing words of victory, heaven and earth was overturned and she could see the ground above her.


Hu Tao’s eyes caught Yomite’s back when she came to herself.

At the moment of contact, Yomite left himself open on purpose, predicting she would target his abdomen again, and grabbed Hu Tao’s wrist, making use of her forward momentum to throw her behind him.

Hu Tao who put all her strength into her attack just now was unable to do anything to reduce the impact when her back painfully hit the ground.


Her lungs were pressured and the remaining air was squeezed out from her throat.

She didn’t remember when was the last time she was this tired and sweaty…

Even when she tried to stand up, the best she could do was to clench her small hand…

It was over and she knew it. She could no longer move. It was decided…

(Jeez…just what could have happened? His body should have been in a bad condition…he was sick for a long time, after all, Cholera was no joke…)

The answer was simple.

Thanks to Diona’s magical drink, his body was rejuvenated and gained even more stamina than it should have for a short period of time equaling to roughly two days.

Yomite walked up to her and smiled wryly at Hu Tao who bit her lips in frustration while helping her stand up.

Although Hu Tao was feeling unhappy, she had to admit her loss…

“Come on…Time to go home and finish our date…but we should hit up Barbara and Jean first…”

This was probably the worst date he was ever on, excluding the one where one of the girls he met back at his old world vomited all over his shirt and pants because she couldn’t hold alcohol….but he still enjoyed the spar.

A win was a win, despite using a bit of cheat himself, he still considered it as a win fully because of his own capabilities.

He won because of his techniques and it was his body that beat her, even if he seemed like he was a kid on crack with so much energy after the cocktail.

He knelt next to her and poked her cheek with his finger.

“Come, it’s time to go. Stop sulking, you aren’t a kid. You are a full blown woman. Do you have any idea how I felt after losing so much to you in the past? Yet you only lose once and you act as if I ended your world or something…Only kid does that, no?”


Hu Tao pouted and looked aside.

Still, hearing his words, Hu Tao’s complexion changed for the better.

He was correct, the score was still only 121 wins to 1 loss, there was no reason for her to feel angry. Rather, she should use this chance to improve herself even further instead.

If she made the score look like 12000 to 1, she would feel even better. She simply had to win every spar starting now and everything will be alright.

With that thought in mind, her face bloomed full of smiles as she hugged his leg.

“I’m out of energy…Carry me…”

Her words fell and Yomite smiled. It was time for them to go home.

Unbeknownst to both of them, the fierce phoenix flames inside of her Vision grew more and more rampant, removing all shackles of restraint…

And so her deep passion towards him burned brightly, empowering her whole being.

Let them spar for all eternity of their beautiful everlasting, passionate relationship…


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